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Judge to Goldmans: O.J.'s Rolex Is Yours!

9/18/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonIt's about time! A judge just ruled on the side of Fred Goldman, agreeing that that he is entitled to O.J. Simpson's Rolex. Bling, bling!

The judge also ruled that Goldman's request for the items seized in Las Vegas must be requested individually and he will rule accordingly in a hearing set for next Tuesday -- possibly sooner.

Attorneys for Goldman can go to Las Vegas and receive the watch, get an appraisal, and the judge will hear findings on October 16.

Simpson's attorney can also look at the watch and have an independent appraisal.


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OJ has eluded the system and moved to Florida in order not to pay the Goldman's their settlement. They are entitled to everything they can get of OJ's until the settlement amount is reached.

I too feel sorry for his kids. Imagine being raised by the person who everyone thinks slaughtered your mother? They probably have Stockholm syndrome; the man's psycho.

2558 days ago

Mad as Hell    

Perseverance always pays off. It's just a pity that Fred's tireless efforts can't bring back his son (or Nicole).

While many of us feel joy for the events that are currently unfolding -- and hope that justice will finally be served to their killer -- we must also remember the sense of loss that will never diminish for the parents, siblings, and children of two innocent people.

2558 days ago


fred needs to get a life the bastard, nothing will bring darling nikki back

2558 days ago


Gimme, gimme, gimme more!

2558 days ago


I Wonder if its COLD in JAIL, will OJ's butt get COoOoLd when he sits on that HARD METAL toilet? I hope they're toilet paper is 1 ply and sandpaper-ish.... Too bad he's not allowed out with the other inmates... someone should give him a swirlee!!

Shock the Juice!! Hope he rots in that cell.

2558 days ago


This just in...OJ reluctantly gave up his Rolex...but said there's no effin' way they're taking my LIVESTRONG bracelet.

2558 days ago


White America just can't seem to get over O.J. It's such a pitty that so many people claim to "know he's guilty of the murders, but have no clue. Again, another current example of how White America is "appalled" at this, but oh-so-conveniently forget how justice has never been fair to its citizens of color. From O.J's most recent experience, yet again, White America salivates at the opportunity to "get back" at him from his previous acquittal. Shame on you White America! Grow up and look at history!

2558 days ago


At some point, the Goldman's will have to let this go. They arent' doing themselves any good.

2558 days ago


Ok, I am going to get greif for saying this. The man was found Not Gulity, we all know otherwise. It still amazes me that he can lose a civil case after he is not gulity in criminal case. The first bit of evidence his lawyers can use is that he is NOT GULITY. You can talk about right and wrong all you want, but that just does not make sense.

2558 days ago


Fred Goldman is anything but a gold digger. He lost a son at this man's hands. He won a settlement for $33.5 million. He has a right to that watch and everything else. He doesn't need the money. It's principal - and I hope he does get his underwear. Send OJ to Arizona to Sherrif Joe or whatever his name is. Let's see how OJ looks in PINK.

2558 days ago


Dear Paid Blogger-Whores:

You're spinning your pathetic wheels here.

Your boy's in the hands of the LAS VEGAS P.D. now.

The judge is already making plain what Vegas thinks of the 'Navy Seal.'

Any more jewelry?


2558 days ago


Isn't it "TIME" to move on? Let your son finally rest in peace.
NOTHING is going to bring him back... LET IT GO!

2558 days ago


If anybody forgets what this bastard did, just google Ron and Nicoles crime scene pictures. He butchered them. I cringe this sub-human is still walking around. Mob scene mentality? You bet your a**!!

2558 days ago


We live in this country called the United Sates, where you are innocent until proven guilty...OJ was acquitted by a jury. How long will her have to pay for a crime we "think" he may have committed

2558 days ago



O.J.'s name is on property of a ski resort in Nevada.

To Goldman's Attorney: Log onto LexisNexis. O.J.'s old attorney Shapiro's MOTHER is on the deed, and O.J.'s name is buried on the list of other "owners". LOOK INTO IT! Westlaw won't pull it up!!

I used to work for LexisNexis for 9 years!... LOOK IT UP! IT'S THERE!!

2558 days ago
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