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O.J.'s Alleged Victims Called Press, Talked Money

9/19/2007 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An hour after O.J. and crew raided a Vegas hotel room, the alleged victims were planning their media moves.
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TMZ has obtained an audiotape recorded about an hour after Simpson left. Bruce Fromong, one of the alleged victims, is heard saying, "I've already called the press." Fromong continues, "I've already called "Inside Edition." I'm trying to get Lydia's number, but it was in my f*****g phone that he stole."

Fromong rants at Alfred Beardsley, the other alleged victim, saying, "I told you we shouldn't have brought this s**t in. I told you." Beardsley replies, "Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, do you know how much money you're gonna make off this?" Fromong responds, "I don't give a s**t."


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Yea this was a set up. But it was RICCIO that was doing the The Setting Up and it backed fired sorta.
They were just gonna tape the part of the guys admitting they stole his stuff. but when OJ decided to have a goon squad come in with guns. WELL there he didnt think it would go wrong. He didnt THINK these crooks would call the cops, there all CROOKS
Now all of them are going to turn on him. Who is going to wanna sit in prison for poss 35 years. n for OJ. please

2589 days ago


Get a Grip no one SET UP Simpson. He is much to smart for that. Simpson set up the Sellers

2589 days ago


Funny how the Goldmans are going along with OJ that the stuff is his.... they want the money from it, and don't want OJ to go to jail... if he does they won't get any more money. I swear... everybody involved in the whole OJ fiasco is shady....

2589 days ago


Mr. Breadsley and Mr. Formong both want to now drop all charges. Riccio said Mr. Breadsley is a Simpson wanna be, just want to get into Simpson crowd. Said he is a liar, said these things on Larry King live last noc.

2589 days ago

friend of yours    

great! just when i thought OJ might actually go to jail for a crime, this stuff comes up.

Note to "victims": when staging a setup, don't record EVERY conversation or else it will come back to bite you in the ass.

2589 days ago


These guys should be arrested on conspiricy charges. O.J.has a right to hide his money and keep it away from the money grabbing Goldmans. These people need to get a life and let O.J. live his, whaeever he did is between him and God, and believe me, if he killed anyone, he will pay, God will get him but meanwhile, they just need to leave him alone.The people who set himup need to be careful because what goes around comes around, they could find themselves in the same position someday, or worst. I do believe that Fred Goldman had something to do with this, wonder how much he promised to pay Riccio to set O.J. up? They say its not racial, wanna bet? O.J. loves himself some white women, some white folks are not too cool with that and would love to see him go down. Will the people ever accept the Jury"s verdict that O.J. was not guilty of murder? why have a jury trial if you are not going to accept the verdict? That should have been the end of it, a civil trial was wrong, no one should be tried twice for murder or any wrongful deaths, it"s still double jeopardy regardless of how you look at it, but I guess double jeopard does not apply to the black man. Gretta, Nancy, Diane and Jane will have him tried and convicted before he even goes to trial, look what they they did to Michael Jackson. They are probably on their way to the prison right now to show us where O.J. will spend the next 30 years.

2589 days ago


Jack Nicholson? Get a clue.

2589 days ago


With the State giving immunity to two people now , one being Riccio, I don't know whats gonna happen. Maybe cause they are all crooks and their evidence is not worth a hill of beans because of their credibility, they will all walk.

2589 days ago


I knew this was a set up from the jump! I'm no O.J. fan and I still believe he's guilty of the murders of his ex and Ron Goldman, but I don't believe he's guilty of anything other than hanging out with the wrong people and getting played.

2589 days ago


I think the DA in Las Vegas better talk a better look at what is going on here......if he wants to keep his job....there should be no doubt in anyones mind that OJ was SET UP and I sure hope the they find out who paid these men to do it..hhummmmmm 3 guesses and the 1st 2 don't count......

2589 days ago


How much did TMZ pay these folks to set up OJ? TMZ is going down while OJ walks, as he probably should because even Stevie Wonder can see this was a setup!

2589 days ago


I bet the prosecutor is regretting all the immunity he handed out to get OJ. Now that it looks like I am not the only one who sees the overall sleeziness of this situation I can finally say OJ DESERVES WHAT HE GETS FOR THIS PURE STUPIDITY. Sadly the credibility of these idiots is in the toilet and I doubt he will do much time. But if its any consullation to folks, I'm sure he's gonna do some time on this one.

2589 days ago


Well I guess Harvey don't want to hear that there might be someone else behind all this choas with OJ...You go Dee.....but people don't want to read the truth....I agree with you 100%...

2589 days ago


agreed i think these creeps need to have their assets sold and any proceeds go to the browns or a trust fund for OJs kids......all of them.

2589 days ago


#38, keep dreaming, he's not gonna do any time

2589 days ago
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