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Ro to O: No, No, No

9/18/2007 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell gave Oprah Winfrey the big fat brush-off when the talk queen invited Ro to be on her show -- and is dissing her in favor of Diane Sawyer.

Page Six reports that Oprah asked Rosie to talk about her new memoir "Celebrity Detox," in which she slams Baba Wawa, Lord Combover Trump and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and talks about her troubled past. But she already promised Diane Sawyer a sit-down, and told the biggest mover of books in the world, 'no thanks.'

Says Rosie's rep, "I'm sure Rosie will do Oprah's show another time."

Juice Gets Corn Flakes and Mystery Meat in Clink

One night on 600-count cotton, next night on splintery hardwood -- such is the "plight" of O.J. Simpson, who spent his second night at the Clark County Detention Center on Monday.

"It's friggin' cold, first off. The [beds] are horrible," says an ex-inmate to the New York Post. O.J. is confined to a 7x14-foot cell, and is in solitary right now, with only four hours a day outside his cell. He also asked guards for his reading glasses and a Bible.

Meanwhile, his sister and his girlfriend arrived last night to visit him. He's due in court tomorrow morning for a bail hearing.

Party Favors: Mary-Louise Parker Gets Jolie with African Baby ... Michael Chiklis Loves His Booty ... Very Very Small Films Screen at Treo Festival

"Weeds" matriarch Mary-Louise Parker has adopted a baby girl from Africa, say her reps to People, though no word on name or age. The little one joins Parker's 3-year-old son, Will. ... "Shield" star Michael Chiklis was spotted by a TMZ spy snapping up Pirate's Booty snacks at Trader Joe's in Studio City, and an Orangina with which to wash it down. ... Palm, Inc. and MobiTV want filmmakers to submit 60-second films for the very-very small screen -- your Treo, namely -- and are putting on a month-long Comedy Film Festival on the MobiTV service. "The festival is kind of like the Oscars for the time-deprived," said John Henson.


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Oprah was a victim of sexual abuse

Rosie hints at something similar when she talks about the cast being a good weapon in the middle of the night

by not explaining further in her what that comment meant-she leaves it open to interpretation

maybe she knows that Oprah will ask for clarification on that

and if she isn't prepared to clarify it and be honest and open then she shouldn't have made mention of it in her book

2594 days ago


to#31 you need to go on Jerry Springer too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can help out your friend Rosie. Your the ones that suck!lol

2594 days ago


#3 I agree 100% !! I just don't get the American fascination with Oprah.

2594 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Rosie is so pathetic, always being vindictive and mean. Barbara Walters brought her out of obcurity and even defended the witch, saying she wasn't fired. Ha! So, she writes a book (old dumb Rosie probably had a ghost writer) and bashes her. Rosie started the fight with Donald Trump. His children have grown up very smart and successful. Wonder what Rosie's kids will be like with a mentally ill mother who admits she swears at them all the time. Britney is probably a better mom than nasty Rosie. You may bash Britney, but she has never talked bad about anyone else. That's all nutty Rosie does. Rosie is dimwitted.

2594 days ago


Why are so many of you getting all lathered up about adopting African children??? We are ALL members of the Family of Man. Are only American children worthy of love and security? In the worst areas of America, it is better than much of Africa. Stop deciding for others what is a deeply personal, life changing decision. If you feel so strongly that American children need adopting, YOU do it! Other wise, shut your pie hole, you big hypocites! What are YOU doing to make the world a better place?

2594 days ago


#3-fairy winkle, it sounds to me that you are just another jealous hater. What have you done for humanity, other than spew biotry and hatred? People like you, whose lives are consumed with hatred, envy and evil, should seek refuge thru prayer. i think Oprah is a wonderful person and undeserving of your lunatic evaluation.

2594 days ago


Ro sucks or shall I say munches! I wish her stomach would rupture already.

2594 days ago


I am not a big Oparah fan as she has boasted about her money too much over the years and she is also an Obama supporter . . . anyway, I dislike Rosie's even more. Rosie should have gone on Oparah's show just for the fact that she once held the same job as O and it would have been a smart move on her part, show a little grace. Instead her mental instability gets the best of her again. What really frightens me is all the star struck people out there who hang on every word and belief of these moron celebs. Wake up America and educate yourselves, study and learn all aspects and history of our nation's issues. Don't just jump on the band wagon of these outspoken, misguided loons who spout such nonsense. Use common sense when thinking rather than your bleeding hearts!

2594 days ago

Tangie's none of your business what others post. This is a comment blog. People have the right to say what they want. You remind me of these idiots who have to censor everyone.

2594 days ago


The mere sound of Rosies voice or Oprah voice makes my skin crawl. My iedeal fantasy....Kirstie Alley, Rosie, Oprah, Mr and Mrs Cruise, OJ, Barry Manilow, Joan Rivers, Rachael Ray all hop on John Travolta's plane and get lost never to be found again!!! Oh a girl can dream!!

2594 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

In no way am I calling question to Diane Sawyer's journalistic integrity. For all I know, she could call Rosie out with ethical questions regarding her handling of her beneficial relationship with Barbara. I simply think choosing Diane and not Oprah is an interesting and curious choice. Diane is more of a news journalist, and Rosie stuff is really not news. Rosie stuff is more entertainment/human interest, and that's why I picture her on Oprah instead.

2594 days ago


GEEZUSUS!!!! Rosie is sooo full of it (crap that is)

2594 days ago


Has anybody notice that OPRAH's audiance are all white "woman"?? Hummm....

2594 days ago


OJ asked for a Bible? the world must really be coming to an end! Zowie! Yet another convert convict for Christ - all in jail. How inspiring........NOT!!!

2594 days ago


would he also,like a cup of tea too?Or,how bout a V-8!

2594 days ago
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