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Britney: Screw "The Man," I'm Ready to Rage!

9/19/2007 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after a judge warned the Britster about her problem with drug and alcohol abuse, Spears reacted like any irrepressible gal would -- and got her party on!

TMZ caught the unstoppable mother of two at both Winston's and Hyde last night, where the popwreck was engulfed by paparazzi hoping to get a shot of the hot mess. She was all smiles when she left the first club, but quickly put on her sad face when paps started fighting outside her car.

Her party train then moved to Hyde, where the usually dead club saw a resurgence of paparazzi attention, thanks to Brit Brit. She was again swarmed on her way out, as photogs tried to ask about her kids.

Sources tell TMZ that in an effort to ditch the paps, Brit pulled into a "safe zone" at the Beverly Hills Police Department, which activates a light and a camera. She stopped there for awhile until they left her alone. How clever!


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know it all    

#41 Jacqueline:
So many have tried to help her, but she won't listen to them, and she does what she wants. That's why lawyers and managers keep quitting her.

2561 days ago


what is with the fur coat in LA? & again dressed Soooo tacky even same hair extentions,

how does she always look so dirty & needing a bath?

slap in face to judge, can't she party at home if she goes to clubs it to be seen, so drop the cover face actkids better off with the nanny

2561 days ago


I feel for the judge who has to decided between these two.

2561 days ago


Geez, the SPCA has taken dogs away for less. When is the courts going to do something about this worthless piece of crap.

2561 days ago


Yes the Papparazi are bad, but does Britney have to put herself in that situation ? she craves the attention, because without them her life would be boring as crap.

2561 days ago


Dammm... I just wish the Pappazzi would leave the poor girl alone.... Don't they realize this girl is "sick" with possible drug and mental issues... They are just adding to her woes. There ought to be law against them chasing her everywhere she goes. God forbid she would be pushed "over the hill" so to speak!! What she is doing is wrong - yes, but let her get the proper help she needs. It is just pathetic that they have nothing better to do than to try and sell pics of a distressed young woman who could actually lose her children if she doesn't get it together!! If you pappas. have any decency at all go find another person to hound and let this woman heal herself. There are two darling children whose lives hang in the balance here.- I guess they don't have brains enough to thing about that!! Leave her alone and stop adding to her stress!! If it was their daughter, wife etc. would they be so anxious to see her chased down like a dog... Look what happened to Lady Diana!! Did the pappas not learn anything from that!

Yes, Brit needs to get act together, but the pappas need to give her a break for god sake!!

2561 days ago


A big defiant kid is what Britney is. What is she trying to prove and to whom? She is only hurting herself.

2561 days ago


Um not only did she have the worst extension job done on her head, but where is Brits Mom! She could certainly help out here! She needs to take the damn kids to her friggin Spears Mansion down there and get them out of the lime light- throw Brits ass in a full security lock down rehab. F- her new album, delay its release, all this bad publicity sure won't help sell albums.

2561 days ago

Team K-Fed    

All she knows is what it's like to be in the spotlight. Since she can't do anything anymore, all she can do is be a "bad girl" to get attention. She doesn't know what to do without it. I think more people would have respect for her if she just took her two boys back to wherever she's from and raised them, then make a comeback. She's a mess because she told the world look at me I found my soulmate and that blew up in her face. She needs help...

2561 days ago


So TMZ is paying her parking fees now? WELL, heck! Party on Twit!!!! The Twit is more stubborn than a donkey, and much less talented and intelligent than a donkey.

2561 days ago


Thank goodness someone is finally doing some intervention with Britney and Kevin--LA Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon has ordered drug and alcohol testing 2 times a week for Britney and not to consume alcohol or non-prescription controlled substances 12 hours prior to seeing the children. Judge also ordered Federline to obstain from drugs or alcohol while seeing the children. I hope they both take some parenting classes and get their acts together for the sake of the toddler boys---THEY NEED TO GROW UP AND BE ADULT PARENTS.

2561 days ago


I had no idea that going out was federal offense. Does anybody know if she was drinking? Did anyone see her drink? Yes, you can go out and not drink....I'm one of those people who does that. I wish she would have picked somewhere more appropiate than a club to go out to...... like a nice resturant but perhaps she would have gotten slammed for doing that also. You can't expect the girl to hybernate in her house 24/7. She does have a life! If I'm not mistaken she hasn't really done much at all since the VMA's unless you count the crazy photagraphers invading her privacy in her backyard. I will say this Britney does needs let go of this REBELLION or it COULD cost her more than she ever realized.

2561 days ago


just so ya know, every post on TMZ earns AOL $0.80 and the Goldman(golddigger) family $0.20!

2561 days ago

pay atention    

This is crazy!! BRITNEY IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR BABIES YOU BETTER GET IT TOGETHER!! Someone in her family (mom would be good) needs to step in and tell her I am helping you whether you like it or not and if needed have her hospitalized and evaluated. Something is terribly wrong and it is a shame for her family to sit back and let her continue on this destructive path! She is going to end up dead if someone doesn't do something!! Is there not other celeb.'s out there somewhere that has the means of reaching out to her and offering to help her?? If I knew of a way to reach out to her I would do it in a minute!! She needs someone who says you can't fire me or runaway because I am here and I'm not going anywhere!!!! She is going to be the next Anna Nicole if something isn't done. So whoever you are that can help her you better do it before it's too late!!!! K-Fed she is the mother of your children!!! I don't care how much the two of you are at each others throats you owe it to your boys to do something to help their mother!!!! Someone please think of these boys and Britney and get her the help she desperatly needs!!!!!!!! Before it is too late!!!!!!!!

2561 days ago


PETA alert: Broken puppy paws, and fur coats too? GO GET HER!

2561 days ago
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