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Babwa to Barry

We've Got Hassel's Back

9/18/2007 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"View" den mother Barbara Walters says that as much as she wanted Barry Manilow to come and croon, no one -- not even the "Mandy" singer -- tells her how to run her show!

Manilow told TMZ yesterday that he decided to ditch his appearance on today's "View," because as a close friend of Rosie O'Donnell, he didn't want to sit on the same stage as right-winger Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose views he called "dangerous." Babwa, on her Sirius radio chatfest last night, said it was "too bad" about Barry's stand. Added co-executive producer Bill Geddie, "We don't do that ... we support everybody ... he's not going to call the shots."

Geddie also pointed out that lefty celeb political flamethrowers like Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda have also appeared with Elisabeth, and it sure looked like everyone was having a pretty good time last November when Manilow appeared on the show.


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I can't stand so-called 'famous' people who can't just do their jobs (which is to entertain, that's all). I don't care what their politics are, don't want to hear it out of their mouths, because they usually end up with their foot in their mouth. This is just unprofessional and childish. Does Hasselbeck ever refuse to be on the show because of someone's political views? Grow up, Manilow.........and all your buds who think they are so righteous because of something as stupid as their twisted political thoughts....

2563 days ago

Frankl Li Speaking    

Barry Manilow has been such a bone-head loser for SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long that Elizabeth and the View were giving him a pity snuggle, anyway. It's like the ugliest guy on earth is p.o.'d at the brilliant class president for disagreeing with him on something he is barely qualified to talk about ... let alone dictate what anyone else should believe...

2563 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

For those who hate Elisabeth, here are some of the symptoms of celiac disease she has to live with:
Abdominal cramps, gas and bloating
General weakness
Foul-smelling or grayish stools that may be fatty or oily
How's THAT for revenge??

2563 days ago

Say what??    

If you can't stand her, why watch the show? Makes no sense to me at all.

2563 days ago


Barry Manilow is a Moron, Diva, Pansy, Soft Skulled Loon. What kind of statement is he making? He is truly a dumbass. For all you progressive liberals . . . where is your tolerance? Why are you so adamant about having a conservative thinking on the View. Seems like you should be a bit more accepting of others and not so closed minded. Liberal thinking is scary because it comes from the heart and no common sense is used. I fear your morals and ethics. Even liberal France has changed their stance on the progressive ways, it just doesn't work. Wake up America, stand up for common sense!

2563 days ago


Why do all 3 of them look like wax figure's that went wrong??

2563 days ago

Granny Pants    

It is essential that the United States provide stable oil prices so the Chinese economy, (manufacturers of all the goods made on the planet) doesn't tank and throw us into an global economic crisis. Wake up people. Rosie and all her pals are just plain ignorant, angry and sick.

2563 days ago


FINALLY, ABC has stood up for the lone conservative. I don't care about the people who hate Elizabeth and her views. The thing that is different about her versus the others (other than her political views!) is that she has class. She can state her view and not be beligerent and nasty when she does. I find it amazing how so many people forget the name of the show. THE VIEW! How is it ok for the others to express their views (united views, by the way), but when Elizabeth does, she is evil. Give me a break! The ONE TIME Elizabeth put Rosie in her place, like a big baby (whale), she never came back to the show! How hypocrytical are you leftwing nuts??? SO, coming from a FORMER Barry Manilow fan....I'm glad he did this. He is just another one of you people to make yourselves look like asses and by 2008, hopefully the voters will have had enough of you and vote the RIGHT way. Good riddance to Barry, Rosie, and the rest of you!

2563 days ago


I'm sorry. He needs to grow up. I don't see the problem in coming on the show. All he needed to do is say: I won't discuss politics. I'm sure they would've said: not a problem. As noone cares what he thinks on the subject anyways. Just promote your new horror of a cd and shut up.

2563 days ago

2 cute!!    

Please retire Babs!! I was working around the house today and heard the View come on. Didn't pay much attention until I heard the conversation turn to religion and evolution. I couldn't wait to hear little Lizzies ultra conservative babbling on it so I sat down to watch. Elisabeth was surprisingly quiet...thank goodness. It was what Babs had to say that surprised me. Right before they cut to break she says something like not everyone believes in an Almighty God, and those people are not good people!! WHAT!! I can appreciate different Views....I can even stand Elisabeth ramblings, but what Babs said is disgraceful. Really, she needs to retire....she is ruining whatever good reputation she once had.

2563 days ago

enough already    

Love how the left is intolerant of anyones opinion other than their own. These "celebrities" really need to get out of politics. Just because they are"celebrities" doesn't mean that their opinion is the only one that matters.

2563 days ago

The Queen    

Bazza looks creepily like Phil Spector!!

2563 days ago

Norte Wood    

If Miss Hasselbeck doesn't learn some tact, and some "cool", Barry won't be the only one turning down appearances on "The View". She's better suited for the Fox network than any other TV network out there at the moment.

2563 days ago


I may not agree with Elisabeth's views on many issues but she has a right to them Barry Manilow is being somewhat of a child, its like saying "I'll do the Oprah show as long as she doesnt do that interview" come on Elisabeth is one of the hosts so its partly her show, how rude. It's not like they were going to discuss politics, hes going to sing and promote his album so freakin do so and stop being a baby. And since when cant someone have an opinion other everyone elses, Elisabeth gets way too much made out of her opinions. Barry should grow up alittle and stop being a child like Rosie and running away.

2563 days ago
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