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Goldman Wants O.J.'s Trinkets, As Seen on TMZ

9/18/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fred Goldman's attorney was in a Los Angeles court today, filing a motion to request a number of items believed to belong to O.J. Simpson -- including a Rolex they saw in a photo on TMZ.

Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, was after sports memorabilia seized from Simpson's Vegas hotel room -- the money from the goods would go towards satisfying the $33.5 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson ten years ago. Cook is also after money Simpson may have received from his involvement in the video game "All Pro Football 2K8."

Cook even comments on how O.J.'s arrest has helped the Goldmans.

He joked that "in a bizarre way," Simpson's latest arrest actually assists the Goldman family, because the items seized in Vegas will now be worth a lot more. Simpson has eluded payment on the judgment by moving to Florida, where state law prohibits his house from being seized. His football pension is also not attachable.

Ron Goldman was killed on June 12, 1994 while returning his friend Nicole Brown Simpson's mother's eyeglasses, which were left at the restaurant where he'd been working.


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I've never seen Fred Goldman and Ned Flanders at the same time...


2590 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

They removed Sandi's post. Too bad, really, because it served as a far more effective post AGAINST racism, by being for it in such an horrific and outright way. Lol. I just wrote this for all the readers who are now looking for the post that everyone is coming down on but no longer exists.

2590 days ago

Animal Lover    

If you people would do some research instead of running your mouths you'd know there is a trust fund set up for Sydney and Justin (OJ's kids). They do get a portion of the 33 million dollar judgement which goes into Nicoles estate. So the Goldmans are taking nothing, zero, nada away from the kids!!!!!!!! Quit knocking the Goldmans, if you had a loved one MURDERED you'd do anything possible to retaliate. So take everything you can Fred Goldman because you deserve it!!!

2590 days ago


2590 days ago


Goldman's son brutally killed. Family anguish understood.

Fast forward 10 years...white male killed by uppity, rich, former superstar who dared to date and marry white women...Be Damned!

Kill the that uppity Nig___!!! Put him in his place! White society's outrage continues 10 years later!!!

The fact that a rich black man killed his son feeds Goldman's outrage all these years after the fact.

2590 days ago


These Goldman's are beyond belief. They lost a son and are now bottom feeding for money. Leave OJ and his kids alone.

2590 days ago


I vote that Fred and Kim get jobs! What do these people do day in and day out? How do they support themselves? What kind of dad/granddad has Fred Goldman been to his other children or grandchildren... can you imagine what holidays are like around the Goldman home?! No joy, very sad that he has let this awful crime consume him; the man really would be wise to seek professional help; his anger is eating him while OJ still appears to live a pretty charmed life, and even if OJ spends years behind bars for this I'd be willing to bet he will have more joy in his life than Fred Goldman

2590 days ago


correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't OJ owe the Goldmans? not the AMERICAN PUBLIC? they are just as disgusting as he is & i hope it makes them feel better that their son was murdered so they can have money.
are they not even thinking about the children who might not want to be reminded that their dad almost cut their mom's head off?
the goldmans are disgusting!!! & very true to the stereotype, i hate to say.

2590 days ago


#70 grow up, OJ was acquitted, move on dumb ass

2590 days ago


OJ bled two people dry that night why shouldn't he be?

2589 days ago

Justice for All    

The Goldmans aren't gold-diggers. They are only going after the only form of justice the court system has awarded them. I'm sure they would've much preferred OJ rotting in jail to the money. But unfortunately, they weren't given that option. The 33 million dollar judgement, which so far isn't worth the money it's written on, isn't soley for the Goldmans. Part of that is also for the Brown family and Simpson's kids.

Just imagine that someone you love is BRUTALLY murdered just because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Then his killer somehow miraculously gets off even though the evidence was overwhelming. Then you finally get some sort of conviction, only for him to once again evade serving his "sentence." He doesn't just move to a state that protects his assests, but he also publicly snubs his nose to you by saying that if he has to work to pay the judgement, then he won't work. He'll just play golf every day. He's taunting them! Plus the fact that you still see your son's murderer walking around free enjoying his lavish lifestyle. The fact that he is a celebrity and is still in the public eye, makes it hard to forget about him.

As far as the book is concerned, the Goldmans only get 17 cents per copy. The rest goes to a victims' rights organization and also to Nicole's kids. I'm sure some of the money will also go to pay legal fees. And, I did the math.....if they sell 1 million copies, that's only $170,000. And that's a long way from 33 million. Although they are just going after what the court said was rightfully theirs, you can call it revenge if you like. However, I think they are just trying to hold him accountable for what he did, and they refuse to just let him get away with it. Just think about it, people do that every day for a whole heck of a lot less.

I hope the Goldmans and the Browns will get the chance to one day feel that OJ has paid, at least in part, for what he did.

2589 days ago

ohhhh Geeeeeeeeeeeeeze    

To the Goldman's go after everything you can , pull him by his short hairs ...

but I do hope with the funds you are getting, a percent will be set aside in a trust
so the two children of Nicole will have funds to maybe go to college, or a way
to contact you maybe from their Aunt Denise if there is a major life's need

I think that would be honest and fair, because we all see their father is all about him only in all his actions.

2589 days ago

Mother of a murdered child    

As the mother of a murdered child I know you never get over it. However, all the money in the world will NOT bring Ron back. I think Mr. Goldman needs to accept that Ron is gone, cherish his memory and know that at some point O. J. is going to have to account for his actions to God. In the meantime, I think everyone here on earth has heard enough about his sins.

2589 days ago


I hope the goldmans dont get a dime. How in the hell can you be cleared on murder charges and be expected to pay in civil court. That is ridiculous. The Goldmans are probably broke that is why they are doing all of this. They make more of a fuss about OJ's money than Nicole's family. They need to get a life and move on. That man would not have gotten killed had he not been creeping around someone else's door. He and Nicole were definitely more than friends. That is the price for cheating with another man's wife.

2589 days ago

hell with them all    

if you mess around with a woman who is married and an X you will have a end to soon. The goldmans need to move on too. I know it is a hard thing to lose a loved one but life does not stop and if you try to get back well that makes you an ass too.

2589 days ago
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