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Manilow's 'View' of Elisabeth

'It Didn't Feel Good'

9/19/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After he ditched "The View" -- or got ditched by them, depending on who you're talking to -- Barry Manilow and his face seemed to be unmoved by the uproar over his Hasselbeck boycott. And that's Barry in the picture here, not Babwa Walters.

TMZ caught up with the man of exactly one face after a rehearsal, and he told us that while he loved "all those people" at "The View," appearing with Elisabeth on the show "didn't feel good." Barry said he wouldn't appear on the show because he disagreed with what he deemed Hasselbeck's "dangerous" opinions.

Meanwhile, on today's show, Elisabeth wondered if, given recent studies about older men and younger women, she and Manilow couldn't get along down the road. Whoopi said that Barry had already agreed to be on "The View" again soon -- and we're presuming that means that Elisabeth will have to be there, too.


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Is Barry ever truly comfortable around women?

2562 days ago


Barry ,shut up and sing! I guess these celebs losing fans over their veiws,I not want to know his political veiws. Now I do not want to hear him at all. So long BM.

2562 days ago


I would boycott Barry in a minute, but I have hated his music since I was a child and have never spent $.01 to support him. When I get stuck in an elevator listening to him drone on and on I feel like I'm slipping into a coma.

Barry please stop torturing us!

2562 days ago

de de    

they better not have him on during her maternity leave.
He's an idiot. So he can't talk to a republican about his stupid album!!!! can't have polite conversation. this is what its coming to???

2562 days ago


It's unfortunate that a person would not appear with another because of a different viewpoint. To me, Barry's the dangerous one for not "tolerating" a different viewpoint. We live in a wonderful country where there is a place for all kinds of varying opinions, beliefs and views. It's a shame that some people only show tolerance to others that have the same views and are not accepting of others who differ.

2562 days ago


I think Its great that Barry has taken a stand Good for him. I don't think Elizabeth knows what she is talking about and is very dangerous. I say bravo to barry. I also believe barry is good friends with Rosie and didn't like how Elizabeth treated her.

2562 days ago


Who honestly cares whether or not Barry appears on the View? Get over yourself Barry!

2562 days ago


OMG....Who cares about Barry Manilow or Rosie?????
IMO...For what its worth.........They are disgusting!!!!!!!!!

2562 days ago



2562 days ago


Sorry Barry, you look like such a snivelling, whimpy, whiney, pathetic excuse for a man!!

I have tons of respect for Elisabeth. She has to stand on her own much of the time. I'm glad Barbara is being so damn cool! I think she's brilliant on how she's handling this and on hiring Whoopie! She has been a huge asset to that show. I didn't expect to like her that much, but Whoopie totally rocks The View!!!!

Sorry Rosie, Barbara's still totally got it! The show's better than ever!

2562 days ago


Ok, lets face it, it's all about selling his cd's. He's been on with her 3 or 4 time why now?
What a old fart.

2562 days ago


Elisabeth is a narrowed minded hypocrite who's views are rooted in hate and ignorance. I cannot imagine why anyone would go on a T.V. show with her, despite the other wonderful ladies at The View.

2562 days ago

California Viewer    

What a baby BM is. Are you kidding me? Does he find Elisabeth so intimidating that he can't handle it? Give me a break. Back when he was actually famous, I don't seem to recall him demanding that everyone that went to his concerts or that bought his albums or CD's or whatever all be a card carrying Democrat. His reasoning is pathetic to say the least. And, I'm pretty sick of the Elisabeth bashing. She's no fool. If I were her, I'd be flattered that he decided to bail on being on The View. Who wants to look at that old used up prune anyway? I can't even believe he's still around. I don't know anyone that listens to his s--t.

2562 days ago


Ok, who cares now??

2562 days ago


I would have had more respect for Barry had he gone on the show and confronted this Dangerous and Offensive woman face to face if she had been out of line. This stance he has taken is that of a petulant child.

Barry your values are only as important as your willingness to stand up for them! By turning tail, you have demeaned yourself.

2562 days ago
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