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Goldman Wants O.J.'s Trinkets, As Seen on TMZ

9/18/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fred Goldman's attorney was in a Los Angeles court today, filing a motion to request a number of items believed to belong to O.J. Simpson -- including a Rolex they saw in a photo on TMZ.

Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, was after sports memorabilia seized from Simpson's Vegas hotel room -- the money from the goods would go towards satisfying the $33.5 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson ten years ago. Cook is also after money Simpson may have received from his involvement in the video game "All Pro Football 2K8."

Cook even comments on how O.J.'s arrest has helped the Goldmans.

He joked that "in a bizarre way," Simpson's latest arrest actually assists the Goldman family, because the items seized in Vegas will now be worth a lot more. Simpson has eluded payment on the judgment by moving to Florida, where state law prohibits his house from being seized. His football pension is also not attachable.

Ron Goldman was killed on June 12, 1994 while returning his friend Nicole Brown Simpson's mother's eyeglasses, which were left at the restaurant where he'd been working.


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Ok..OJ is a crazy killer and should be locked up..

But this just makes it look like the Goldmans are greedy and unbalanced.

2591 days ago


HOW so??????
57. Ok..OJ is a crazy killer and should be locked up..

But this just makes it look like the Goldmans are greedy and unbalanced.))))))

Do you think Birkhead & Stern are greedy and unbalanced as they enjoy life after Anna Nicole - with her money?

2591 days ago


thats all here say
I havent seen no real evidence.
I'm not going to listen to CROSBY n thugs
Make a trial and put the evidence out there. and then i will tell u if they like Mr golddigger

2591 days ago


I am sure Nicoles children were left money. If I am not mistaken that money the Goldmans are seeking also involve the Browns, which would go the the children. Every penny the Goldman's collect is less money that OJ has to flaunt and spend. OJ has his retirement money which in the event of his death will go to his children. These kids are not hurting at all. So dont feel sorry for those kids financially, feel sorry that their mothers life was taken by their own father.

2591 days ago



2591 days ago


Hell have u seen Mr Goldman talk lately Unbalance is a good word. the man is Bugging out.!!
Nicoles children deserve to be financially set. IT WAS THEIR MOTHER . Goldmans didnt have any money so now their RCH and NICOLES kids WHAT.?

2591 days ago


Fred Goldman & his daughter need to get jobs. It's all about money with these two deadbeats. Of course they want these trinkets & anything else they can sell for cash.

2591 days ago


I Wonder if its COLD in JAIL, will OJ's butt get COoOoLd when he sits on that HARD METAL toilet? I hope they're toilet paper is 1 ply and sandpaper-ish.... Too bad he's not allowed out with the other inmates... someone should give him a swirlee!!

Shock the Juice!! Hope he rots in that cell.

2591 days ago


I also feel bad for Sydney and Justin Simpson, because they had to be raised by their father. I am sure both of them are going to have some psychological issues growing up without their mother and having to live with their father who is allegedly a murderer.

2591 days ago


I also felt bad at first for the GOLDMANS , But like you said.HE IS MONEY HUNGRY. he's pissing eveyone off with his atitude. While the BROWNS are like the money isnt going to bring Nicole back. they DIDNT want the book to be published. Can u imagine. You know he killed her but now he going to spell it out to you how.!! Man o Man thats hard

2591 days ago


This whole story is pathetic. They all can rot. They all look like fools.
I won't even waste time ranting about this. lol. I could go on forever with my opinions.

2591 days ago


What greedy people they are. What else do you want?? His socks and drawers?? It doesn't matter what you guys get of his, it won't ever bring Ron back and I doubt he'd be excited know that his family is nothing more than GOLDDIGGERS. That's right, I said it. And don't they think the Browns' deserve anything? It doesn't matter what you take from him, your still gonna feel the pain until you deal with it. If I were you, I'd quit just taking things from him, think about Nicole's family and the kids that are involved. And let GOD do his job when I comes time for O.J. to go. I have no respect for these people, anymore. They are a big joke now. And I believe that his stuff should be split up between the Browns' and the kids. The Goldman's have got enough of OJ's crap. GREEDY GOLDDIGGERS!! And did you ever think that maybe he has to live with all that he has done for the rest of his life, and maybe he has nightmares and gets haunted by all that has happened?

2591 days ago


I'd be ashamed if I were Fred Goldman, you know he is after the money after 13 years. Revenge is not pretty and get over it already. Your son was at Nicole's to return the glasses and form a relationship for later nocturnal visits. Nicole was known for being a slut and the guys were after her for one thing. I am not supporting OJ but Nicole was not an angel but a slut, she slept with OJ's best friend, Marcus Allen what kind of person does that make her. A SLUT.

2591 days ago


I've always hated this Fred & Kim phony act pretending to care so much for Ron Goldman. If they cared that much, they would not have wanted that piece of garbage printed. Part of what's in the book is probably not true anyhow because O.J. was doing it just for the money so he can say anything he wants & nobody knows what really happened but him.

2591 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Glad you all didn't take the bait and turn this into a 'blackman' thing. It's a 'murder' thing.
I don't think that this is about greed at all for Goldman. If Mr. Goldman truthfully hadn't talked to his son in years, then I understand his almost obsessive need to be there for his son (R.I.P.) in death, as he unfortunately didn't get the chance to again in life. Resolve things with your loved ones today, as you may not GET the chance tomorrow. Who ever thinks their son will die from unnatural causes first? He shouldn't have, and his father's constant awareness of that heartwrending fact is probably the spur to his focus to do something about it. OJ's latest and past troubles have all come from his sense of entitlement. Some people can not handle the ride to the top, come to believe their own press, and their actions demonstrate that fact to the world. Beware. The world is a great leveller, and karma is a b*tch. Life always seeks balance. Ying and yang. Negative and Positive. It's physics. This is balance springing back and hitting OJ in the a*s. Goldman doesn't feel 'balanced' yet. Neither do the police. You can't take the law into your own hands and steal your stolen stuff back in a robbery.

2591 days ago
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