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O.J. Hotel Confrontation - End of the Uncensored Tape

9/18/2007 7:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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eric martin    

total set up bunk --- oj sucks but he's innocent of this

2593 days ago


S E T U P ..but what goes around comes around ehh

2593 days ago


O.J. Simpson is an idiot. He is also a criminal... O.J. Simpson is going to have to "pay-the-piper" sometime...

2593 days ago


this is insane,i hate it for o.j. he'll never get a fair trial. every court system in the country wants to see him hung, now they will get their wish because he failed to live without any regrets of his past.

2593 days ago


How could OJ expect to impersonate a po;iceman to memorabilia collectors and expect to get away with it? Of course he could not. Obviously these men would spot OJ a mile off. Its all bunkum and a setup. Whatever else OJ is guilty of he is not guilty of impersonating a policeman and, by extension, all the other rubbish.

2593 days ago


Looks like O.J. is in the can slam

2593 days ago

Kim CR    

KARMA!!!!! Clearly OJ wa setup..... but he knows his name is easy to call and that the media is always behind his ass.. why didn't he save his ganster attitude to stay out of trouble... anyway if he is inicent he should stay in jail because he got away with MURDER before!!!!!!! Everybody knows he did MURDER THEM!! Its a shame that justice is not really was it's suppose to be..... O.J too bad so sad honey!!!!

2593 days ago


he did it..he is just as quilty now as he was with the murder of his wife... i hope he burns in hell AFTER general population has their way with him. he is a criminal and deserves everything that comes to him

2593 days ago

A and J    

Now I don't know if O.J. was actually there or not. However, I do have one word to describe the situation he is in......KARMA!! What goes around comes around. Eventually everything you do wrong in your life finds it's way back to you!!

2593 days ago


He said: "We were just robbed at gunpoint by O.J. Simpson". That pretty well sums up the event. Did O.J. hold a gun? The law states the hand of one is is hand of all. Duh. O.J. committed a crime. Will he get away with it just because he's Black and famous? Don't we already know that answer.

2593 days ago

kent smith    

Sounds like he was in charge, he sure sounds like he wanted to do this. So he was setup to go there, he does'nt have the right to use a gun to retrieve the items, there are laws to address issues of who owns what and that is what a cival person would do.
There is no excuse for this, setup or not!

2593 days ago


The first 3 posters are retards.

Not only is OJ guilty but he was the ringleader. NO ONE said that HE was the one pretending to be a cop.

You're finally going to get whats coming to you, MURDERER.

2593 days ago


oj i wish one day the littele bitch will pay for killing his wife i no he did it and now robberry give him the chair and i hope thay take good care of him in the cell

2593 days ago


OJ was innocent before (and proven so by a jury) and he is innocent of this junk. Yes, he was there and yes, he was "getting his stuff back", but he was not breaking the law. Oh, and by the way, I am white!

2593 days ago


You mindless idiot, OJ admitted to this, the only argument he has is the stolen items belonged to him.
I'm (going out on a limb) guessing your black?

2593 days ago
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