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Manilow's 'View' of Elisabeth

'It Didn't Feel Good'

9/19/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After he ditched "The View" -- or got ditched by them, depending on who you're talking to -- Barry Manilow and his face seemed to be unmoved by the uproar over his Hasselbeck boycott. And that's Barry in the picture here, not Babwa Walters.

TMZ caught up with the man of exactly one face after a rehearsal, and he told us that while he loved "all those people" at "The View," appearing with Elisabeth on the show "didn't feel good." Barry said he wouldn't appear on the show because he disagreed with what he deemed Hasselbeck's "dangerous" opinions.

Meanwhile, on today's show, Elisabeth wondered if, given recent studies about older men and younger women, she and Manilow couldn't get along down the road. Whoopi said that Barry had already agreed to be on "The View" again soon -- and we're presuming that means that Elisabeth will have to be there, too.


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I agree with Manilow's concern. Elizabeth's outspokenness about Republicanism, blind faith in team Bush, and conservative Christian belligerence have all swelled in the new season.

For the show, Elizabeth acts as the wasp/girl with fundamental family values, and the producers are definitely cashing in on that image. The new season of The View is not as compelling or real as the last one. The entire set resembles a big wooden kitchen, and all of the hot topics are as cold as ice! They've lost all their political and international flavour- instead the foursome/fivesome ramble on about Britney Spears or recipes, or something equally bland and unimportant.

I think that Elizabeth seems very smug on that stage, and a bit too self-righteous. Why should Manilow subject himself to her delusions and narrow-minded tribal attitude?

Elizabeth, Boo-hiss-boo!

2556 days ago


Hey Barry, you're not going to catch conservativism for sitting across the table from her. Grow up, you self-righteous hobbit. Learn to cohabitate with people who think differently from you.

Please, stupider things have come out of Rosie's mouth, and you still play her minion.

2556 days ago

Donna Kenny    

Barry did what felt right for him. Don't we all do that and don't we all want the freedom to do that? Case closed.

2556 days ago


Sherry is the only funny one on the view even whoopie stinks....

2556 days ago


Well Barry, seems a lot of us think your way of thinking is just as dangerous, and now are not going to see your concerts or buy your CD's.

Was it worth it??? You'll find out! Works both ways!

2556 days ago


The Views just that....different views. Elizabeth is an educated.articulate,conservative who is classy. Barry is a good artist who is a liberal gay. E is a gutsy lady who is not afraid to voice her opinions in a very public forum, BM appears to be afraid to argure his views in a public forum. BM...don't worry she doesn't bite nor beat up guests. EH has her say in a respectable manner , nor does she attempt to censor others like rosie did. if they bring him on during her maternity leave then bill and barbara are cowards. whoppi is great. she also has class and respect for everyone

2556 days ago


Barry is a MUCH BETTER ENTERTAINER than Elisabeth. I could watch his Vegas show for hours!

2556 days ago


Barry is liar! It was The View that actually told him he wasn't welcome after he pulled his diva demands about who could interview him. Be a man, barry. You do still have nads, don't you?

2556 days ago


Sadly Barry the Has Been has very dangerous views......He believes that what Rosie says is the right thing. But I guess that is the only way he can get his picture in the news.

2556 days ago

Mr. X    

Barely ManEnough is afraid to talk to Hasselbeck. Can you get more wimpy than that? Jellyfish have more spine than Mr. Has Been.

2556 days ago


Barry has copped out by doing all these cover CD's the past decade. I think he has writer's cramp!

2556 days ago


Barry is another tin foil hat wearing idiot...I do not always agree with everyones political view but isn't that what being an AMERICAN is all about...what is this? Germany during Hitler days. Barry should just keep his pie hole shut.

2556 days ago


Barry is just jealous that Elizabeth is more feminine than he is. Elizabeth ROCKS and I love the fact that she is an alternative voice to all thar leftist dribble the rest of those hags-- especially Joy Behar-- spouts.

Just today Joy Behar said that GOPers skipped a minority-based debate to attend KLAN rallies. And no one thinks THIS is a dangerous opinion?

2556 days ago


has anyone noticed all the garbage Elisabeth starts? She is a no talent loud mouth, Barbara Walters better start being a little more discerning about her selections, how long before she takes Whoopi on? That will be the 2nd civil war, meaning Whoopi is civilized and Lizzie is the ultra superior Republican - sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous, the smart people don't rant they explain.
Boo on Liz - out the door

2556 days ago


All you liberals are happy and feel fine when Rosie spouted all her lies about the World Trade Center, etc, but when the one Conserative on the show says anything, she is out of the mainstream. People like Nick are sick just by his comment about what her husband should do to her. I watch The View because of Elizabeth, if she leaves so do I.
All you Liberals should watch MSNBC and listen to Air America with the other thousand listeners. Manilow has lost me and I will never see his show or buy another record. Go
Fox Network and Elizabeth.

2556 days ago
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