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Hayden Panettiere: Legal Tender

9/19/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the final days of summer upon us, "Heroes" cheerleader Hayden Panettiere riled things up in a very simple but chic, soft yellow sundress. Go team!

Although the beautiful 18-year-old superteen enjoyed a post-lunch cookie in West Hollywood on Tuesday, she turned out to be the real treat! Yum!

Hayden proves that the best accessory a girl can have isn't a purple leather bag, but a taut young body!


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She is only 18, and a bunch of grown men calling her hot is really sick.

2556 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Look we all watched Daniel Radcliffe grow up. Now he's one cute guy but I wouldn't look at him that way. He isn't just a wizard he is a hero too. Hayden is the same.

There is something about Hayden I don't trust anymore, maybe the GREED has got the better of her. It's like Gummi bear - they both seem to be players now, ulterior motive / hidden agenda? I guess Paris rubs off on everyone. You have all been infected.

2556 days ago


Can we please stop with the creepy comments leering at this perfectly lovely girl? Between Ryan Seacrest and now TMZ, it's nauseating. Blech. Go back to whacking off to Skinemax and leave her alone

2556 days ago


I agree with #40. She's on the stumpy side. She'll need to keep exercising to keep that weight in check, especially as she gets older and the weight will have nowhere to go but horizontally. And does anyone else think that she wears too much makeup?

2556 days ago


She's headed for trouble been photoed too much recently -attention grabbin- it's all down hill from there- watch littlle by little.

2556 days ago

Your Mom    

Why does anyone think this chick is hot? Look at her! Her body is all out of proportion, and other than that, she looks completely ordinary. There's nothing special about her whatsoever.

2556 days ago

The Marian Movement    

I felt a little bad about my previous comment “disappointed’. It’s just that Hayden, Gummi, Paris and all those “types” are just SO artificial. I guess I grew up as a bi-product of the grunge movement and that materialistic stuff just isn’t cool to me.

Hayden and her Porche are not my scene. Guess I am more of a Jeep Wrangler girl….. I wish you all well in your designer clothes but give me a pair of cargo’s and a tee-shirt anyday. My “handbag” is usually my pocket…which may explain why I ALWAYS misplace my keys (most annoying habit #1) but again that’s just me. Sorry TMZ but you are a trap, the same as Perez. You just dressed your pigs in different clothes.

2556 days ago


She has a weird looking body! But she's so cute!

2556 days ago

The Marian Movement    

I don't think she's cute - more a head mismatched on someone else's body. She's the type of girl that is conditional. You'll need looks or money to keep her. The latter she'll use to get the former.... behind your back...but that's just the definition of Zeus - isn't it. STUPID.

i'm outta here and great the heavy weights aren't coming.

2556 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Gummi needs to learn that Judo is one of those sports where size has no advantage. You draw them near, get them off foot, then throw them DOWN.

Obvious from the start...just needed to know "who" "what" "where" and 'why". Thanks for the info.

Girls on Film. Bet you hate that film clip Gummi. Guys seem to LOVE IT. Then jealousy was never your strong point.

2556 days ago

Kumar Zimmerman = Paedophile central

2556 days ago


she's UG her show SUCKS her life is BORING and I DONT FIND HER INTERESTING

2556 days ago


You all are so mean! She is gorgeous and an amazing actress! Do you have nothing better to do than go on here n make fun at someone u don't know

2551 days ago


Yea, so whats the wrtiers/paparazzi deal ??! You stalking her or something?! Def. sound like a perv!

2544 days ago


She does have a tight little body, but her ass is a little soft. Makes a nice sound for spanking though! So all you church ladies who think the author is a perv for saying she has a taut little body, get over the jealousy. You could have gotten laid when you were her age; if you had a taut little body!

2542 days ago
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