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The Fight for Nick Hogan's Car

9/17/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan wants the wreckage of his car back -- but the father of critically injured John Graziano says not so fast, boy.
Nick Hogan Car
TMZ has obtained exclusive documents through PIO Wayne Shelor at the Clearwater Police Department, showing that Nick, through his attorneys, asked for his wreck back on August 28 -- and without searches, please -- adding that the vehicle might be "the subject of potential future litigation." Then it looks like Nick got yet another lawyer to represent him in the accident, and they sent a letter as well.

On September 5, Edward Graziano, the reportedly temperamental father of the still-hospitalized John, had his attorneys notify cops that they "preserve the vehicle so that we can have the opportunity to have our accident reconstructionist coordinate a date and time" to examine the wreck.


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Isabella Gotti    

Oh boy, smells like a lawsuit. I just hope and pray that the injured party gets better. That is what matters most. :)

2560 days ago


This boy definitely needs to be dealt with in a VERY harsh manner. He is an arrogant, spoiled rich kid who has been raised to think he's better than everyone and can do ANYTHIING he wants.

More than likely, this poor passenger, John, will never recover from this, if he even lives.

Nick, you need to do jail time for this reckless stunt you pulled. A car is a powerful piece of machinery and city streets are no place for drag racing. But then again, being the spoiled immature brat that you are, I'm sure you thought it was funny at the time.......UNTIL YOU CRASHED.

"Hogan Knows Best" should be cancelled and Hulk needs to make BOTH his kids join the real world!! They live in a fantasy world created by the media and their parents.

The only reason Brooke got a record deal was for the FREE publicity the show was going to bring the dumb record company who signed her!

Think about it, why did Hulk Hogan get a bill from the recording studio for $50,000 if Brooke signed a record deal?? They (the record company) give her a $200,000 check and then turn around and send her a bill for $50,000 for studio time?? Something just doesn't add up with that!

2560 days ago


If anyone sees Hogan knows best. If you saw the the one where Terry had to talk to Nick about the birds and the bees.... He went to the auto shop to see how the car was doing on the "engine" guess what car they were working on..... Im sorry I respect Hulk Hogan.. but.. He has spoiled both of his children and to let Nick soup up sports cars at the age of 14,15. I blame the parents on this one. Sorry.... Now look. A innocent person is in the hospital becuase if people not being responsible. I say the police keep the car and they will learn their lesson..

2560 days ago



Just as when he was brought into Bayfront, John's body remains on a ventilator.

Approx 25% of his brain was scooped out of his head as a result of the accident;

There is no chance for his condtion to improve.

The family has turned down requests from the hospital and others to donate John's organs.

Why does Nicky want the car back?

First rule of law- make the evidence disappear.....

2560 days ago

Had Head    

Hey, send that whole defunctional family away. 2 more ponts on the IQ scale and that guy might make idiot.

2560 days ago


ok #22 "OMG" are you a hick or something? Where is your brain? There is a young man who is comatose and dying in the hospital. If it were your brother, cousin, son, father - you'd realize the severity of the situation.. and #29 - um, no I have never received a ticket of any kind. A friend of mine did receive a speeding ticket once, but he also didn't put anyone in the hospital in a coma over it either. I was shocked at Hulk's response. before he made that statement, I could have sworn he would have come out and Said "wer're so sorry, we'll help pay for all the costs. Nick has been kicked out the house with access to no cars, and all money to him has been cut off." Humility and asking forgiveness goes a loooong way BROTHER! Eat some humble pie, dude. Divorce that wife of yours while you're at it.

2560 days ago


Like MOST of the others here, I completely agree that Nick needs to do some seriously hard time in prison for what he's done to his so-called friend and veteran. To call this an "accident" and feel ANY sympathy for Nick is beyond moronic. This CHILD's self-admitted favorite pastime was using city streets as his own personal drag strip, and using his so-called "pu$$y magnet" and his family name to land chicks. He had multiple wakeup calls in the days and weeks leading up to this accident and he ignored them all (see the articles about his speeding tickets and how he's gotten out of so many tickets on TMZ.COM) . Ironically, like in most drunk driving cases (not saying that he was drinking), the driver always gets off with minimal injuries and the other victim(s) always suffer the severe injuries.

IF John lives, he's going to spend the rest of his life in his own personal prison, and yet sadly the law treats the driver as if it's no big deal unless the passenger actually dies. The reality is that living may be a far worse sentence than death given the severity of his injuries. Nick on the other hand will be just fine and will no doubt be back to his usual ways as soon as the spotlight is off of him again. His family is going to buy Nick's way out of this mess and he's not going to learn any real lesson unless a rogue judge somewhere comes down hard on this poster boy for a juvenile delinquent. I can't believe he has the nerve to ask for his car back (oh and without being searched please). IF and WHEN every bit of evidentiary value has been garnered from that vehicle for any criminal and civil cases that may be brought, that car should be given to John's family so they can auction it off on E-Bay.

2560 days ago

Sad sad    

Not alot said on friends condition. If that's true about what was posted here so sad. No if he does survive he's going to be a vegitable. Nick will be suffering with this the rest of his life no matter what happens. Hopefully will be a lesson for someone. Never taken seriously till it happens to you.
I feel for both families as it wasn't intentional just kids wanting to have some fun gone bad. Too bad it took this to get through the dangers of street racing. You can always buy another car but you can't bring back someone's life. Nick's still a kid. I wouldn't want this on my head for nothing. Horrible.

2560 days ago


When this does make it to court, I'm sure John's family will get a HUGE judgment against the Hogans! Good bye mansions!!!

Oh yeah, the Hogans live in Florida, just like OJ, so I guess John's family can't attach their mansion to collect on the huge judgment they'll get, just like the Goldman's can't attach OJ's. SO SAD!!!!

2560 days ago



2560 days ago

2% MILK    


2560 days ago


Nick is an arrogant prick. Hogan is an over-indulging, over-protected ego maniac, father. I hope Nick gets the appropriate jail sentence for racing, but the driver of the other car should get the same charge. And I don't expect the Hogan family to be held legally or financially liable for the stupidity of Nick. And please, before the public lynching, if Hulk new Nick was a reckless speeder I am sure his buddy John knew that as well. Though I wish him the best, John does bear some responsibility (No seatbelt, making the choice to get in the car with an idiot) for his situation.

2560 days ago


i dont care i just want to bang his sister...........................................

2560 days ago


Even tho what he did is messed up.. we all know he will get off even if he does die which he isn't going to...The most he would get is probation and community service... So stop the hating.. It will do you no good..We all make mistakes so just chill...

2560 days ago

Nurse Ratched    

YOOOOO Hulkamainia is running wild!!!

Hulk Jr is spreading it all over the pavement!!

I say he needs to be butt fu76k by Hulk Sr. or his mommy while his big footed sister watches then given a lobotomy so he can't hurt anyone else.

2560 days ago
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