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Goldman Wants O.J.'s Trinkets, As Seen on TMZ

9/18/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fred Goldman's attorney was in a Los Angeles court today, filing a motion to request a number of items believed to belong to O.J. Simpson -- including a Rolex they saw in a photo on TMZ.

Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, was after sports memorabilia seized from Simpson's Vegas hotel room -- the money from the goods would go towards satisfying the $33.5 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson ten years ago. Cook is also after money Simpson may have received from his involvement in the video game "All Pro Football 2K8."

Cook even comments on how O.J.'s arrest has helped the Goldmans.

He joked that "in a bizarre way," Simpson's latest arrest actually assists the Goldman family, because the items seized in Vegas will now be worth a lot more. Simpson has eluded payment on the judgment by moving to Florida, where state law prohibits his house from being seized. His football pension is also not attachable.

Ron Goldman was killed on June 12, 1994 while returning his friend Nicole Brown Simpson's mother's eyeglasses, which were left at the restaurant where he'd been working.


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hello, it    

Mr. Goldman needs to move on with his life. He is not honoring his son's memory by doing this. It appears to become an obsession. Nothing will bring his son back, but he should devote the rest of his life to being the best father he can be to his other children.

2592 days ago


I still don't get how someone could be found innocent in regular court, but guilty in civil court, or whatever, either someone IS.. or IS NOT guilty (in this case, OJ -IS- definitely guilty). What kinda crazy justice system do we have?? Then again... money rules all, and celebs get away with everything (including murder!) because they got the money.....

2592 days ago


The Simpson children should not be left out either, because their mother was murdered also. It wasn't their fault that their mother was murdered, and they deserve something to live on also. Everything should be split in half. They deserve the same exactly what Goldman gets.

2592 days ago


Retardo Hilton,

You are a bitter person to just ignore Sidney and Justin. The court also awarded money to the Brown family to go for Sidney and Justing. Goldman doesn't deserve everything.

2592 days ago


Ricardo -- well put! OJ, or whatever his real name is, is a cold blooded murderer x 2. You supporters need to revisit the murder scene & quit idolizing this creep!! Get a life.

2592 days ago


anything received from the proceeds-as per the verdict in the civil trial-

is shared between the Goldmans and the estate of Nicole-

meaning her children

people should get their facts straight before condemming the Goldman family

2592 days ago


Nicole's children will have PLENTY to live off of with OJ's pensions that the Goldman's, unfortunately, can't touch. I applaud the Goldman family for not giving up the effort and being there every chance they get to take WHATEVER they can from him. I hope they make OJ's life a living hell until he draws his last dying breath.

2592 days ago


HOW can you complain about Goldman - LOOK AT BIRKHEAD & Stern - Anna Nicole is DEAD - her son Daniel is DEAD - her BILLIONAIRE husband J. Howard is DEAD - her BILLIONAIRE step ston Pierce Marshal is DEAD - and BIRKHEAD & STERN are out there in Bahamas, etc etc etc enjoying life thanks to money of the DEAD - so why would you complain about Goldman?

2592 days ago


Ron could have been sleeping with her. WHO CARES. she was single
and even if she wasnt. who give anyone the right to just think. O u piss me off. (your life is over). .
Thats the kinda world this has turn into. People not taking life as something special. not something u can take away just because u woke up pissed one day.
EVERYONE has an excuse for O.J. But the bottom line is HE KILLED THEM. he knows he did. hell he wrote a book telling u how. What more does one need.?.

2592 days ago


No one is supporting OJ Simpson, but his children should get some of that money also plain and simple. They are victims just like Mr. Goldman.

2592 days ago


If i had all of OJ's money I'd just pay the Goldmans their $33.5 mil and get them off my ass. of course i still hate OJ. if this was any normal murder trial, though, the family wouldn't get squat, its just cuz he's famous and has a lot of money. money can't bring back dead people either... but bottom line is i still hate OJ.

2592 days ago

M$. Pari$    

Although I can fully understand the comments for the goldmans to let go and move on...however; the slime ball murdered his son and flaunts his ability to decieve and to get away with everything including paying for his crimes in ANY capacity... this IS justice; go for every bit of $ and strip this bastard. Bu the way, Sidney & Justin will do fine financially there is a trust set up in their names and let's not forget OJ has his $$$$ retirement funds from his career(s).

Ialso hope they can uncover some plot showing that OJ hid his assets and claimed theft to avoid paying the goldmans; after all he IS innocent and only a victim at ALL times and in ALL cases. He is a liar, thief and muderer of two people - one was the mother of his children!!!

OJ supporterers... would it be a different opinion of his wife was not white and a fellow sista?

2592 days ago



Birkhead and Stern should not even go after the Marshall estate, because legally they do not have any ties to them or even the baby.

2592 days ago


Go Goldmans!!!!!!

Take everything!!

Since he took your son, ----hit him where it counts, his wallet, his personal possessions!

Collect while you can! Get your 33+ million!

2592 days ago

Get Real    

Go Golman family take everything you can get your hands on and then some. Ride his pitaful ass for the rest of his days!! That jail cell is to good for this low life. He is a murder, a wife beater, and a child beater. Remember poor Sidneys 911 call. He is not worried about money for his children he is to worried about his image. Take it all!!!

2592 days ago
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