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O.J. Victim on Tape -- I Set Up Offshore Accounts

9/19/2007 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an audiotape recorded one hour after O.J.Simpson and his crew allegedly robbed two men in a Las Vegas hotel room.

An hour after the incident, Bruce Fromong, a sports memorabilia dealer and an alleged victim, can be heard ranting, "Nobody puts a gun in my f****n' face. I stood up for that motherf***er in -- in while he was in jail. I stood up for him in the press. I stood up for him on the, on the stand. I helped him set up his f***in' offshore accounts. Don't f**k with me."

If true, this could be a road map for Fred Goldman to go after Simpson's assets.

Fromong had a serious heart attack days after the incident, but is improving. His condition was upgraded to fair this morning.

Is O.J. hiding money?



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People, please stop bashing Fred Goldman. He deserves all the money he can get from the pockets of this monster.

I guarantee you that if given the choice between a BILLION dollars and having his son back, he would choose his beloved son.

2557 days ago


OJ is not very bright. He lucked out in one trial. However, he's dead meat this time and there is no room for luck to enter. I imagine the prosecution probably wishes he would try to run. That would surely relieve them of the pressure they must be feeling at the moment to make certain any conviction they get can't be overturned based on a claim that OJ was treated unfairly based on his prior history. This time his 'friends' are going to feed him to the DA systematically, one bite at a time, just like tossing meat to a waiting tiger.

2557 days ago

OJ Watcher    

As a sociopath, OJ will NOT be able to comply with the conditons set at time of bail - no
contact of ANY KIND with his co-horts or "victims"!!?? Heck, he'll do his own investigation, just like doing his own "sting". He'll be followed and watched closely. Maybe he'll go check on his "off shore accounts", he'll need to know that his $$ are safe, or even try to move them. ha ha ha! this will entertain us for the next year before the election, whew!

2557 days ago


"Fred Goldman is the only parent I know who used his sons brutal murder as a payday....."

I think you miss the larger point: Goldman could not get justice from the legal system, so he wants to receive court-ordered payment for the full amount any way he can because he knows that is the only way the Simpson creep can be punished.

IMO, he wanted the book contents out there so people can read for themselves what a self-serving sociopath Simpson really is. I'm sure he also has legal bills to pay, and using Simpson's book to pay them represents some level of justice.

2557 days ago

Zoe Tate    

As a former battered woman whose ex-husband took everything from me but my life, I knew this day would come ... brains do not improve with age like single malt Scotch ... OJ is arrogrant and feels omnipotent because the American culture has never held him accountable for anything ... he has gotten away with specious behaviour his whole life but is an empty, angry, terrified narcissist there is the justice... beat his first wife (no one ever beats just one wife), was responsible for the death of his baby daughter by not watching her and she crawled into a swimming pool and drowned and was never held accountable for beating Nicole for years ... Buddha said karma means one doesn't get away with anything ... I hope he is as paralyzed with fear as Nicole and Ron in the last moments of their lives ...

2557 days ago


Fred is getting 14 cents a book. As Oprah said: "that would be the worst book deal in history." He did not structure a book deal, he simply diverted OJ from receiving a sum that was already over a million in just the advance alone.

2557 days ago

That poor court monitor!    

If OJ Simpson is possibly facing life in prison for the criminal charges in Las Vegas, and thus, has very little to lose, there are more than a few people who should be extremely concerned with increasing their self-protection now that he's out on bail and free to travel the country.

This man has quite a past, no?

2557 days ago


Re: Goldman being in it for the money....
Sometime in 1997 after the civil suit was settled, Goldman offered OJ a deal. He said the Goldman family would legally waive the settlement if OJ would sign a confession stating he murdered Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. Even though OJ could not be re-tried for the murders, he declined the Goldman's offer then promptly went about the business of hiding his assets so the Goldmans could not seize them.

Imagine this: Some drunken idiot kills your child with his car but gets off on a technicality. Seeking some kind of formal affirmation of his guilt, some way of holding him to answer for his crime, you sue him in civil court and win. He is ordered to pay you $100,000. He refuses to pay you, he hides his assets, and he drives around town in his cool new car he bought to replace the one he ruined when he killed your child. Do you let him get away with it or do you go after him the only legal way that is open to going after his money which was awarded to you?

2557 days ago

Tony Romo    

OJ Marry me! I am a former prosecuter I can provide
you immunity from prosecution.
I saved you Once I can save you again my love.....

Please Please "ME" i am on my knees please please please

2557 days ago


How do people conclude that recording a voice without consent is a federal offense or a crime of any kind? News cameramen do it all the time. Hell, TMZ wouldn't exist if it was illegal to record people without their consent! 60 Minutes would never have made it past is first show.

2556 days ago


Your day has come, Juice, you stupid fool! Although I DOUBT that you will spend one lousy day in jail, perhaps I will be proven wrong, hopefully! All of you perverted, immoral, dirtball, degenerate celebrities will have to meet your maker one day, and your sordid, WICKED SOUL will be well as my soul..GOOD LUCK , you will need it! Your gold and silver and glamour will have NO WORTH when you answer for your sins, you cannot pay off YAHWEH! Your $$ will be no good to HIM!! Hopefully, OJ, they got your number this time, what an idiot you are..and they have your VOICE on tape this really screwed up this time around! HAHA!

2556 days ago


I'm going to laugh my rear off if Simpson bought his way out of a murder charge, and then gets sentenced to prison for ill-planned BS.

His ego is growing, and what he doesn't "get" is that the public is sick to the point of vomiting of him.

2556 days ago

Paper or plastic    

Fred Golddigger is trying to making it up to his son now, with his foundation that he set up. Too late. Their was never a father and son relationship, they have not spoken for years. Now he comes off like he was such a dutiful father, cashing in of his dead son. No wonder he looks so tired and unhappy. Keep the fight up till you get a heart attack

2556 days ago


I hope the bastard gets what he deserves!

2556 days ago

Meal ticket?    

I see these comments about Mr Goldman using his son's death for a meal ticket, and I'm disgusted. Do you really think the Goldman family is looking for a handout? You people are ignorant.

2556 days ago
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