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Manilow's 'View' of Elisabeth

'It Didn't Feel Good'

9/19/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After he ditched "The View" -- or got ditched by them, depending on who you're talking to -- Barry Manilow and his face seemed to be unmoved by the uproar over his Hasselbeck boycott. And that's Barry in the picture here, not Babwa Walters.

TMZ caught up with the man of exactly one face after a rehearsal, and he told us that while he loved "all those people" at "The View," appearing with Elisabeth on the show "didn't feel good." Barry said he wouldn't appear on the show because he disagreed with what he deemed Hasselbeck's "dangerous" opinions.

Meanwhile, on today's show, Elisabeth wondered if, given recent studies about older men and younger women, she and Manilow couldn't get along down the road. Whoopi said that Barry had already agreed to be on "The View" again soon -- and we're presuming that means that Elisabeth will have to be there, too.


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What a sissy…and who really cares about Barry Manilow? He is second only to Liberace in gayness!

2591 days ago

Vera Velasquez    

What a WIMP. He is only comfy with the lefties on the show! Elizabeth is a very smart lady, and she doesn't back out when every one is against her. She has a right to her opinions and she stands up for herself, as Rosie found out! I will never buy B.M. CD'S ever again. Period.

2591 days ago

the moose    

Just go away Barry.

2591 days ago


Good for Barry !!! The things that Elizabeth spouts from her mouth need to have consequences and when Co-hosts leave because of her and guests ignore her or do not except invitations to be on the view , it hurts the show , so if Barbara wants to keep her on and keep giving her a soap box, watch the ratings tumble , that is just fine . Even the Donald called her dumb as a brick !! I can't believe her husband stuck it in her ,when he could have stuck it in her mouth to shut her up !! JEEEZZZZZ Barbara W. get a clue the majority of people can't stand her , bring back Ling , you need a Asian influence , NOT A VALLEY GIRL , that has never worked a real J O B in her life.

2591 days ago

Wrestling Ain't Real    

Oops. I meant to write "quit" not "quite."

Anyway, Rosie should drop off the face of the planet. Remember, she's the nutjob taking pictures of her "daughter" in bloodied clothes while holding a gun.

2591 days ago

lynn james    

i thought i was probably the only one that was annoyed by Elizabeth, i am really amazed that so many agree.
i have often wondered what her co-stars thought--we know how Rosie felt and she managed to get rid of her.

2591 days ago


I wonder what people would be saying if it had been ' won't go on show because of Rosie O'Donnell'.

2591 days ago

castra regina    

Barely ManEnough

2591 days ago

montana mike    

maybe they'll book him when HE'S on maternity leave

2591 days ago


Barry you are a nit wit! Just the thought of you saddens me to the core. Why is it you can not tolerate Elisabeth? Oh, I know you are a weak minded liberal who doesn't have tolerance for fellow AMERICANS that have different views than yours. I am ashamed of your mentality (and all the other SCARY liberals) as you are actually closed mined as well as uneducated. Going through life with your blinders on is unhealthy for our great country. Grow some balls you wimpy celeb. I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE OF YOUR CD'S AND WILL NOT WATCH YOU ON ANY SPECIAL FROM HERE ON IN.

Come on all you great Americans with common sense, speak up loud and clear, it's time we take back our homeland from these idiot celebs who are blessed with the creative genes but lack the common sense genes.

2591 days ago

truth be told    

I can NOT stomach the view at all b/c of that dimwit elisabeth. Rosie is right.. baba wawa should pack it in...since she can not see this...Finally someone with a set is standing up to those morons... you can tell no one likes her who goes on there anyway..even the alicia silverstone incident.. Love how Elisabeth says oh I had no idea she dissed me.. yeah right. the whole United States saw your pouty look after Alicia walked right past you.. YOU GET AND DESERVE NO RESPECT. BARBARA AND BILL GEDDIE SHOULD REALIZE THAT THIS ISBAD WHEN GUESTS REFUSED TO BE ON DUE TO A COHOST> NOT EVEN STAR GOT THAT TREATMENT. .I think everyone is just so sick of listening to this DIMWIT>>>THE ONLY REASON I WATCH IT IS TO WAIT TO SEE IF WHOOPI TELLS HER OFF, You know whoopi can't stand her either!

2591 days ago


He is going to appear on the show when Elizabeth is on maternity leave!! duhhhhh!!!

2591 days ago


#33 I don't believe that's what #17 meant, obviously the war and extreme views by both sides are a touchy subject not just for her/him but for so many posters here and all feel very passionate about their view. You can support the troops yet not support the war but there are people out there who believe the troops are in the middle east because that's where they want to be. This is an unpopular war not unlike Vietnam and more and more troops are coming home to protests, anti-war marches and it makes them feel like their efforts to support their country and our rights are for nothing.

2591 days ago


As a BIG FANILOW of Manilow, I am disapointed with his mean spiritness....its so Rosi'esh. I won't be buying the new cd although I have all of the other ones....he is off my ipod until he becomes a nice person again. I liked it better when I knew nothing about him personally....he has kept his personal views and life under the radar....that's the barry I love.

very sad......interrupted barry manilow fan...

2591 days ago


I find a person "dangerous" when they are so narrow-minded that they cannot respect another person's point of view if it differs from their own.

2591 days ago
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