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Dan Would Rather Sue CBS -- For $70M!

9/19/2007 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather has filed a $70 million lawsuit against the network, Viacom Inc., and three of his former bosses.

In the lawsuit, Rather claims CBS and its execs tarnished his reputation and made him a scapegoat for a discredited report on President Bush's National Guard service. He also says the network violated his contract by yanking him off the air after the story's fallout.

In a press release issued today, Rather says that if he wins a judgment, he will donate a majority of the money to "causes that will further journalistic independence."

A spokesman for CBS told TMZ, "These complaints are old news and this lawsuit is without merit."

Rather will be a guest on CNN's Larry King Live Thursday night discussing the lawsuit.


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dan is a dud

2592 days ago


Go get that back stabbing, hypocrite lowlife Les Moonves Dan for all of Don Imus' fans! We're with you pal!

2592 days ago

He's Boring now    

I cant believe there are this many "Go Dan Go" kind of supporters showing up here. Leads me to believe someone on the Mark Cuban staff is behind this sudden swell of support for Rather. Where was it when the guy was in a real jam? It wasnt there at all. Now they come out? I bet dollars to donuts Cubans People are behind this sudden influx of support for a 75 year old has been who is the antithesis of Free and Balanced reporting.

All in the name of ratings for his satellite tv gig.

2592 days ago


I am with you all the way Dan.
Go get them.....

2592 days ago


Don Imus' fans are supporting Rather on this one - Cuban, no way!

2592 days ago


Dan Rather got screwed by CBS under pressure from this stupid, horrible administration. They managed to take the attention away from the truth that Bush actually did welch on his service.

I hope he gets every penny and that CBS learns to stand up for reporting the news again.

2592 days ago


You go, Dan! CBS and Leslie Moonves screwed you like they screwed Don Imus and I hope you get payback like he did last month. They should put you back on because Katie Couric sucks.

2592 days ago


What cause is he donating to to further "Journalistic Independence" ? Let me guess Move !

2592 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Give 'em the business and tell 'em the frequency, Kenneth!

2592 days ago


I hope Dan and Larry can exchange proctology and prostate exam stories on Thursday night. Once upon a time in the Cretaceous period I thought they used to be very good journalists and then they let their idealogies get in the way of real interviews and real news. How deceiving is Rather claiming to want to donate the money to journalistic independence, I assume he means independence as long as he agrees with it. Columbia school of Journalism and most others might as well be a branch of the Democratic Party for all it's independent thought.

2592 days ago


Go away no one cares about you crappy reporting anymore.You and Barry M.

2592 days ago

BOEING 787    

Though many view Dan Rather as a liberal hack thanks to those like Bernard Goldburg I admired him, but I think this lawsuit for $70 million will further tarnish his legacy more than CBS has done in scapegoating him in there fear of being called leftist in the times preceding the US presidential election in 2004.

The thing is, this is long gone and the time has passed and Dan still has a career albiet with a much smaller audience, If he wanted to sue he should have done it a lot earlier and for a lot less but otherwise no dice with me.

2592 days ago


Dan Rather giving money to places that further journalistic independence? What the hell would he now about journalistic independence. The reason you got caught up in this crap to begin with DAN, is that you are not independent at all.

Go ahead - shake down your employers for $70M and give it to Fox News :)


2592 days ago


Take what little dignity you have left Dan and call it a day. It is so sad to see a once admired journalist turn into a bitter, misguided political hack. Turn off the lights Danny, the party is over and everyone has gone home.

2592 days ago


It looks tacky that Dan is doing this. He was plenty weird and biased, although a great journalist next to Katie. And like Katie, he also ran plenty of pro-Ramsey family pieces on 48 hours when he was there, thanks to his friend, their lawyer, Lin Wood,. So forget it Dan. CBS News is finished anyway. They will be hiring Mary Hart or Hulk Hogan next in their endless desire to dumb down the news, and turn it into infotainment.

2592 days ago
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