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Goldman Wants O.J.'s Trinkets, As Seen on TMZ

9/18/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fred Goldman's attorney was in a Los Angeles court today, filing a motion to request a number of items believed to belong to O.J. Simpson -- including a Rolex they saw in a photo on TMZ.

Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, was after sports memorabilia seized from Simpson's Vegas hotel room -- the money from the goods would go towards satisfying the $33.5 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson ten years ago. Cook is also after money Simpson may have received from his involvement in the video game "All Pro Football 2K8."

Cook even comments on how O.J.'s arrest has helped the Goldmans.

He joked that "in a bizarre way," Simpson's latest arrest actually assists the Goldman family, because the items seized in Vegas will now be worth a lot more. Simpson has eluded payment on the judgment by moving to Florida, where state law prohibits his house from being seized. His football pension is also not attachable.

Ron Goldman was killed on June 12, 1994 while returning his friend Nicole Brown Simpson's mother's eyeglasses, which were left at the restaurant where he'd been working.


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OJ OJ OJ WHATS UP? You smarter than this.    

Mr Goldman could of had a living son had he trained him to stay away from married x wives who's husbands are ACTIVE. Nicole was known to be a crack head and did'nt know when to leave well enough alone. More to come in the next chapter.

2559 days ago


Goldman (golddigger) just trying to be paid.
Browns too...they took OJ's money when he was married and beating Nicole.

OJ, please dissapear and die in a cave.

2559 days ago


How is it, these items, if they are not OJs, that the Goldman's think that they should get them. These people are profiting on their son's death. Oh, and I am NOT an OJ fan!

2559 days ago


THE GOLDMANS ARE GOLDDIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2559 days ago


you people are SICK!!!! When your child is killed the way he was and his killer never was punished you never give up. As any parent who lost a child for any reason, you never forget, you always feel the pain.
I knew a lady in a nursing home. When her son told her he had cancer and only a few months to live she said "I will not bury you!" From that minute on she refused to eat anything. She starved herself to death because a mother should never bury her son.

2559 days ago


CT is easy to tell someone to move on. But unless you loose a child it's really not as easy as the words seem. I dont have any doubt that Mr Goldman suffers because his son was murder, But i also think he suffers because he didnt have the relationship that he trys to portray to the media.
So he is very Bitter.
I have lost a son to murder. and tho some might think i should OVER IT.
truth is I'm NEVER going to GET OVER IT. But I try not to let it make me so Bitter that it takes over. Like I think Mr Goldman has

O.J. is not going anywhere. u play u pay

2559 days ago


The goldmans are gold diggers.... even though they might morn the loss of Ron, they're still milking it for everything OJ got.... but on the other hand, OJ needs to rot in hell to for what he did. if he wasn't famous and have tons of money this would have been over back in '94, just like murder trials of any other non - celbutard. Yeah, leave some money for the kids, they're victims to. Slimeballs, every last one of 'em, ESPECIALLY "The Juice!", wish someone would squeeze him so hard his entrails would fall out!

2559 days ago

wonderlust king    

It's time for him to change that mustache. Who has the same mustache for 15 years? I am sure he smells like English Leather, or some other weird perfumey horse rodeo cologne.
Ok we get it..You are Joe Grey Handlebar Mustache guy.

Enough With Your Public Pouting.

2559 days ago

steeler fan    

I initially felt bad for the Goldman and Brown family. However, Mr. Goldman is making a complete idiot out of himself. He no longer appears to be the Greiving father, but a money hungry, revenge seeking individual. The Browns continue to show class and respect for the Kids of Nicole.

Get on with your life sir, money will not bring your son back!!!!!!

2559 days ago


Ricardo Hilton is O.J. is a butcher in disguise.

2559 days ago

This is crap    

According to the latest rumor mill, it appears the Goldman's played a part in all of this, setting up Simpson with the aid of this Riccio character, to boost sales of their book which was released a day prior to the "break in" (remember, there was no actual break-in, more of a walk -in to a dirty deal of stolen merchandise). Also, the majority of the items recovered bear Simpson's own signature. The secondary goal was for the Goldman's to lay claim to Simpson's stolen personal property, as a secondary humilation to Simson, who was AQUITEd of the murder of Goldman's son, by an impartial jury of "non-peers" in a court of law over a decade ago. Simpson, a high profile former professional athlete, and celebrity, is not getting the same treatment as other suspects. One man, with the same charges was immediately released on his own recognition, and another released within hours on bail. Simspon's biased judge has set no bail or release for Simpson. I smell a bunch of rats, sour over their past failures to publicly humiliate and punish a black man, Rodney King was set free, Michael Jackson was set free, and "they" don't want to set free Simpson, some blackman has got to pay the priice to show that The Man is still in charge. Look at ALL the facts folks. Read between the lines. Meanwhile an unfair percentage of blacks and Latinos are dying in the war in the middle east. Why don't we ever see any news about the dying soldiers, and the failures of this administartions policies of blood for oil. Why is a retired footbal player the "news", are we all so brain dead. Wake up America, you are being duped again. Let's not waste our time on another OJ trial like we did during Gulf War One (Bush 1) as well as Waco and Oklahoma. Ouir country is no longer the light of the world it once was. Simson did not hurt anyone, he just wanted his stolen stuff back, period. Peace.

2559 days ago


In New Jersey, the civil case verdict would have been thrown out due to the Double Jeopardy law.

While the Goldmans lost their son, Denise's children lost their MOM. Why aren't her children entitled to anything?

2559 days ago

David Andrews    

Well, of course the greedy bastard wants it. He's been milking his own son's death for all he can for YEARS! I'm surprised he hasn't demanded stock in any restaurants OJ has eaten in.

2559 days ago

death on a cracker    

ok so... lets say your son or daughter was slaughtered, you lose a criminal case but FINALLY win a civil case worth X amount of money, you NEVER receive the money you are awarded becuase the guy says hes broke. THEN you find out the guy may have plenty of money stashed somewhere else that you cant get too... you just.. Move on? Whatever.. You are speaking out of your ass if you would actually just give it up and move on!

2559 days ago


Okay, Goldman is totally out of order here !!!! You got the book out what else do you want? For gods sake let your son rest in peace already...Let it go dude, there are a lot of injustices in the world and not everyone gets a chance to get closure ..I am so beyond disgusted right now, shame on you !!!!

2559 days ago
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