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O.J. Victim on Tape -- I Set Up Offshore Accounts

9/19/2007 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an audiotape recorded one hour after O.J.Simpson and his crew allegedly robbed two men in a Las Vegas hotel room.

An hour after the incident, Bruce Fromong, a sports memorabilia dealer and an alleged victim, can be heard ranting, "Nobody puts a gun in my f****n' face. I stood up for that motherf***er in -- in while he was in jail. I stood up for him in the press. I stood up for him on the, on the stand. I helped him set up his f***in' offshore accounts. Don't f**k with me."

If true, this could be a road map for Fred Goldman to go after Simpson's assets.

Fromong had a serious heart attack days after the incident, but is improving. His condition was upgraded to fair this morning.

Is O.J. hiding money?



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You are collectively a bunch of sniveling cowards! OJ was acquitted by a jury, meaning, if you believe in the justice system, that he is innocent. The idiotic general public seems to have substituted their judgment for a jury who had the opportunity of reviewing all of the evidence – I guess the public can better determine innocence or guilt by watching TV (Nancy Grace or Glen Beck) or, for an even more informative source, the National Enquirer. The jury, who had the benefit of viewing all of the evidence and all of the witnesses, in person, properly concluded that OJ was innocent. Now the public wishes to have OJ convicted for an entirely unrelated crime based on the perception that he should have been convicted for the murders of Nicole and Ron.

You need to do your homework concerning law, if you are found not guilty that in no way means you are innocent. It means that the state has not convinced the jury beyond a reasonable doubt as to all the elements of the crime with which the defendant has been charged.

And are you kidding? No one had to rely on watching Nancy Grace (who did not even have a show at that time, by the way) or read The National Enquirer. They televised the trial 24/7. So anyone could form their opinion, by the evidence and facts, first hand.

By your logic and ignorance on these subjects, you sound as if you would have been a perfect fit on that jury.

So before accusing others of being idiots, maybe you should do some homework and educate yourself on the facts, before embarassing yourself with asinine comments.

2588 days ago


I have not seen as many obtuse, misinformed, unknowledgeable people in one place at one time.
The MURDERER was found Not Guilty during the criminal trial. Found Guilty at the Civil Trial. Do you people realize leather shrinks when exposed to liquid, those gloves, purchased for the MURDERER by Nicole, let alone being soaked in blood. Those gloves in that size were tried on, later at trial, and it was a perfect fit. OH my,OH my, what about those Bruno MAGLI SHOES? How soon we forget. Darn that DNA, with both victims and the MUDERERS.
As for Mr. Goldman, have your young child taken from you as a victim of violent crime and let me know how many would not want to take everything possible away from that MURDERER!
Sorry, protest to go to, Iraq war, remember that one?

2588 days ago


aaaawwwww...SNAP!!! Mr. Goldman, this is your lucky day!!

2584 days ago
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