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O.J.'s Alleged Robbery

Caught on Tape!

9/17/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

**WARNING: This audio contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.**

TMZ has obtained an audio tape of O.J. Simpson's confrontation with a sports memorabilia dealer that led to his arrest on felony robbery charges. In it, you hear someone say, "You against the motherf*****g wall."
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The tape was recorded by Thomas Riccio, who co-owns the auction house Universal Rarities. Riccio met up with Simpson just before the confrontation at the Palace Station Casino on Thursday night.

We're told Riccio was on hand to help Simpson prove certain memorabilia being auctioned by Alfred Beardsley was ill-gotten. Riccio says he believed Simpson was going to confront Beardsley in the hotel room to give him an ultimatum -- either hand over the goods or Simpson would call the cops.

Riccio turned his Olympus digital voice recorder on before the group entered the room -- a group that included Simpson and four other men. Almost immediately, Simpson went wild, hurling profanities at Beardsley and another memorabilia dealer, Bruce Fromong.

The confrontation lasts six minutes. It is graphic and telling. Simpson is clearly the ringleader. Simpson repeatedly says, "Think you can steal my s**t and sell it?"

To hear much more of the confrontation, watch TMZ TV tonight.

We're told Riccio also recorded the police interview with Beardsley and Fromong. Riccio also claims he has audio of Beardsley and Fromong conceding they didn't have a right to the memorabilia. Riccio also says he has audio of Bruce Fromong saying he helped Simpson hide money in offshore accounts.

And there's this: Riccio's partner, Jeff Woolf, says Simpson left a message on Riccio's cellphone trying to convince him that there was no gun involved in the robbery.


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John Mayer the new Batman? check out the pix at

2563 days ago


Who's dumber, Michael Vick or OJ?

2563 days ago


OJ's weapon of choice is a knife, not a gun.

2563 days ago

Money Hungry    

82 -- It remains in modern usage in the phrase to be hoist by one's own petard, which means to be harmed by one's own plan to harm someone else. Shakespeare used the proverbial phrase in Hamlet.

2563 days ago

Gent bent    

84. Who's dumber, Michael Vick or OJ?

Don't even put Vick in the same sentance with OJ. OJ took HUMAN lives not a couple of dogs. It was wrong but HUMANS rank way ahead of animals.

2563 days ago


Way too much OJ...

Lots more going on in the world of Entertainment.

Use a newswire instead of one channel on your TV set!

2563 days ago


WOW OJ has a dirty mouth and boy does he show his true colours in this.... and why is he smiling in his mug shot????? OJ you suck and ya should be in jail

2563 days ago

MLR us all a favor and go to Al Gore's website to whine about the world that would be the more appropriate place for you. I don't know where you get your stats about the whole world but I have a feeling you have run out of medication...see a doc asap!

2563 days ago


No bail, hahaha And I thought he didn't do anything wrong?
Next he'll say that ain't my voice on that tape. Lie Lie Lie...

Time for some fresh sqeezed juice. What a day for Justice for ALL-after all !!!!!

2563 days ago


TMZ, if you're going to do the transcript with the audio, please do it right.

OJ said, "I always thought you WAS a straight shooter." You typed "were."

Let's not help him with his inability to use a noun and verb correctly. I know, I know. You must have gotten distracted by the number of times he swore.

2563 days ago


gee o.j. you better get as much as you can if u get bail.cause u wont be getting any (straight kind that is ) for a long time.whooo ahhhh.

2563 days ago


Hey #4. If your big concern is the REAL cruel WORLD why are you even reading TMZ?
Go save the world
and let TMZ fans enjoy our comment section without the ravings of a jacka$$ like you.

The OJ story is a great one to follow...he will hopefully get major jail time now.

We can probably guess what OJ yelled at Rockingham Road all those years ago on the night he savagely killed his ex-wife and Ron Goldman....
Just substitute the word 'wife' for 'stuff' in all his latest rantings on the tape.
Now all the moronic OJ lovers can see what hatred and filth this guy is made of.

2563 days ago


I saw on his walk of shame he has MAN BOOBS. that will make him very popular in prison...LOL

2563 days ago


just hope that there are no laws in Nevada that will have the judge throw out the tape evidence if there is a trial

laws against taping people without their knowledge or consent

some states have laws like that regarding phone conversatons--wonder if any states have laws regarding taping in person/in secret in a group of people?

sure hope not--at times like this I wish I had more legal knowledge
even Jeffrey Toobin on CNN said he was going to have to brush up on Neveda law to better comment on all of this-too bad there isn't the same law in each state

would hate to see him "skate" because of something like that

2563 days ago


2563 days ago
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