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Manilow's 'View' of Elisabeth

'It Didn't Feel Good'

9/19/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After he ditched "The View" -- or got ditched by them, depending on who you're talking to -- Barry Manilow and his face seemed to be unmoved by the uproar over his Hasselbeck boycott. And that's Barry in the picture here, not Babwa Walters.

TMZ caught up with the man of exactly one face after a rehearsal, and he told us that while he loved "all those people" at "The View," appearing with Elisabeth on the show "didn't feel good." Barry said he wouldn't appear on the show because he disagreed with what he deemed Hasselbeck's "dangerous" opinions.

Meanwhile, on today's show, Elisabeth wondered if, given recent studies about older men and younger women, she and Manilow couldn't get along down the road. Whoopi said that Barry had already agreed to be on "The View" again soon -- and we're presuming that means that Elisabeth will have to be there, too.


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Why do liberals have so mcuh hatred for a normal sweet young woman like Elisabeth. They also hate Laura Bush. You can't get any sweeter than the first lady. I think it's jealousy. And when did it become a crime to be Christian. It's a philosophy of peace and love and turn the other cheek.

2555 days ago

DM in NJ    

Barry is great. Many people are hippocrits and don't stand up for their beliefs. He said he would be interviewed by anyone but Elisabeth. I think the whole thing was blown out of proportion. I wouldn't have wanted to be interviewed by her either,she's too critical and goody-goody. GO BARRY!

2555 days ago


#62 Bob: You are such an idiot. How is the world did Elizabeth start this. Barry did this. Stop changing and distorting things around like the Left-wing media does. I too would like to see what would happen if people wouldn;t come on the show because of dread head. I'm sure that EH would have been the professional she is, and let him hawk his CD, and talk music and sing. Unlike you, she doesn't always have an agenda. But evidently Barry does!

2555 days ago


#33 - you need to watch public access tv. At the end of every broadcast, a silent slideshow comes up of the service members who were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

2555 days ago

mickey lou    

Boycott Barry for his stupidity!

2555 days ago


I'm not a Lizzy fan, all though she is much smarter than Rosie--- But Barry is a complete JERK- never like him or his singing, He is a pure A-Hole, and aN ugly ONE AT THAT>

2555 days ago


Elizabeth isn't so bad. There is nothing wrong with expressing her opinion. That is what she was hired to do, ya know.... Barry had the right to express his opinion about why he decided not to do the show.

I thought that Rosie on the View qould be nice but it was a minefield. You never knew what you were going to get that day. She always wanted the other co-hosts to back her up when she spouted her opinions. Some did and some didn't. Some were more diplomatic (i.e., Joy and Barbara) and some (i.e., Elizabeth) let her steam in her own mess. Here is a clue, don't spout something that you need other people to have your back. That is when you find out just who your frenemies really are.....

2555 days ago


Hey Barry's still stuck in the 70's - been there done that...
Not everyone is alike or going to agree with you... that is life...
get over it... Unless you are cruel or racist let people be who they are without JUDGING EVERYONE... Gee Whiz........
Hey Barry be sure Rosie takes her meds...
She's got her mean streak at high volume...
It is not pretty for you two to bash anyone...
You don't want to be judge for your life style...
Why do you feel the right to judge anyone else... ???

2555 days ago


Those of you supporting Barry make me smile. You bash Elizabeth for expressing her views, yet support him for his. Which is it? H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L. You don't have to agree with Elizabeth, you don't have to agree with Barry, that's what America is all about.

2555 days ago

joan Sais    

i was thinkng billyboy must be in love with lizzie to keep her on . gateway........

2555 days ago


i hate that hasselback bitch.
she sits there with no talent,the only reason she is anything is she got knocked up by a quaterback.
but what has she really done in life??
and barry will be on the show soon
hassselback will be on maternity leave!
i bet you he'll "by coincidence" be on then.

2555 days ago


i think the problem is that reality stars and singers (actors, comics, whoever in Hollywood&NYC) get the feeling that their opinion is relevant beyond the field of fine arts.
Just because TMZ has a shiny light and a camera in their face 24/7 they carry their opinions to us constantly. These people are often times even less educated than average Americans. They live lifestyles unlike anyone else in the country. Their opinions are largely....irrelevant.
It's fun to read about Britney's antics, predicting which underage celebutante is going to throw up outside of Les Deux this weekend, but I hope everyone realizes that that's all these people are really good for, fun and entertainment.

Maybe after you TMZ your favorite celebs....go read CNN. Be proactive? And don't rely on these fake people.

2555 days ago

Donna Kenny    


What I find interesting is that it goes the other way too, yet you failed to state that. Those that support Elizabeth for expressing her views are also bashing Barry for expressing his. The hypocrisy goes both ways here - but somehow you failed to take note of that.

2555 days ago


If Barry has agreed to appear in the future, you can bet it will be when Elizabeth is on maternity leave

2555 days ago


Joy and Whoopi made it quite clear today that it always has been the policy of the view to not let a guest dictate to them who is on stage. Joy has stated that in the past other guests were rejected because they could not stand her view point. They also made it clear that they stand together on this. What part about different view points is so hard to understand? Elizabeths viewpoint is as important to the show as any other. It takes a lot of guts on all of the ladies parts to put there opinions out there for constant critique. if you don't like someones opinion don't let it affect you, but trying to silence the opinion is wrong.

Also, all the hate and bias directed solely at Elizabeth has turned her from a b-player cohost on a talk show to a major mover. Good Job lefties! Keep up the good work, publicity means ratings and Barry just increased Elizabeths media value 10 fold.

2555 days ago
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