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Dan Would Rather Sue CBS -- For $70M!

9/19/2007 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather has filed a $70 million lawsuit against the network, Viacom Inc., and three of his former bosses.

In the lawsuit, Rather claims CBS and its execs tarnished his reputation and made him a scapegoat for a discredited report on President Bush's National Guard service. He also says the network violated his contract by yanking him off the air after the story's fallout.

In a press release issued today, Rather says that if he wins a judgment, he will donate a majority of the money to "causes that will further journalistic independence."

A spokesman for CBS told TMZ, "These complaints are old news and this lawsuit is without merit."

Rather will be a guest on CNN's Larry King Live Thursday night discussing the lawsuit.


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I'd Rather be Dan
than "Sweetheart" Katie

Go get 'em Dan!!!!!!

2537 days ago


He chose to leave because he was embarassed that he reported false information. He is from the ole school, where your word is your word and reputation means everything. America is very forgiving. He is beating his self up about this. Too many other things to worry about. Dan we forgive you. The news just is not the same without you though.

2537 days ago

Spring-Heeled Jack    

Ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha!

I hope it costs both Rather and CBS a ton of $dough$.

Dan should lose a bunch because his commie lefty leanings lead him to for get one of the basic tenents of journalism. (Check the facts Dan, Check the facts)!

CBS should lose million$ just on general principal and Katie Couric's stupid smile everytime she reports another brave U.S. servicemans death.

2537 days ago


hmmmm....Dan or Katie....that's a hard call to make. Thankful I am not either one of them. Katie delivers a news story like she is bored into misery and Dan makes them up....well, I haven't watched a network news broadcast in many, I spare myself from that drivel.....

2537 days ago


If he wins any money he will donate to future journalists so they don't have to go through what he did...I think that is a typo, it should read; future liberal journalists.....Dan is a big baby.

2537 days ago


Dan Rather was SUPPOSED to be a trusted journalist. His job was to report the news, not make it. If we cant turn on the news and trust that the people providing it aren't pushing their own agenda, then what the hell is the point? He committed the cardinal sin in journalism and has absolutely no case. I feel betrayed. I dont give a crap which side of the Bush fence you sit on - you can't have journalists pushing their own agendas

2537 days ago


Since when do journalists in America have to substantiate their stories with actual facts?

2537 days ago


What's happened to American Free Speach? Communism took over for "good" and reward themselves for crimes committed across the Globe.

Dan, give them COMMUNISM!!! Go Dan, GO.

2537 days ago

Foreclosed bankrupt working stiff    

Good for you Dan Rather... I believe you! We all know what "lies" under the Bush's. I hope you win. Why hasn't he been forced to "Retire" for false information? Your comment hasn't caused thousands of unnecessary deaths and hundreds of thousand injuries. Hooray for freedom, down with capitalism/dictatorship.

2537 days ago


That's just dumb. Journalists are journalists. They should just report the facts, not doctor them up just to please one's politics. Journalists are basically story tellers full of $hit. It used to be a pretty honorable job. Jerks

2537 days ago


The political party of the person delivering your news doesn't matter. You shouldn't trust your media, PERIOD. I don't care if it is a Rebuplican or a Democrat, the media is going to try to spin a story that will get attention. Our media shouldn't be trusted, and neither should our government. The media and our government know the average person will blindly believe whatever crap you tell them, and they use that to their advantage. That is what is wrong with your average American, they refuse to think for themselves. That is why we are becoming a fat, stupid nation.

2537 days ago


If Dan Rather resigned, how can he now sue for wrongful discharge? Did Rather loose benefits by resigning? Did Rather profit from his retirement from CBS? Why isn't Rather suing George Bush, too?

Dan rather has had a few years to get a new seems he wasted his time.

2537 days ago


Clearly, Dan Rather is mad about being out of the limelight and is so greedy that he will stop at nothing. Just go away, Dan. We don't want to see you on TV any longer. Not on CBS. Not on Lary King Live. Nowhere. Just go away....please!

2537 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Dan's decades long record of integrity in journalism speaks for itself.
After all of those years, I feel they should have stood behind him on this one incident.
So. Dan is still fighting the good fight. I wish him well. More facts will out now. Muahahaha.

2537 days ago


remember- the memo was NEVER proven to be fake.
they just could not prove it was real at the time and recent evidence suggests it WAS real.

So don't hate Dan- he was set up and left to hang, and it wasn't ever proven it was fake.
Why not? because it ISN'T FAKE.
The Administration dodged another bullet by pulling a swift boat justice kind of maneuver.
It will all come out finally!

2537 days ago
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