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O.J.'s Alleged Victims Called Press, Talked Money

9/19/2007 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An hour after O.J. and crew raided a Vegas hotel room, the alleged victims were planning their media moves.
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TMZ has obtained an audiotape recorded about an hour after Simpson left. Bruce Fromong, one of the alleged victims, is heard saying, "I've already called the press." Fromong continues, "I've already called "Inside Edition." I'm trying to get Lydia's number, but it was in my f*****g phone that he stole."

Fromong rants at Alfred Beardsley, the other alleged victim, saying, "I told you we shouldn't have brought this s**t in. I told you." Beardsley replies, "Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, do you know how much money you're gonna make off this?" Fromong responds, "I don't give a s**t."


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This is a set up. OJ wasn't holding the gun,(if there was one) why are the other guys with him free allready? Why arn't there any charges of possession of stolen property aginst the guys that supposedly got robbed?

2526 days ago


Regardless of whether is was a 'setup' or not..... the simple truth is NO-ONE made OJ behave like a homicidal maniac.

He did that all himself. trying to show he was such a tough guy, Old habits die hard, huh, OJ?

Rot in hell you murderer.

2526 days ago


i think the law enforcement may end up owing money to OJ and fred goldman will loose credability
This memorbilia should go to the kids as they like others said may want something of their father.

2526 days ago


I read where someone said that the people need to let it go about OJ. If anybody should let it go, it should have been OJ. So, this BS about the people should "let it go", OJ started it. The Goldmans' DID NOT solict OJ to write a book confessing, "If I Did It". OJ did it with NO respect to his children, mother or his family and friends. Its all about money and power for OJ. He definitely doesn't have any respect for the Goldmans or the Brown family, they each lost a family member. He wrote a book about the murder of his (then) young children's mother, stating, "If I Did It". Obviously, OJ was not thinking about any of his children, just his selfish self. Whatever money the Goldmans receive from this book, will be monies due to them through an award of the court in the amount of 33 million-plus. No different than anybody else going after an award from the court system. Yeah, they probably would have preferred that OJ fried. I hope he rots in jail (hell). Whichever comes first.

2517 days ago


Its all about money. Goldman is driven by money too. He should have never allowed this book to be printed. O.J. has now been able to get in print how unstable Nicole was. After reading it, I can understand why the Browns did not want it published. "Blood Money" Trash Nicole and get the Dollars. Shame on the Goldmans.

2517 days ago


It is difficult to figure out why OJ would even think, about writing a book, 'If I did it'.................when a person thinks about other people, they can only bestow, on the other person, the life experiences, the education, and the knowledge, that they themselves cannot think in terms of something you have never expeienced or gained knowledge of...............therefore, only a few, will figure out why OJ is the type of person he is...............the rest of us are just normal, regular, everyday people............the abilities and legal knowledge of the DA, the Defense Attorney, the Judge, the quirks of the overall system, and the thinking of OJ himself, will determine the outcome of OJ Simpson................It will be interesting to watch, when the outcome does get here.........

2517 days ago


................ For those concerned that everything was a, 'Set Up'..............does
the set up really matter?................if someone told OJ that the
HOLY GRAIL ,was for sale in that hotel room..............and OJ
entered the room and behaved the same...........was it
illegal?................if someone told OJ that SOUPY SALES was in
that hotel room and he is selling pies..............and OJ entered
the room and behaved the same..............was it
illegal?...................did OJ break the law upon crossing the door
opening?...............or leaving thru the door opening?...........I
think he broke the law.............Others do not seem to think so.

2517 days ago
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