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Mystery Witness Alleges Drug Use by Britney

9/17/2007 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Barretto, a former bodyguard for Britney Spears, filed a declaration in the Britney Spears/Kevin Federline custody battle which alleges "nudity, drug use and safety issues post-rehab."

Gloria Allred, Barretto's attorney, said in a press conference today that Brit's former hired muscle was prepared to testify under oath today, but that neither the court nor Britney's attorneys chose to cross-examine him. She said his declaration went "unrefuted and unchallenged."

Should Britney lose her kids?

Barretto started working for Britney when she got out of rehab, and was fired on May 17 because, said Allred, "He did not hear her when he was asked to pick up her hat."

Barretto, himself the father of young children, came forward, Allred says, because while working for Britney, he became "very concerned" about the safety of her two boys. Allred also said that she has spoken to County Counsel for Child Protective Services about Barretto's concerns.


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I think that if you closely examined just about any mom in the world, someone would find fault, whether it be improper diet, drug use, nudity, going out, one is perfect. Britney has been far from perfect, but man, it is not like the kids are getting beaten or she is not providing for them. When she is out on the town, I am sure her kids are asleep. Who doesnt get a sitter? Does that make her a horrible mom?

2578 days ago


Thank God !!

I wish Kevin the best with the children.
When you are dealing with minors - their safety and well-being has to come first.
That was 100% the right decision.

I also wish Britney the best - but right now she is not with us.
Britney has - hopefully temporarily - left the building!

2577 days ago

Ge Ge    

None of us really know what this young women is thinking or what she could be hiding with all the drinking and whatever else she does. Something in her child hood?? Again this is a who it is. I have called children services several times and nothing happens. The child now is living with the mother and at a neighbors home. And that home is NOT Safe..either..Children Services informed me that they have a BIG case load in LA County......Brit please seek help..... You carried those boy's for 9 mo...They will be grown and gone before u know it.. Love them...

2577 days ago


If Barretto honestly witnessed this then he should be arrested for not coming forward before he was fired and telling authorities about the danger to the children. You don't wait when it comes to a childs welfare till your fired to come up with accusations. He is disgruntled and feels this is his way to get back. Anyone witnessing harm to a child should come forward immediately. I don't believe if he was still working for Britney he would be making his claims.

2577 days ago

Fran Ruh    

I definitely agree with Brenen. If Tony, like he states, claims that Brittany was drinking and using drugs in front of the children, he should have reported this to the Adminstration of Children Services (I don't know what they call it in California, but that is what it is called in the Bronx) immediately. He never says anything till after Brittany fires him, and just when the custody battle is brewing., Tony comes forward. How dare him. Another one who is in it for the money. Hasn't he been on several talk shows already. I think he should be investigated for not reporting this when it happened. If what he says is true, and he did not nothing about it, and if something happened to those adorable children, he would have been liable and possibly been prosecuted for that. Why would he go on all these talk shows, because it makes him look like he should have been prosecuted for not reporting. Like everyone else, he must be getting paid nicely. Another on in it for the money. Doesn't someone on these talk shows see that he looks like a idiot for not reporting this!!!! He probably is a disgruntled employee.

2573 days ago
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