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Shocker! Judge Says O.J.'s a Flight Risk

9/17/2007 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson has been deemed a flight risk by a Nevada judge, and thus he's on a "no bail" hold, says a "media judge" appointed to his criminal case. Wonder how they got that idea?

What's more,he'll have to see a judge within 72 hours of his arrest -- by Wednesday morning. No bail request has been made by the judge, said Clark County, Nev., media judge Nancy Oesterle at a press conference just moments ago, but Judge Ann Zimmerman will determine what bail will be, if any, on Wednesday morning. If the D.A. fails to turn in an official complaint by then, O.J. could walk away a free man.

Oesterle also said that she believes that certain members of the media will be allowed into the meeting, and helpfully pointed out that if O.J. can't afford an attorney, the court will appoint one for him.

By the way, forget #32, The Juice's new number, as in booking number, is 2648927. Wonder if that'll fit on the back of an NFL jersey.


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Scott Peterson, Death Row California    

He's innocent I tell you! Innocent!
When will the man stop persecuting us innocent people?

2592 days ago


O.J is out of control. doesn't support crime.

2592 days ago

Jacquelina Matova    

OJ killed Nicole Simpson and was let off the hook..... at least this time around Johnny Cochran is deceased. have fun trying to prove your innocence, Juice

2592 days ago


Bird who is talking about racism?? Did I say anything about racism? Stop with the "US BLACK PEOPLE" crap. What are you talking about?? "HAUNCH" are you kidding me? The bottom line is all the DNA evidence in the trial pointed him as the killer. Maybe you should do some reasearch there's tons of websites that talk about and explain how according to DNA evidence it's almost impossible that anyone else could have done those two murders. So before you go around saying that Cops are so quick to pass judgement please inform yourself with ALL the facts first because you apparently don't have all the facts you even said so yourself you've never read about well i suggest you do. And stop defending him just because he's black.

2592 days ago


I don't care what color Oj is- he could green, blue or every color of the frickin rainbow, guilty is guilty.

2592 days ago


Bird- by educated he means learn all the facts of the case before you go defending him.

2592 days ago


I also watch the trial, and unfortuanely, the D.A. did not present their case well. Based on the facts OJ was found not guilty. Facts are facts. Whether he did it or not , the fact is he was acquitted by a fair trial of his peers. The interesting part is white people are pissed and truly believe he was guilty and will see him punished no matter how long it takes. White people it appears will make it there mission that all t's are crossed and i's are dotted. Cause white people are going to make sure OJ pay not for his alledge 07 crime but for what already took place 10 years ago. Sad. Most black people do believe OJ is guilty but, had they been on the jury would have voted him not guilty. Real sad. I have heard black and white people debate on this and it comes to color. And as a black person told me not too long ago: White people have Nicole Simpson and black people have Mell Tillis. Do I agree with this, of course not. As you can see, from the comments people are still and not likely to forget about the trial. I am not an OJ fan, but, I think he does deserve a fair trial of his peers. I do not think that will happen. OJ will be punished for what happened to Nicole Simpson and Goldman that is a sure bet. Hypocrits will never admit it.

2592 days ago

megan macdonald    

dear David in LA

thank you for your comment / i am in total agreement

meagan in Vancouver, Canada

2592 days ago


I think he is guilty. He should have called police no matter who he is that is the right thing to do.

2592 days ago


where is his kids while all of this is going on. Are they all grown now.

2592 days ago


The police must have planted the stuff

2592 days ago


I truly hope that this smirking arrogant, law breaking, celebrity trash finally does some time in prison.

As for the Canadian poster's respect for the Goldman’s.

Fred Goldman is an angry, whining crybaby!
Ron Goldman would probably be embarrassed about his old man's behavior.
Fred's selling the book "If I Did It" shows his hypocrisy and indifference about the slaughter of his son Ron, and Nicole Brown Simpson.
He has little more conscience than O.J !


Lock the door,
and throw away the keys,
Cause here comes the Judge,
and he's after me.

Here comes the Judge, here comes the Judge, here comes the Judge.

2592 days ago


Why not let O.J. go? Shoot, all these "celebrities" get to rack up DUIs, drug busts, and rape charges (let's not forget murder) and get away virtually scott-free everytime.

(Now, folks, if that were us doing all that crap, we'd be in prison with no bail until a hearing date was scheduled weeks down the road with a bureau shoved square up our asses).

I hope Simpson dies a painful, prolonged death.

2592 days ago


yes i also agree with David's comment. It became a racial issue because we the public made it a racial issue, especially because at the time the LA riots were still fresh. But the facts are the facts. One should make an educated assumption about the case only if you have read in detail all the facts, read the transcripts of the trial, examined the evidence yourself. It's so uneducated to say and make comments that start with "US BLACKS" I mean come on. Unfortunately racism is very prevolent and always will be, but in this case there is so much evidence against him, anyone who says he's innoncent usually always breaks out the race card too.

2592 days ago



2592 days ago
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