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O.J. Victim on Tape -- I Set Up Offshore Accounts - Uncensored

9/19/2007 12:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Husker Red    

This guy proves that OJ is running around with people at the same class level he is, LOW. OJ will probably walk anyway so I am hopeful we do not waste hours of time during news broadcasts getting OJ up-dates, who cares about OJ, his fame is over

2589 days ago

Going down!!!    

Finally Oj's going down, One up for Ron Goldman!! The truth always comes out, Oj cant control his rage, and thats exactly what happened the night He murdered!!!

2589 days ago


The Goldman Family and Nicole's family may rest a bit easier knowing that in the end....JUSTICE prevails....not JUICE!!!!!......I hope everything comes out about his offshore dealings and anything else he did trying to escape the civil trial....

2589 days ago


Oh boy. I wonder if they will get a black jury this time around.

2589 days ago


OJ is the gift that keeps on giving to cable TV. My prediction: he will do little or no time for this incident. The kidnapping charges will be dropped and his lawyer will have him plea bargain to a reduced sentence. OJ will be back on the golf course before you can say Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

2589 days ago


Odds are he'll walk again. All they need is one not guilty vote for a hung jury and in Las Vegas I'll bet the defense finds at least one . . . and if they retry him they'll find another one. Unfortunately, the bum is high grade Teflon.

2589 days ago


Set the poor black man free. Haven't we done enough to the African American Community?

2589 days ago

Another way to make money off of O.J. Riccio should be barred from auctioneering O.J. memorbulia is down so he had to set a man    

Another way to make money off of O.J. Riccio should be barred from auctioneering O.J. memorbulia is down so he had to set the man up to make money I would not want him to sell my things you may not get all of your money . I'm an auctioneer and I hatted to hear that he is one of my colleges.

2589 days ago


Karma is that OJ might go to jail trying to rob the guy who has his suit that he wore when he was acquitted. That is Karma licking its chops!

2589 days ago


dont get it twisted im not a bigot! im just saying, why would you get involved with him? i dont know him, i think some PEOPLE seems to take it a lil 2 serious . why would you go down to the courthouse and protest a nobody, who aint payin none of your bills, aint doing issh for U! all them cats he was dealin wus devils,the whole world is looking us like we jokes, and yaw are focus on o.j ....... there are kids dying in the streets, wheres the outrage. everybodys focused on HIS money. ......bush got the receipt.

2588 days ago


I am an African American and I don't give a fat rat or a funky monkey about OJ Simpson. Criminals get acquitted for their crimes all of the time. Look at Phil Spector (Side Show Bob). He might get away with his crime too. Did we forget about him? These celebrities don't pay my bills. Why care? Don't expect to see "Jesse" or "Al" in this one. They're in Louisiana right now. This is not a black or white issue. They all should be locked up right now. Everybody that was in that room should do time. They are all criminals. To my black brothers and sisters, this isn't black or white. He is a bad example to use as injustice against blacks.

2588 days ago


oh great, so some body is trying to make it a racial issue! OK . name one white entertainer, ect. , that has had his name dragged in the mud. r yall stupid ? black people dont have no trust in this system. white people dont live reality. yall live in fantasy land. we live reality. go on any urban block and watch what U see.they usesing the tube to dived us,not that we were close anyway..... my point is . there is a war going on. remember that . a realist . if you want reality holla.

2588 days ago


have you ever been lied to? do you beleive in lies? who r the lyars? why r you lying?what would you lie 4? when do the lies stop?

2588 days ago


Maybe the bastard will get whats coming to him this time!

2588 days ago


He deserves everything that is going to happen to him! He needs to know that he can not get away with everything! I hope that they throw the book at him and that Fred Goldman gets everything that he is due and the same for Nicole's family! His poor Childern! The wrong person's were killed! OJ YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW! YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!!!!!!! You know what you did then and now!

2588 days ago
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