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Nick Hogan Posts Graziano's Condition -- on Supra Site

9/17/2007 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan has been providing updates on the condition of his passenger in his August 26 Supra crash -- on the website.
Nick Hogan Supra forum
Known on the site as Supraman111, Nick reported on Sept. 16: "john is expected to make a full recovery its just a slow process for him to wake up because he was in a medically induced coma by a drug called pentabarb which takes weeks to wear off which is why the wake up process is is so slow. his entire body is perfect , he just hit his head."

On Sept. 7, Nick wrote: "everyone please drive safe and wear your seatbelts, i had mine on and only broke my wrist, john did not and he is in a far worse stae than i am.

thank u for the support

-nick hogan/bollea"



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Sounds to me like nick thinks this is his passengers fault for not wearing a seat belt. NICK, you should be in JAIL

2570 days ago


How nice of him to keep others informed about the condition of the guy he alkmost killed. His sorry ass should be in jail. It isn't like it was the first (or even second) time he had been speeding and driving carelessly. JAIL FOR THE BASTARD!!!

2570 days ago


Hey number 3......are you stupid or just don't pay attention. They have proven that another teenager was racing with Nick not his Dad. Your a dumbass!

2570 days ago

Sad sad    

Thank you for the info. It also states he is now waking up and responding to things. Good to hear.

2570 days ago


Oh Nick. You are such a putz.

He didn't put a seatbelt on and that's why he got hurt? Are you effing kidding? You should be taking FULL responsibility for this you little jerk! Oh, but that's what a MAN would do and I forgot, you're not a man.

2570 days ago


What a freaking idiot. "his entire body is perfect , he just hit his head." HE JUST HIT HIS HEAD! Doesn't he know how devastating head injuries can be? I had a friend who "just hit his head" and has been unable to walk or talk since. What a jerk. Trying to put the blame on John for not wearing a seatbelt instead of taking one iota of responsibility. Oh well, I guess he just hit his head so what's the big deal?

2570 days ago


I see Nick as a very young person, still learning life lessons. We have all made mistakes, some of us have been lucky in not having tragedy befall us in those times. I don't know if this is true, about his condition, it doesn't seem to add up, but I do wish the very very best to this young man, John, and his family. He needs our prayers. I don't think we should be too critical towards Nick, I'm sure he is fully aware what he has done and it can't be easy knowing he is responsible for this. He has to live with whatever the outcome. I would definitely say, blame the law, who was not doing their job, by not cracking down on him when he was speeding. They were giving him the wrong signals and being way too lenient, like he had their permission to speed or something. I also wonder how permissible his father was about the speeding. Afterall, Hulk has control over the kind of cars his son drives. Shame on the police for playing politics by playing favorites and abusing their power like this. This young man's blood is on their hands as much as anyone's.

2570 days ago


It's not going to help wearing your seat belt with nuts like him on the road. Maybe people should stop racing first. He should be ashamed of himself, him and his family . They should teach him to respect others at the wheel.
I hope he still gets some kind of punishment. In THIS case seat belts wouldn't have mattered. If he knew this anyway why weren't they wearing them. Dumb.

2570 days ago


Dr. McNinja!

2570 days ago

Jus D truth    

#23-WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM CIVILIAN, you forgot to mention that the HULKS kids can't spell or write a proper statement. Too bad the Hulk forgot to get his kid a tutor!!

2570 days ago


He just bumped his head? Just bumped his head? Newsflash Nick, it ain't the drugs that caused the coma, it was your stupidity. He wouldn't have just bumped his head had you not pumped the gas!

2570 days ago


Ummm....I think he did a little more than "hit is head" I don't think that they put you in a coma for "hitting your head"..........If my "friend" did something stupid that all most killed me....THEN totally down played the entire thing including my condition then made it all look like my fault and trying to make him self out to be a prince who did the right thing....I'd sue is ass in a second.

2570 days ago


THATS GOOD NEWS THANK GOD FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2570 days ago


"He Just Hit His Head........" has this idiot been taking his Old Ass Fathers steriods?...Man complications can arise later when someone who is in a car accident and hit their head. This jerk is saying this like it was just a tap on his head. Dam Hulk Hogan has stupid children....I guess thats what you get when you mix steriods with a Ho, you get stupid kids!!!!!!!

2570 days ago


"only his head"


2570 days ago
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