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'Sex' Back,

Cattiness Too?

9/18/2007 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The quirky yentas of "Sex and the City" were out together last night -- but one of 'em didn't look too happy about it.

TMZ spotted Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis (sorry, no Miranda in sight) at Butter in New York. A sour-faced Cattrall left the restaurant moments after SJP arrived, rushing to hail a cab and get the heck outta there as fast as possible. Well!

Though Kim clearly wasn't in good spirits, Kristin Davis was thrilled to start shooting the movie version of the show -- exiting Butter as chipper as her on screen alter-ego, Charlotte York.


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I just do not understand the petty cruelty demonstrated by so many of the people who post here, including the writers and photographers of TMZ itself. NO ONE has the right to judge these people on anything, espcecially their looks. It's just cruel and unfair. Are all of you stunningly beautiful? Not on the inside, it seems. I agree with poster Jakie. Everyone ages...and these women are all beautiful. They have to put up with a LOT of invasion into their own privacy and it cannot be pleasant to have a camera in your face all the time.

People, please...just grow up and look at yourself in the mirror sometime.

2529 days ago


Kristin Davis is the only one I want to see. The others chicks are dawgs.

2592 days ago


lol Kim is funny

2592 days ago


Kim Cattral, I thought that was a picture of Lauren Baccall.

2592 days ago


If Kim doesn't like Sarah Jessica Parker, why does she want to do the movie? Does she need the money? Does she feel the movie would be incomplete without her? What's the deal? I think that whatever it is she just be let go, otherwise, her frown lines will ruin her role. ICK!!

2592 days ago


I can't wait for the Sex and the City movie!!! Who cares if the actresses don't get along in real life? It's a job; you don't have to love all your co-workers.

2592 days ago


Ewww...who wants to see a movie about the Golden Girls!?!?!?

2592 days ago


i remember hearing about those 2 not getting along, but does anyone know the history behind the sour grapes?

regardless, they waited a few years too long to make this movie. i'll still see it, though.

2592 days ago


Isn't Kim like 60 ?

I remember her from bad Canadian B-movies made waaaaaay back in the day, and run on late night cable stations.....

2592 days ago


Is the movie going to be called 'Menopause in the City'????

Can you imagine how DRY these old bags, and how much lube

2592 days ago


okay, Lar, women are not dried up old bags once they get beyond 50 and menopause. Believe it or not, some men love their women and make love to them because age is immaterial. I'd like to know where you get your information because it's misguided. Sex after 50 can be better because there is relatively no risk of pregnancy, no need for birth control. Regardless, I'd like to know what has happened to men in this country. You don't value women beyond a certain age, you treat them like they are chattel, you have no respect for the female sex. If you're a women, then I feel sorry for you. Your notions about aging will catch up with you. You too shall get old, wrinkled and gray. You too shall age and have to deal with all of your agism. Don't judge lest thee be judged.

As for the subject of the question, I believe the rift is petty jealousy. SJP was paid more than the other girls, as well she should have been. She had the credits and was the show's central character. The movie did not go before because Kim refused to learn less than SJP. Perhaps Kim has reconsidered now that he film/tv career hasn't paid off the way she'd anticipated. It's amazing what people will do when they need a paycheck.

2592 days ago


I had to laugh when I saw the end of the clip with SJP walking away - wearing Manolos?

2592 days ago

so sad    

come on guys! i kinda feel bad for her! i love all the girls but kim is the one stripping down to nothing and she doesnt get much credit for doing those scenes. i know i could never do it. it was rumored that she wanted an equal salary to sjp and she didnt get it. i would be a little upset too. look at it the whole picture guys!

2592 days ago

Ardelia Johnson    

Kim is beautiful.
Sarah is a bulimic whore. She is ugly.

2592 days ago

Ardelia Johnson    

We love you Kim!

Sarah is a nobody with her skinny butt trying to walk in high heels. Sarah is just plain old ugly and stupid. The only reason she got those movie parts were becuase she was young. But nothing can touch grace, wisdom, maturity and elegance, which cleary Kim has.

Sarah Jessica Parker is too skinny and ugly.

2592 days ago
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