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Driving Miss Franklin

9/19/2007 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The gorgeous Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, was spotted holed up in the back of a car in Manhattan on Tuesday. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

The 65-year-old diva looked absolutely ravishing, bundled up in a shimmering gold coat and blue head scarf, which punctuated her stunning auburn highlights! A real natural woman!


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Lorraine W.    

Aretha is a great singer. Hands down, no one could even touch her when it comes to what she has done in the music industry. But I am concerned that one day i will pick up that papers to see that she has died from some complications of her massive obesity.

Something is definitely not right with her for her to be so obese. And I am not talking about what she is is what is eating her. She is stuffing her face and not facing her stuff. When obesity gets that out of control, there are more issues under all those layers of fat that are not being addressed. I know cause I have been there done that. I feel for Aretha, because she has not been able to get her health back in balance. Its like watching someone on drugs( Lindsay Lohan/Paris/Brittany) or an alcoholic (Lindsay/Paris/Brittany) Aretha is a self will run riot. If she doesn't get help for what she is dealing with, she will be dead. Those around her who love her should be supportive in getting her to some eating disorders clinic so that she can begin to get her life back., like how she looked in the early 70s with that short fro singing "Spanish Harlem" or "To Be Young GIfted and Black". She looked so well then.

I love you Aretha....i hope that you find the peace and happiness you are searching for through excess food.

2525 days ago


Don't Disrespect the Queen of Respect!!!
Any normal person knows that a women's body makes changes that sometimes can't be controlled, especially if someone has had a life-long weight problem.. Reading this site make me realize how many F!@#$%^ idiots there are out there. Grow up!!!

Aretha, I caught your show in Philly. You still got it baby!! Love You, Love You!!

2524 days ago

Lenn K.    

I love Aretha's music and knows she one of the greatest singers of all-time, but she's not gorgeous, She is just huge and totally a fattie who won't even think about trying to lose all the tonage!!!

2600 days ago

Dawn Day    

Calling Jenny Craig...

2600 days ago


She might not ever get a record fdeal if she were starting in this business today with all these cookie cutter hacks around-but she's got more talent that just about anyone out there.

2600 days ago


She is a beotch who thinks way to highly of herself. Ever since I saw her on that Diva's Live special (which was a charity event-NOT an Aretha concert) I am totally turned off to her.

2600 days ago


She's as big as a house and looks terrible. She's headed for an early grave. If she's not diabetic already, she will be soon. Sad.

2600 days ago


She has a beautiful voice, but seriously, she needs to be concerned about her health. That CANNOT be healthy, being that huge. I hope she gets help so she can keep on singing. Gaining weight sucks.

2600 days ago


E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T in a car

2600 days ago


What a great singer! Hats off to the Queen.


2600 days ago


TMZ is so hypocritical. Here Aretha is really fat and nasty and you guys say she looks great, even with her blue eyeshadow when you just dragged britney through the dirt for being slightly overweight. Hypocrites.

2600 days ago



2600 days ago


This is Oprah in one year.

2600 days ago


What the bleep is her tongue sticking out for??? Catching flies for an appetizer on her way to PIG OUT at some fried chicken restaurant. Yeppers.

Everybody knows she's a psycho bitch from hell.

2600 days ago


No R-E-S-P-E-C-T from the world. Miss Big Fat Pig.

2600 days ago
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