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Manilow's 'View' of Elisabeth

'It Didn't Feel Good'

9/19/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After he ditched "The View" -- or got ditched by them, depending on who you're talking to -- Barry Manilow and his face seemed to be unmoved by the uproar over his Hasselbeck boycott. And that's Barry in the picture here, not Babwa Walters.

TMZ caught up with the man of exactly one face after a rehearsal, and he told us that while he loved "all those people" at "The View," appearing with Elisabeth on the show "didn't feel good." Barry said he wouldn't appear on the show because he disagreed with what he deemed Hasselbeck's "dangerous" opinions.

Meanwhile, on today's show, Elisabeth wondered if, given recent studies about older men and younger women, she and Manilow couldn't get along down the road. Whoopi said that Barry had already agreed to be on "The View" again soon -- and we're presuming that means that Elisabeth will have to be there, too.


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Go Barry! It's about time someone said something about Elizabeth! I never agree with her! She is very opinionated and dangerous. I don't think she thinks before she talks. She even got on Whoopi's case last week. I don't watch as much as I used to, maybe I'll stop all together, maybe they should take another look at who is on their show (View). Does anyone know when she will go for maternity leave?

2558 days ago

interested canadian    

elizabeth is a strong minded strong opinioned person which is refreshing.shes not acting off the wall like many 30 and under. barry grow up i dont think she could beat you up.

2558 days ago


What's Barry got his panites all bunched up in box canyon about?

2558 days ago


He wasn't going on the show to debate with Elizabeth. He was supposed to be promoting his CD. Shame on Barry for not being a mature adult. It is ok to not have the same opinion as Elizabeth, it is "The View." It just shows he felt intimidated by her.

2558 days ago

right here    

What a freaking baby. Grow up and realize people have different opinions.

2558 days ago


#17. So what you are saying is that if I don't support the war then I do not support the troops? That is so wrong of you to say. I do not wish harm to come on the soldiers and I feel terrrible for both them and their families that they were dragged into this fiasco by our lying president. I respect and admire the members of our military for protecting my rights and my country. I agree with you that support in the US is low but not for our military rather for the war in general. Unfortunately this president has stopped media outlets from publishing photos of our dead and/or injured soldiers. I personally think that if we had faces to the names on the front page of our newspapers (like they did in WWI & WWII) the war would be closer to home to us. Instead our media talks about OJ Simpson and other fluff crap. Our soldiers are being led by incompetant idiots who sit at home in their nice big mansions making terrible decisions. I thank you and your husband for sacraficing so much but please do not take my opposition to the war as no support for your husband and the thousands of other military personnel.

2558 days ago


of course they'll book him when she's on maternity leave--sad state of affairs--he'd get no further attention from me if i were in charge at the 'view'. actually, things are kinds lopsided there--3 liberals and only 1 conservative. elizabeth must feel really lonely sometimes.

2558 days ago


Why would any show want someone as UGLY as Manilow when they already have beautiful ELIZABETH ?

2558 days ago


Go Barry! Stick to your principles!

2558 days ago


Elisabeth is dangerous to Barry? What a joke. He was on the show twice before when she was there. He was just kissing up to his BBB Rosie.
He'll probably return when Elisabeth is on maternity leave and I'll be sure to turn the channel. What a wimp and embarassement he is. Elisabeth is a college grad and quite well spoken. Those who call her dumb just don't like her message.

2558 days ago


Are we really supposed to care about what Barry Manilow thinks? I still think Stephen Colbert was robbed of his Emmy last year.

2558 days ago


I do not watch the view b/c I am at work when it is on...however, if I understand it she is a republican. How is this dangerous? Is it offensive to him that she doesn't believe people should make the choice to kill babies? Is it offensive to him that murderers are put to death? Is it offensive to him that although tragic she stands behind the original premice of the war...and that is to liberate people from an oppresionistic government? Is he offended that people should have the right to defend themselves against people who have no desire to uphold the law and will get weapons regardless of what is written on a piece of paper? I am confused at why he is so offended.

2558 days ago

Dave Purcell    

The issue is not whether Manilow is gay or not - who cares. It is simply that that woman is a complete air head and reflects so badly on you Americans. She somehow is educated (wonder what standards your Universites have) but she is a certified member of the Flat Earth Society. Surely, almost as much as your current President, she embarrasses all of you.

A Canadian who likes Americans (most of the time - check Helen Mirren's comments on the Emmys). By the way, Canada did not bleep Sally Field.

The woman is a danger just like that other despcable nn Coulter - sad stuff for you.

2558 days ago


He is an idiot. He is gay. He is angry. People who are immoral like Barry M do not like anyone that opposes "their" views no matter how "dangerous" they may be.

2558 days ago


It's amazing that if you are a liberal, you should have all the free speech you want. But when a conservative tries to voice her opinion she should shut up or she is a nit wit or she doesn't know what she is talking about. I guess free speech is only ok as long as you agree with it. If not...the person is crazy. I commend her on speaking out on what she believes in. Maybe if more people didn't jump on the "liberal bandwagon"...they would be able to see that this point of view is bringing America down.

Good for you Elizabeth!

2558 days ago
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