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O.J.'s Attorney: How I Would Have Gotten His Money

9/18/2007 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ronald P. Slates, attorney for O.J. Simpson, sounded elated coming out of court today -- even offering up a little advice to David Cook -- the lawyer for the Goldmans!

Slates was excited that the judge turned down Cook's broad-based motion, requiring the Goldmans to file motions for items individually, not to make blanket requests. He then began to talk about how he would have gone after O.J.'s money if he were on the other side of things.

"I think Mr. Cook is an aggressive lawyer who sometimes does overkill," Slates told TMZ. "They should have done their homework."

Maybe "overkill" was a bad choice of words.


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I am on the fence about the Goldmans. I am not sure if they are just going to be a nuisance to O.J for the rest of all there lives just for the hurt he caused the Goldmans or are really after money. They do use the money to help other people. I can see that Fred seems very emotional while on tv. They were never able to get over it, he and his daughter. They were very close as it was only the 3 of them. One cannot imagine the pain they have endured. perhpaps this is there only way of feeling there is justice. Difficult to say.

2570 days ago


Justice for OJ.

2570 days ago

Upwith Pippin    

I don't think the Goldmans are in it so much for the money, as they just want to always be in OJ's face, never let up, never let him think for a second that anything he does, says, owns, or steals in his lifetime won't be followed every step of the way. I think they want to be a gnat in his face for the rest of his pathetic life. The Browns are going about their business, healing in the way they know how. The Goldman family is in severe pain and this is their way of dealing with it - by being right in his back pocket every minute of every day of his miserable life. I hope they never give up so that OJ never forgets.

2570 days ago


I'm glad that the Goldman's lost this round. It's understandable they want justice, but there son is dead, period. It's time to move on. Life will take care of OJ. Right now the Goldman's look like a bunch of vengeful vultures (Fred hadn't even spoken to his son for years and since the trial has been playing the grieving role). You don't see the Brown's doing what the Goldman's are doing. All the money is not going to bring back their son, so let it go. For America to keep ragging on about what happened in 94 is old, they act like it personally happened to them. Personally, I used to be on OJ side... now I think he did it and why? Cause he couldn't keep his big mouth shut and keep a low profie. If he did what the media is portraying, then he deserves jail time on the 2007 crime and not what happened 10 years ago. After all he was acquitted by a fair trial of his peers. The ones I pity are his 4 children, because they must endure all this hate.

2570 days ago


good point Lori, people get murder all the time! It hurts alot but come on they getting like 90% on the book thing which is just weird they would even want it publish. Rich people always think money is owe to them. thats whats sad

2570 days ago



2570 days ago

Ali Baba    

If Goldman had won then OJ would have to be set free since it';s impossible to steal things you own and the only way the court could award the items to Goldman would be if they declared OJ owned the items - hence no robbery could have existed since it's legally impossible to rob yourself....

2570 days ago


Plulease! The Goldman's want OJ's watch? Next they are going to look for any gold fillings. There is a reason why there name is "Goldman". No amount of money is going to take their pain away.

2570 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

So who will be freed first, Simpson or Phil Spector? You all know they're both going to walk, but which one walks first?

2570 days ago


OJ Simpson - Idiot
Fred Goldman - Idiot
OJ's lawyers - Idiots
Fred's Lawyers - Idiots
Anyone who actually gives a rats patootie - Idiot

If we all cared as much about something worthwhile like, getting drugs off our streets as we do this celbucrap, maybe the world would be a better place.

2570 days ago

sparkie martin    

Its a sad day for all..retreiving one's property..sometimes has grey areas..the method that was used to get back merchandise ..seemed to be the only method .available.especially considering that most of america ..has "jones" for the Juice..going through the proper channels ..with his reputation asking for help ..through the legal system ..may have gotten lost in the "Sauce" ..I hope a pray that it all goes away ..and some sort or remedy can be solved and agreed upon..but in heinsight..this one is going get a little rocky..and may god have mercy on their souls..

2570 days ago

Ali Baba    

Yep, and the government want's us to believe they can keep terrorists off our streets when they can't do a lick about keeping drugs from crossing the border. Yeah...Right! lol

If we all cared as much about something worthwhile like, getting drugs off our streets as we do this celbucrap, maybe the world would be a better place.)

2570 days ago


While I am by no means an OJ fan, I do have a problem with suing someone for something they were found NOT guilty of. I'm not saying he didn't do it, but if he was found NOT guilty because the prosecutor and the whole investigation was tainted, he is still innocent irregardless.

By what means did the Golddiggers base the amount of the lawsuit? The guy was a waiter, part-time model who by all accounts, would never make that much in his lifetime to justify such an astronomical amount.

To me that's double-jeopardy and outright greed on the families part.

2570 days ago


Go ahead and smirk, Mr. Lawyer. Your client is a double murderer and you are a douchebag for representing him. I'm sure the Goldman's won't mind asking for all O.J.'s booty ONE THING AT A TIME. Go Goldmans!

2570 days ago
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