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Britney: Screw "The Man," I'm Ready to Rage!

9/19/2007 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after a judge warned the Britster about her problem with drug and alcohol abuse, Spears reacted like any irrepressible gal would -- and got her party on!

TMZ caught the unstoppable mother of two at both Winston's and Hyde last night, where the popwreck was engulfed by paparazzi hoping to get a shot of the hot mess. She was all smiles when she left the first club, but quickly put on her sad face when paps started fighting outside her car.

Her party train then moved to Hyde, where the usually dead club saw a resurgence of paparazzi attention, thanks to Brit Brit. She was again swarmed on her way out, as photogs tried to ask about her kids.

Sources tell TMZ that in an effort to ditch the paps, Brit pulled into a "safe zone" at the Beverly Hills Police Department, which activates a light and a camera. She stopped there for awhile until they left her alone. How clever!


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What is your problem? You have talent, looks and not to mention more money than most of us. Don't waste anymore time! I really think she still loves Kevin and is totally a mess because of this breakup. Not many people like her and I don't think her mom is really helping out so who does she have? She needs some real friends!

2556 days ago

dental professional    

Why isnt anyone trying to help her? Its so sad to see someone clearly in need of some love and support crying out for help and everyone exploits it instead of really being there to help her. I hope she has one real friend who can smack some sense in her before she self destructs and kills herself.

2556 days ago

Kitty Angel    

I totally agree #9. You would think there would be ONE person out there who loves Britney for who she is and not as a dollar sign .... someone that would just tell her enough is enough and help her straighten herself out. Guess money can't buy everything.

2556 days ago

tmz shut UP already!!    

wait, forget all the situation for a sec. did you SEE her face when the pap said 'my toe!'. her eyes did this strange thing and her mouth curled up. its almost as if her state of mind is one of a 2year old. i'm not even trying to insult her. seriously, she definatley has mental issues. The drugs are enhancing it. She is not 'there' at all. I doubt she even realises what is happening around her. I'm scared for her. I didn't know she was this ill until i saw the footage.

2556 days ago

She hits her 1 & 2 year old!    

Why doesn't anyone care that she hits her BABIES???!!! Those kids are way too young to be even lightly spanked! WTF? Its clear she is the one hitting them too b/c she has been ordered to have more parenting classes then her ex-husband.

2556 days ago

name withheld    

where is it said that she hits the babies?

2556 days ago


Wow those papparrazi people are vicious - there should be a law against them getting so close

2556 days ago

know it all    

Nine years ago, after I left my EX-HUSBAND. He immediately began SUING ME FOR CUSTODYof my then 4 yr old daughter, and tried to make MY DRINKING in my marriage AN ISSUE.
So, I immediately STOPPED DRINKING and eventually was AWARDED SOLE CUSTODY of my little girl.
He put us through a long and painful process, on and off for almost 3 years. My legal expenses ran about $25,000.
When she was seven he moved out of the state, and we have lived happily ever after.
I have not had a drink in 9 years.
Britney could have a happy ending. She just needs to want it bad enough.

2556 days ago


You just know that she is going to have a dirty, there is no way she is going to stop using drugs...

2556 days ago


A friend of Britney's said she only goes out when the kids are with K-fed. But of course tmz will not tell you that. Unlike Lindsay Lohan there has never been a picture of Britney being carried out of a club. Millions of single mother's go out to clubs, its just that they dont have a greedy ex husband trying to find ways to get more money. Everytime they show pictures of her with her kids she looks fine. Her kids are always clean and neat. Britney has been through a lot this past year she just needs to slow down and choose better freinds.

2556 days ago


was she drinking???

2556 days ago

80's Gal    

Did anyone else sure looks to me like she never uses a seatbelt.

2556 days ago



2556 days ago

death on a cracker    

yeah those camera flashes alone would throw me into a HULK SMASH mode. all these Paparazzi are nothing but filthy whores. they have no conscience and no morals. i don't know why anyone would want to live like this knowing everytime they sneeze there is a filthy group of creatures waiting to capture their souls.

2556 days ago


that stupid thing will never learn will one can tell her anything! That's why she has no one in her family around, she does not want them telling her what to do! She's pretty pathetic,....and narcissistic....what an idiot.

2556 days ago
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