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Inside O.J.'s Cell

9/18/2007 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson is currently being held in the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) in Las Vegas, and we're now getting our first look at what it's like for The Juice in the joint.
O.J. Simpson
Simpson has been classified as a Protective Custody/Isolation inmate -- he is kept apart from the general inmate population. When other inmates are out of their cells when on their free time, O.J. remains in his room. When the other inmates go in for lockdown, O.J. can come out. It's well known that he doesn't play well with others!

O.J. is allowed three to four hours of free time per day, which he has to enjoy alone. His cell is 7'x14' and consists of a bunk, toilet, sink and a small desk. Unfortunately, O.J.'s cell does have a window. Start tying the sheets together!

The Juice gets three square meals per day and has made only one request so far: his reading glasses. They were given to him this morning. He has thus far had five attorney visits and a short visit from one of the CCDC Religious Services Ministers, who gave him two pairs of reading glasses, a Bible, and a Purpose Driven Life book. A little late, no?

The LVMPD went on to say that O.J. has "been cooperative and he continues to follow facility rules and regulations." If only he did that when he wasn't behind bars!


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Desease control    

Dang yall whats this got to do with Brittney Spears?

2595 days ago


Hmmm.... prison. Maybe he can search there for the REAL killers of Ron and Nicole. I mean, after all, he said he would never stop looking, right? And there ARE killers in jails and prosons.... hey you don't suppose one of them...... nah.......

2595 days ago

Desease control    

Hey guess what im wearing...

only diamond earrings

2595 days ago


Enough with OJ! I supose for the next year and a half we'll still be hearing about this EVERYDAY! Give it a rest.

2595 days ago


That pad is laid out for him- he's probably so happy!!!!! Sweet!

2595 days ago

Desease control    

Whats up with Brittney?

2595 days ago

what a joke    

Why are they giving him special treatment? He should be out there within the prison population. Oh wait, that's right...he only beats women and children, the coward can't confront a real man unless he has a weapon.

2595 days ago

Desease control    

Diamonds are a gilrs best friend

2595 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

This puke is going to walk again. Law enforcement is afraid of him and he knows it. If he were to be convicted of anything, people would riot. They couldn't get him for murdering two people, so arresting him for armed robbery is just a waste of taxpayer money, when the whole world knows they're just going to let him go.

2595 days ago


Dang that prison cell is small like they say if you can't do the time don't do the crime in which OJ done did the crime so broth'a you gots to do the time.

2595 days ago

what a joke    

Too bad there's not a mirror in his cell, then he would finally find the real killer.

2595 days ago


I feel so sorry for Oj and his kids.

2595 days ago

death on a cracker    

Sad that many MANY African Americans STILL to this day believe he is innocent of EVERYTHING!!!! Even though they have tape of him in the room ordering everyone around... they STILL believe it’s because he’s Black... that’s sad.
Michael Vick was "brought up" in an environment where it’s "ok" to do that... i just don’t get it! Why protect criminals? This isn’t about race but you can’t tell Many African Americans that (and I didn’t say ALL either!)

2595 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Doesn't he get any shelves to display his collectibles?

2595 days ago


Please Harvey, we know you hate OJ and we do too...but enough is enough already!!!!

2595 days ago
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