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Babwa to Barry

We've Got Hassel's Back

9/18/2007 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"View" den mother Barbara Walters says that as much as she wanted Barry Manilow to come and croon, no one -- not even the "Mandy" singer -- tells her how to run her show!

Manilow told TMZ yesterday that he decided to ditch his appearance on today's "View," because as a close friend of Rosie O'Donnell, he didn't want to sit on the same stage as right-winger Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose views he called "dangerous." Babwa, on her Sirius radio chatfest last night, said it was "too bad" about Barry's stand. Added co-executive producer Bill Geddie, "We don't do that ... we support everybody ... he's not going to call the shots."

Geddie also pointed out that lefty celeb political flamethrowers like Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda have also appeared with Elisabeth, and it sure looked like everyone was having a pretty good time last November when Manilow appeared on the show.


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Maybe Barry can schedule another facelift in his off time. Don't let that mean old Lizzy make you uncomfortable. What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

2590 days ago


Iti's about time Barbara did something that made sense. Good for her. Barry - guess you'll have to go crying somewhere else. So pathetic.

2590 days ago


Republobot Elisabitch is runing the show.
Then again there is the 80 year old that calls the shots!

Tank already and get off the air!

2590 days ago


I used to be a huge Barry Manilow fan - but no more. He is behaving like a spoiled child. Elisabeth has the righ to her opinions just like everyone else. While I may not always agree with her, I respect that they are HER opinions. Was Barry afraid of her? What is the big deal of having her be on stage with him? Did he think she was going to attack him or make him feel unwelcome. Going to battle against RO was RO's fault - Elisabeth wasn't the offender, RO was. Elisabeth was simply defending herself. I have never seen Elisabeth verbally abuse a guest on her show. She is always polite and gracious. Barry has lost one of his biggest fans. I am extremely disappointed in his behavior and I am ashamed to say I have some of his songs on my iPod.

2590 days ago

Animal Lover    

Why would anybody give Elisabeth Hasslebeck the time of day, why she's even on that show is beyond me. Why anyone is on that show is beyond me, what a waste of 60 mins. Can't ABC find something better to fill that time slot!
I'm glad Barry stuck to his beliefs, its his choice to do what he wants!

2590 days ago


I really like Barry Manilow a lot, but he's way out of line. He sounds so immature,

2590 days ago


Oh please I had enough of all this left wing crap already they all need to just shut up & sing act or whatever they do and stop involving politics. no wonder there are so many leaving the dem party their brain dead. I thought we all had a right to think what we want but not according to liberals it's their way or no way. Sorry robots but I can think for myself and I don't need a bunch of phony idiot celebs or politicians to tell what to do or think or say. Who in the HELL do they think they are. They can't even run their lives but can tell us what to do??? All their fame and fortune and are they happy??? no, They can't even stay sober or stay married for more then six months if it last that long. Old Mrs. Barry O'donald needs to get a life and stop being a control freak. Liberals need to practice what they preach tolerance. All these crck pots telling us how to tavel and live yet drive big gas guzzlers and fly private planes and waste energy.

2590 days ago


barry needs to learn about tolerance, he lives in america

2590 days ago


We are sick of HOMOFACISTS.

2590 days ago


I JUST CAN'T STAND THE SOUND OF HER VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2590 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Barbara didn't weigh in with Rosie and Trump as it wasn't her battle. Barbara is a news woman at the core and so tries to maintain journalistic neutrality. She will allow news to happen without trying to BE the news. Barbara doesn't 'cower' from anybody. She gave Rosie some creative rope, and a wait and see attitude because she believes in the rights of others to hold opinions. Barbara is a dipomat, doesn't have a lick of jealousy in her, and is truly one of the nicest people you could hope to meet, according to a quote from a long term male cohort. Barbara's out of the 'news' world with the View, and simply made a decision that her show called the interviewing shots, and not a visiting guest. Her call.

2590 days ago


What a hyprocite and a fraud! !!!!I personally don't agree with Hasselbeck's views, but she has an absolute right to voice her opinion. How can he possibly call himself a democrat and make demands that are tantamont to censorship. If Mannilow's views are so legit, surely he can withstand the "onslaught" of questions that she could conceivably make. I tell you what's "dangerous" and "irresponsible"; Rosie's rants on The View that there was a US conspiracy to have English troops taken hostage by Iran without a shred of proof. I cant' stand these false liberals who refuse to tolerate other people's views.

2590 days ago


Barry knew that Elizabeth was going to be there and possibly be the one to do the interview, so he should not have accepted the invitation in the first place. Then to cancel for the reason he did, well that was sooo childish an petty. I don't like Elizabeth either, buit I would let someone like her stop me from promoting anything.

2590 days ago


why is this show still on? i cant stand these broads.

2590 days ago


The key in this story here is LAST November Barry was on WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before Elisabeth started to show her other side. Once EH started to act the way she does it has affected a lot of the celebrities that come on. Just the other day a celebrity came on and didn't acknowledge EH and continued ion until she seated (I think it was Susan Surandon sp). Joy asked if she was homophobic and she said no. It is obvious there are many celebrities that wish EH was not on the show. Barry has every right to decline who interviews him especially since he knows Elisabeth always does the one on one with entertainers.

2590 days ago
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