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One of O.J.'s Alleged Victims Suffers Heart Attack

9/18/2007 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FromongOne of the memorabilia dealers who spoke to TMZ Friday about the alleged robbery incident involving O.J. Simpson in Vegas was hospitalized yesterday with chest pains.

The Associated Press reported Bruce Fromong was transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. CBS Radio reported Fromong's condition was much worse, and that his heart had stopped and had to be restarted.

Fromong is an alleged victim and a witness in the case.

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if this goes does pass away (heaven forbid), doesn't that mean they can try OJ and the others for murder

2557 days ago


I dont care if it WAS a set up. You dont go into a hotel room like a terrorist and demand that people get against the wall with guns blazing, telling them they cant leave, threatening people. OK so it was taped, so it could have been a set up, BIG EFFIN DEAL!!
He STILL did it. I would not have done that... set up or no set up. He is a walking EGO. He thinks he can get away with anything. He got away with worse before he thinks he can do it again. I hope they put him in jail and he gets passed around and traded for cigarettes by someone named BUBA.

2557 days ago


As if there isn't enough to report on, OJ shows up, doing his best to get away with his current activity. I also noticed the handcuffs. How can he put his arms to the side (while going down stairs) and then put them behind his back and still show the handcuffs?
If the only thing he wanted was his stuff back, why all the drama?
Had he tried "talking" to the people who had the things he wanted?
Things are going to get stranger before this all blows over.

2557 days ago


Seriously though... It amazes me how such HORRIBLE people can live their lives in such a horrific manner, then at the first sign of a problem they reach for a bible. I guess everyone needs to believe that SOMEONE is in their corner, however I doubt OJ has a relationship with any HIGHER power, since he clearly thinks HE IS the higher power. He was given the ultimate GOLDEN > Get out of jail free pass the first time. He should have stopped while he was ahead. DNA EVIDENCE in 2007 is not what it was when he killed Nicole. This man should surely thank his lucky stars for Furman. It was Furmans actions that tainted the jury and alllowed him to walk away a free man. Every one of us deals with racism on a daily basis, If I get fired can I blame my boss, since he is racist biggot ??

2557 days ago


For Marco, #11 -

He is handcuffed. They used two sets of cuffs, hooked to each other because OJ has arthritis and cannot comfortably get his hands all the way back using just one set. They do that for heavy people too, or very heavily muscled people. The second set of cuffs is what you are seeing.

But you are right about him moving his hands/arms. My take is that he was trying to be cool, maybe he thought we would all think he was casually walking with his hand in his pocket, uncuffed, but then the guard took him by the other arm and he had to move his arms back behind himself. Like we could be fooled with an attitude of nonchalance - he's pretty stupid if you ask me.

2557 days ago

Michael Richards    

Yes...this guy is about to croak and O.J. will be charged

2557 days ago


#37 that has got to be the most ignorant thing I have ever read about the murders. There was absolutely no evidence to even support your ridiculous claim; however, there was more than enough evidence to point to the real killer. You know, the same guy OJ is looking for on the golf course? OJ's legal team was brillant and turned the trial into a race trial rather than a murder trial. The prosecution had DNA evidence but DNA was a new science and left the jurors confused and bored. OJ is free because he paid for a very good legal team three of which have met their fate.

2557 days ago


he should sue o.j. for causing this.i agree with #4 -you cant write this stuff.surreal.

2557 days ago

Rose Larsen    

Oh please hes a con artist. Hes learned how to ham it up for attention. Get a life and a real job dude. Im sorry but pushing stolen goods of OJ' s makes you no better.

2557 days ago


whites have been getting awy with murdering blacks for years thanks OJ for putting a twist on the game. FREE OJ

2557 days ago


Come on people ... THE GOLDMANS got the rights to the book. They had it published so they could make the cash off of it. You know >> My son is dead so lets perpetuate OJ's ignorance so we can get the cash we deserve ???? Im outdone.

2557 days ago


#44 Whites have been murdering whites, and blacks have been murdering blacks, and all things in between. FACT: Serial killers kill people of their own race, primarily. So since it hasn't helped, maybe murder isn't the answer. Or maybe you would like an all out race war.

2557 days ago


Yes-Marco you are correct they didn't even have him with the cuffs in place on one of the tapes it shows him holding on to the rail while he is going down the steps.He will get nothing on this.The two to three day holding him will be the extent of this mess.

2557 days ago


To #11.............He is double handcuffed, they confirmed this yesterday. When you see him attempting to put his hand in his pocket, his other arm is stretched completely around his back. He is trying to act like he is NOT handcuffed, but when he thinks he is out of the camera's eye, he puts his hands back behind his back.

I GUARANTEE if he was NOT handcuffed, he would have had his hands WAY up in the air to prove his point.

2557 days ago


I wish you would stop wasting all of this spacwe on OJ. He is such a wasted and hopefully will finally get what he deserves!!!

2557 days ago
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