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Dan Would Rather Sue CBS -- For $70M!

9/19/2007 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather has filed a $70 million lawsuit against the network, Viacom Inc., and three of his former bosses.

In the lawsuit, Rather claims CBS and its execs tarnished his reputation and made him a scapegoat for a discredited report on President Bush's National Guard service. He also says the network violated his contract by yanking him off the air after the story's fallout.

In a press release issued today, Rather says that if he wins a judgment, he will donate a majority of the money to "causes that will further journalistic independence."

A spokesman for CBS told TMZ, "These complaints are old news and this lawsuit is without merit."

Rather will be a guest on CNN's Larry King Live Thursday night discussing the lawsuit.


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I love when liberals eat their own...

2559 days ago


Great news! Getting rid of Dan to appease the Bush admin, sent a signal of fear to journalists to not investigate this administration or they will lose their jobs. Now we are losing our bill of rights as all the press 'plays ball' with phoney wars and turning us into microchipped zombies. Dan needs to win to restore freedom of the press.

We all know Bush got out of vietanm with shady deals, give me a break!
Thanks to the Daily show and Colbert Report at least the truth can be revealed, they are the only real 'journalists' probing anything albeit under the guise of comedy. explains it all.

2558 days ago


he needs to go away, when he reported the results as they were coming in for the presidency several years ago, he was saying early on oh this one is going to be president, next minute he said that one was going to be president
he could never fit the shoes of walter cronkite
he has made so many mistakes
he needs to go away

2558 days ago


Take whatever dignity you have left and go away. You were not that admired to begin with and this really makes you look sleazy and a bigger whiner than you already have a reputation of being.

2558 days ago

nice marmot    

I'm astounded by the Dan Rather haters! How can you not love this guy?

Go get 'em, Dan! Take CBS for every penny those bastards are worth!

2558 days ago


For all of you loons crying go dan go lol dan did go his lyig ass went out the door along with that other lying skank mary mapes another lying liberal.Remember you cant spell
the word "liberal" without the letters Lie

2558 days ago


I hope Dan sticks it to CBS like Don Imus did for their betrayal and lack of support after spending their entire careers making people like Les Moonves rich. Moonves is a snake who must go! Go Dan Go

2558 days ago


People, take the time to read the lawsuit before posting your silly comments.

Dan, take your winnings and start your own broadcast that will be free from political influence thereby giving viewers the real story.

I'll be following this story closely, best of luck

2558 days ago


I just read this: As if CBS hadn't been rattled enough by legal flaps from shock jocks Howard Stern and Don Imus, a languishing newscast with Katie Couric as well as the controversial just-launched reality show "Kid Nation," the network has been slapped with a $70 million lawsuit from former anchor Dan Rather

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - couldn't happen to a better rat, Moonbat

2558 days ago

Zyskandar A. Jaimot    

DAN RATHERNOT who in his long-oh-so-long-oh-too-long illustrative career of deception and sleight-of-photo journalism[lest we forget the 'phoney' stories i.e. as a 'mujadeen fighter' complete with head scarf, 'remember the frequency DAN' - about his druggie dayz, the infamous 'fake' memos about the BUSHIES, and now this ridiculousness] and obtuse reportage. NEXT TIME YOU SEE 'DAN-THE-SHAM' GIVE HIM A QUARTER SO HE WON'T BE DESTITUTE - BUT JUST AS PATHETIC AS HE'S ALWAYS BEEN!!!

2558 days ago


#70 (Cubs for Cubans):

I can assure you that I support Dan Rather because I grew up watching him, I've seen him in the field reporting my entire life. He's one of the last remaining old school QUALITY reporters. My name is Kelly, I am 35 years old and I'm an Executive Assistant for private equity investment fund in Arizona. I have no idea who this Mark Cuban dude is that you are referring to, but I can assure you that I am not on his staff and, yet, I completely am loyal to and support Dan for all the excellent work he did as a reporter and anchor throughout my life. It was his broadcast that I followed during the 9/11 attacks more than anyones. His emotion and his candor and openness really made me feel like I wasn't alone in that tragedy.

2558 days ago


TMZ why did you not post my blog before? I said anyone that speaks against Bushwaker gets cut! Just like i did when i did another blog on here! Look at all the cronnies that went against bushwaker and they are all out of a job! The paper always says they resigned to "spend time with there families" ass,,,,.If you say anything againist bush you are cut just like dan was. You can run bushwacker but you can't hide for long...You cried like a baby when you were drafted and they send you bak to your mama overgrown baby...and bush is running the country but he wasn't man enough to go when he was drafted...what does that say about him,,,,of course this won't be posted either but the truth shall set you free

2558 days ago


Dan Rather hates Bush so much so he let it get in the way of his journalism ethics.He's always up for anything to trash Bush. As a reporter you don't do that. You never knew from watching his reporting who Walter Cronkite liked or disliked. That's class A reporting. Dan needs to take his BS and go home!

2558 days ago


Update from previous message as link spelled wrong. Its that explains it all. Skip 30 minutes into it to pt2 and pt 3. You will understand more about Ratergate after that.

2558 days ago


I saw Rather on Larry King tonight. It was embarassing. Some of us don't have a 3 month memory Dan. Independent journalism from you? Dan Rather was buddies with Lin Wood, he even bought Wood a batting cage. Wood, LIBEL LAWYER, and UNCOINCIDENTALLY ran several favorable pieces on 48 hours for his clients, John and Patsy Ramsey. Rather narrated a segment in 1999 for 48 Hours for the Ramseys, just like his National Guard story. It was certainly not fair and balanced journalism by any means as far as I'm concerned, it slanted HEAVILY to the Ramseys, and Rather was there and knew all about these pro-Ramsey/intruder theory pieces. The internet reporting stomped all over their "facts" and incredibly biased progams. That's just one example with Rather. The case needs to be booted. It's about Rather's ego and how he has a miniscule audience on Hi Def, compared to the millions nightly on CBS News, last rated, just like it was when Rather was there.

2558 days ago
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