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Nick Hogan Posts Graziano's Condition -- on Supra Site

9/17/2007 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan has been providing updates on the condition of his passenger in his August 26 Supra crash -- on the website.
Nick Hogan Supra forum
Known on the site as Supraman111, Nick reported on Sept. 16: "john is expected to make a full recovery its just a slow process for him to wake up because he was in a medically induced coma by a drug called pentabarb which takes weeks to wear off which is why the wake up process is is so slow. his entire body is perfect , he just hit his head."

On Sept. 7, Nick wrote: "everyone please drive safe and wear your seatbelts, i had mine on and only broke my wrist, john did not and he is in a far worse stae than i am.

thank u for the support

-nick hogan/bollea"



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It was Nick's responsibility to make sure his passengers are safe. If he knew his 'friend' wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was speeding like he was, he should be guilty of gross negligence.

And for him so to refer to this young man's injury as 'just a head injury' shows just how ignorant he is!

2561 days ago



2561 days ago


***********************DADADADADA............. DUMB!!!!!!!!!*******************

Has this guy had ANY sort of formal education? Grant it NONE of the Hogan family members come across as intelligent, but Nick writes like an ignorant, illiterate stoop.

He writes: "He JUST hit his head..." AHHHH, YEAH, that's why he's in such bad shape, MORON !!!!!!!!

2561 days ago

Steve Cross    

Talk about not taking rsponsibility. If his atty did get him to write this he's a bigger idiot than the kid. "just bumped his head". No chance that Nick would bump his as it's already too big to fit in the car in the first place. And do they really expect us to believe that the no talent Brooke got a record deal on her own merits. PLEASE!

2561 days ago


okay, i've been seeing (sic) all over TMZ, what does it mean?

2561 days ago

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

I don't believe there is a dumber person on earth than Nick Hogan. If you combined his IQ with OJ Simpson's you couldn't come up with a number bigger than daddy Hogan's shoe size. And speaking of big daddy Hogan. If it weren't for his steroid induced biceps he would be a nothing in this world.....a total loser as a father and a person.

2561 days ago

Jus D truth    

Just like all the retards w/way tooo much $$$ - just blame someone else.

2561 days ago


"His entire body is perfect" What a dumb @#$&. I'm a neuro ICU nurse, and let me tell you, if that kid is still in a pentobarbitol coma he's not going to "make a full recovery." My guess is the docs have removed portions of his skull to allow for his brain to swell. He's probably on medications that squeeze the excess fluid out of his brain, and since that's not working they've induced this coma. He was probably in a coma before the drugs but needed extra sedation to limit the brain's autonomic function. He's not slow to wake up, he's not awake. Period. Someone had better file charges. This poor kid is going to live, but he'll be a vegetable.

2561 days ago

Jus D truth    

Lily #46 (sic) means that there are spelling errors TMZ knows this and isr eporting it or just repeating what the writer, (in this case its Nick) wrote. Errors and all, with no corrections

2561 days ago


I hope your BEST friend sues your dumb ass and takes everything you own....oh yeah, you don't own anything since you live with your parents they buy you everything.

May be your BEST friend gets to bang Brooke everyday as payment for his injuries.

2561 days ago


wtf?! "he just hit his head" gee...i thought he was in critical condition for something serious...

2561 days ago


So what's the roblem with this??? It looks to me like the guy is posting an update on his good friend's the only media outlet he knows how to communicate through. Give the guy a break. Everyone has had an accident before and none of you are perfect either. At least there wasn't any drugs or alcohol involved.

2561 days ago


he JUST hit his head !! he JUST hit his head !!!

his body is perfect, he JUST hit his head....

where did you get the impression nick, that having a 'body' is more important than having a 'mind'...oh, let me guess.....

2561 days ago


when people get in my car, the car does not go unless their belts are on. this includes, my 80 year old mother and my 99 yr. old grandmother. not only because i care about them, but i also care about my insurance and liablity.

the question is--is nick still driving? not only racing, but on street?

for him to put this update on a car racing blog, is unthinkable!!

2561 days ago


p.s. hope my friend doesn't sue me! On a car site!!!!!!!!! you have got to be kidding me!

2561 days ago
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