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Dan Would Rather Sue CBS -- For $70M!

9/19/2007 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather has filed a $70 million lawsuit against the network, Viacom Inc., and three of his former bosses.

In the lawsuit, Rather claims CBS and its execs tarnished his reputation and made him a scapegoat for a discredited report on President Bush's National Guard service. He also says the network violated his contract by yanking him off the air after the story's fallout.

In a press release issued today, Rather says that if he wins a judgment, he will donate a majority of the money to "causes that will further journalistic independence."

A spokesman for CBS told TMZ, "These complaints are old news and this lawsuit is without merit."

Rather will be a guest on CNN's Larry King Live Thursday night discussing the lawsuit.


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Dirty dumb old liar!

2594 days ago

you are kidding    

What a great country this is................... Rather destroys the rep of CBS news and then sues them. Just fade quietly in the sunset danny boy............. YOU are old news.

2594 days ago


Dan Blather had a hatred so deep for the Bush administration that he eagerly reported untrue stories. He and his staff didn't take the steps an unbiased anchor should take before presenting a story to the viewers, and that is, simply, to verify it's contents.
So Boo Hoo Dan Rather.
I would think he has a better chance at an age discrimination suit than this, because, the facts are right out there. He blatently lied on TV. It's all on tape.
Journalists have a responsibility to report the truth in an unbiased way, unfortunately, they don't. They all think they have a right to editorilize-and they don't.

2594 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem Rather has is at one-time he was a reporter then he became a left-winger and stopped reporting the news and started giving his opinion. Maybe he always was a liberal, but then you could tell and he didn't just hate Bush, he wanted to destroy him. Just like Barry M, you could tell he didn't think a conservative should even have an opinion!!!

2594 days ago


Finally! You go Dan! I still trust you more than any other journalist! What they (CBS) did to you was disgraceful. You make them pay for it! I never watched the cbs evening news again, after you left. I hope they stay in last place forever. Too bad for Katie though.

2594 days ago


what a jerk. he's the a-hole that reported fake news, yet cbs should give him 70 million $? only in america, land of the lawsuit and home of the greedy.

2594 days ago


hope he wins!!

2594 days ago

Just Me    

Good for Dan!!!! I have watched him since I was a little girl and he has always done the news with class. Just because Dan may be wealthy doesn't mean he shouldn't sue. He was wronged so he deserves justice. The only way to show these big money hungry networks that you can't push people around is to hit them where it hurts--- the pockets. There are things that I like and dislike about Bush but it sure is funny how when there is a has been one scandal after another from this current administration and I am looking forward to a change. Maybe Dan gave wrong info maybe he didn't I don't know. I would think that he doesn't just report what ever he takes a notion to. Looks like to me he would have to get aproval on anystory he does and if he doesn't then he should in order to avoid these kinds of messes. I suport Dan 100%!!!!!!

2594 days ago


#40 In fact, most conservatives do NOT have opinions, they just have talking points handed to them by AM radio and FOX News morons.

2594 days ago


Go Dan!!!

What they did to you is very obvious.

2594 days ago


# 9 r u proud bush is from TX?

2594 days ago


Well, ol' Danny boy wants to sue CBS, does he? Well, lemme talk to him and help him understand what happened.

Danny, you got fired because you stumbled on a lie your producer gave to you, and which you refused to check out carefully. The lie so suited your hatred of Bush at the time that not only did you not check it out, you ran with it, in that breathless, I-am-a-journalist BS you built your career on. You pushed this lie along as though it was the truth, and your political views screwed over the truth, as it always did.
See, Danny, you were never a journalist. You were many other things, a provocateur, a BS artist, a bully in the news room (as I once told you), an enthusiastic promoter of agitprop. But a journalist? Not in a million years.

And so, finally, you got caught, and your pride, and self-absorbed opinion of yourself finally did you in, as we all knew it would eventually.

So Danny boy, let it go. Enjoy your retirement. You don't want us to remind everyone of the kind of "journalist" you really were, do you?

2594 days ago


#30 - Shaka - wow...never took a journalism course in high school or college? just, wow.

2594 days ago


#46 - yeah and CNN, MSNBC, The LA Times, The Washington Post - who do they speak for? Get your head out of the sand dude. Democrats have nearly all the entertainment and media outlets locked down - the whole "Fox News" thing has and always will be extremely disingenuous of you lefties.

2594 days ago


Does anyone seriously think that George W. Bush DID NOT evade the draft?

2594 days ago
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