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Britney's Cold Shoulder Ice Cream Weave

9/19/2007 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was Britney-mania yesterday, and this final clip of the popwreck shows her doing some shopping at a liquor store ... for ice cream.

After getting some new glasses -- Hey, y'all, do these spex make me look smartered up? -- Spears brought her bird's nest mess of hair and a friend to pick up a cold treat.

The paps entered the store to film Ms. Spears, with Britney letting out a whine as she tried to weave past them on her way out the door.


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tuna marie    

this woman is so screwed. she will be dead in a few months if someone doesn't step in.

2598 days ago


hell she looks like she is high now!!!!!!!!!

2598 days ago


Poor girl....its sad.

2598 days ago


WOW. Words excape me. Does she ever stay home with her kids? They probable call the nanny mommy. I wished she'd grow up already. There's too much of her in the press. I had my 1st child at 17, finished high school and went to college. Now at 30 I'm happily married with 5 and have no nanny or manny and they all make great grades and are social butterflies. Let me teach her parenting class. She will DEFINATLY learn a few things.

2598 days ago


I didn't know that you had to be glammed up to get an ice cream nowadays. I bet the paparazzi and TMZ would follow her into a bathroom stall just to get a report on her feces.

We all know that she's nuts but too much coverage = boring.

2598 days ago


She'll have to start sending someone else to buy her
liquor. Ice cream at a liquor store???????????

2598 days ago

Georgia Girl    

I thought she was in court with KFed yesterday.

2598 days ago


oopppps, I mean probably! and yes I did finsih college with a degree in child care, so please please please let me teach her parenting class....LOL.

2598 days ago


Who freakin' cares?

2598 days ago

Annonymous -    

all be damned if I was in her shoes and act pathetically in front of the cameras - not to start out since her court date, after 12 hours of no acohol - and what did she do, the bitch is so damn stubborn, she wont listen to anyone, britney you're going to screw this up if you dont straighten up your act now you hyper pathetically liitle bitch - you keep doing this, 100% Kevin will get the kids and those kids wont be allowed to see you after they graduate from high school, then their going to see their mother who wasnt a mother to them in the begin with - all you care about is cause more trouble for yourself and losing custody fast

2598 days ago


She is oblivious to what people think of her. She is a stronger person than me, I guess. I would stay home and hide. And I would be crying my heart out if I was her mother, although I think her mother is partly to blame, putting her in the biz so early. Let's hope her little sister makes it through without these problems.

2598 days ago


Did you see those vultures?? Why don't they leave her alone for chrissakes. I would whine too if they followed me around night and day. I'm surprised the store manager didn't throw htem out. They are the ones who should drop dead.

2598 days ago


Britney leaves a court room with instructions to not be drinking. and she runs to a LIQUOR store. WHATS THE FRIST THING YOU THINK. o DAMN. she aint learn a damn thing. blah blah blah take her kids away. I saw u on TMZ in a video. and Britney comes walking out with Ice cream n cigs. SEE HOW SHE IS PLAYING YOU FOOLS. puppets

2598 days ago


Someone please help her - where are all the people that used her up (justin/Nsync/Madonna/TRL/CarsonDaly/Melissa-Samantha/Lynn/Jamie/ etc etc etc

Someone - please step up and help her. Please there must be someone out there in hollywood that still cares......................

2598 days ago


should this thunder thighs and belly be eating ice-cream?

2598 days ago
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