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Britney: Screw "The Man," I'm Ready to Rage!

9/19/2007 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after a judge warned the Britster about her problem with drug and alcohol abuse, Spears reacted like any irrepressible gal would -- and got her party on!

TMZ caught the unstoppable mother of two at both Winston's and Hyde last night, where the popwreck was engulfed by paparazzi hoping to get a shot of the hot mess. She was all smiles when she left the first club, but quickly put on her sad face when paps started fighting outside her car.

Her party train then moved to Hyde, where the usually dead club saw a resurgence of paparazzi attention, thanks to Brit Brit. She was again swarmed on her way out, as photogs tried to ask about her kids.

Sources tell TMZ that in an effort to ditch the paps, Brit pulled into a "safe zone" at the Beverly Hills Police Department, which activates a light and a camera. She stopped there for awhile until they left her alone. How clever!


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What was she thinking. Doesn't she want her kids. Crazy. If it was me I would of been home with my kids, but hey that's me not her.

2589 days ago


The government telling people if they can party or not? WTF is this, Iran? Surprised the judge didn't tell her to wear a burka!

2589 days ago


Okay, as sad as this is, I bet there will be post after post defending Britney. What more do you people need to see she is a pathetic excuse of a mother??? No matter what happens, those kids are screwed. Sad Sad Sad.

2589 days ago


Good God Almighty - I wouldnt leave my house if I had to go thru that just to get in and out of a car. Could the clubs be that good??

2589 days ago


She's one dumb bitch thats for sure. When you are confronted with the choice of keeping the kids or losing them to the party life, its obvious what she wants. Sara Silverman was dead on with her comment about the 2 best mistakes. Now some responsible adult(s) need to step up to the plate and raise the kids away from the insanity that they will forever know as their life with these two patron saints of moronicaville. Way to go Brit you complete washed up loser.

2589 days ago


9. Why won't her family and "friends" do an intervention? Why won't they help her? I don't get it.

Posted at 9:06AM on Sep 19th 2007 by Dottie
An intervention by family and friends does not work unless the addicted person WANTS help and wants to get better. Obviously Britney prefers the wild life. Her kids, friends, family and business associates have given up on her. All her manager's and lawyers have either quit or been fired by her. She is a trainwreck and headed for the same conclusion as Anna Nicole Smith. Her children are the ones who will suffer because of their selfish, self indulgent and stupid mother.

2589 days ago

know it all    

Was that A REAL FUR COAT !?!?!

Someone needs to THROW PAINT ON HER !!!

2589 days ago


I feel so sorry for Britney. I know that most of her problems are a result of her not getting the help she needs, but you can't help but see how alone she is. She has pushed away all who love her, what a sad place to be in when you are at your lowest. One can only hope that this is her rock bottom and that this will force her to look at herself in a very real way and know that she needs to seek immediate help. I'm glad that the judge ordered mandatory drug testing, although I think it should have been mandatory for both parents. It is good to hear Britney's parenting skills will be monitored each week, but again I don't know why this wasn't the case for both parents. I also like, knowing that both of them have to abstain from alcohol for 12 hours prior to visitation with the children, although I don't know when Mr. Federline isn't being tested how they will be able to tell if he truly has. Lastly, it was wise of the judge to make them both attend a parenting class. In my opinion neither Britney nor Kevin is unselfish and mature enough to be a parent at this point in their lives, but it's too late for that, the children are already here. I don't like to see anyone's children taken away from them before they have been given sufficient chances by the court to change however. Breaking up a family is the easy answer, fixing the problems with in it, although much more difficult, is better for all concerned in most cases. I just hope that both Britney and Kevin can make huge changes in their lifestyles and put their children first from this point on, their children deserve it, and they owe it to them.

2589 days ago


27. "19. Britney, what the hell is wrong with you? For God's sake - get a hold of your life and "do something" about your lifestyle! Do you need to have all that paparazzi attention every single flipping day of your flipped-up life? You need help! You better listen to the Judge and get detoxed. I feel sorry for your boys. Such a shame. You need to find a place where you can start your life over, staying out of the limelight, and putting all your efforts into raising your 2 boys."

waste of typing.

Posted at 9:19AM on Sep 19th 2007 by death on a cracker

LOL! The funniest post this morning. :)

2589 days ago


Does Brittany have a Howard K. Stern in her life???

2589 days ago

Matty P!    

i don't at all condone all the crazy nonsense britney has gone about doing since she split with kevin federline, nor do i think either have been the best example of a parent.

that said, everything that these awful gossip "journalism" sites put out is horrible! any one person would eventually break down if their personal space was almost always invaded by people who want a piece of them.

i'm totally disgusted by this crap, and will never read it again. there are so many more important problems in the world.

2589 days ago


I feel sorry for my co-workers, I had mexican last night and just let one slip in the office.
You should see everyone's faces. I'm just truckin on like nothing happened!!
Oh, is it awful!!
Beans and Beer Rock!

2589 days ago

death on a cracker    

this stuff happens around the world 24/7 with millions of parents! why is it so shocking that it happened to Britney?

hollywood is burning to the ground.

2589 days ago


guess she's not really worried they'll start the twice a week 'pop' drug tests immediately--bet she doesn't pass even the first week! i know the test results are sealed by the courts, but guess tmz can get them with $$$$.

she is just worthless!

2589 days ago


yea and she's like all other celebs...believe's she's above the law even when it comes to her kids! she prob don't think she'll lose them just like every other drunkin celebs that get behind the wheel of a car and only get a slap on the wrist even when they kill someone....

2589 days ago
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