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O.J. Victim on Tape -- I Set Up Offshore Accounts

9/19/2007 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an audiotape recorded one hour after O.J.Simpson and his crew allegedly robbed two men in a Las Vegas hotel room.

An hour after the incident, Bruce Fromong, a sports memorabilia dealer and an alleged victim, can be heard ranting, "Nobody puts a gun in my f****n' face. I stood up for that motherf***er in -- in while he was in jail. I stood up for him in the press. I stood up for him on the, on the stand. I helped him set up his f***in' offshore accounts. Don't f**k with me."

If true, this could be a road map for Fred Goldman to go after Simpson's assets.

Fromong had a serious heart attack days after the incident, but is improving. His condition was upgraded to fair this morning.

Is O.J. hiding money?



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J Jax    

I find it absolutely appalling that the prosecution is continuing to add ridiculous felony charges against O.J. Simpson. I believe that many people are still seeking revenge from the murder case, and this was a complete setup. What is even more confusing is the fact that Mr. Riccio hasn’t been charged with ANYTHING. He informed O.J. of where the memorabilia was, who had it, convinced him to go get it, and even had the key to the room, but he isn’t guilty of any crimes! Can we say “entrapment”? I am continuously losing faith in the American Justice System. An individual is said to be proven innocent or guilty in the court of law. In O.J.’s case he was found not-guilty of murder, but he has been crucified continuously by millions and has had everything he worked for STOLEN from him. I disagree with the wrongful death lawsuit judgment, and I don’t believe the Browns or Goldmans deserve a dime! Do I believe O.J. is a saint--absolutely not. However, I do believe that he is being treated fairly and this is a 2nd attempt to send him to prison.

2589 days ago


Karma truly is a wonderful thing.... I guess if you can get away with a double murder, you think you can do almost anything. I knew it was only a matter of time before he did something else. I don't think he will get away with this one. Remember, Al Capone got away with murder for years and the Feds could never get anything on him. Then...he was finally found guilty of tax evasion and died in prison. The morale of this story is this... sooner or later you just have to pay the piper for what you do.

All we have to do now is pop some popcorn and watch the show...

2589 days ago


Cheryl1, YOU REALLY ARE STUPID, OJ was NOT found guilty of murder in a court of law. Civil and crimminal court are very different pea brain. Murder is a Crimminal offense. I'm sorry you are so stupid. Maybe go back to school or read books. Pay attention to detail!!!

2589 days ago

Lone Ranger    

Posted at 1:22PM on Sep 19th 2007 by steve

**The only difference between me and Goldman is that I "HAVE" a realtionship with my child whereas Goldman didn't. And I would NOT want the blood money. Since a person was never convicted in a Criminal Court of Law for the murder, the money would be used as a reward to find/convict the person who did it. There are alot of people out there who were found innocent/cleared of murder charges (thru DNA) in a Criminal Court, but were found LIABLE in a Civil Court. There is a BIG difference.

2589 days ago

Jus D truth    

Fred Goldman is a money grubbing - sniveler!!! Has he forgotten that Nicole Brown's family is due HALF of any money he gets. OOOH, he and that homely daughter of his MUST of forgotten that tiny little tibit of information. Why is it we never hear from the Brown Family - demanding money. WE ONLY HEAR FROM THAT 4-EYED cry baby & his ugly cry baby daughter!!! Good going Goldmans - you must be sooo proud of making $$$$$ off of your DEAD SON

2589 days ago


Wll they be able to prove their charges? Maybe that's why the Judge set the bail so low, even he thinks the charges are made up. I'm not sure they have acase. Why does it seem the Police always screw up their investigations when it comes to celebrities. Only in America, no look at Princes Dianna, it's the same everywhere.

2589 days ago


I'm with you J.Jax...

The sheer fact that recording another's conversation without their consent is a felony offense in the state of NV, as well as grounds for a civil suit, and he was not charged is incredible.

Regardless whatever charges are trumped against him, a *jury* of 12 will decide his fate (not a judge)... 10-15% of Clark, NV is black. Should even one of those jurors desent on basis of "race" or any other reason, an acquittal will occur... just like his last case. Wouldn't get to excited folks.. same result is highly likely to occur, just like before.

2589 days ago

death on a cracker    

everyone that keeps screaming that Goldmanns are using their sons death as a pay off are the SAME people who try and sue their neighbors for the grass being too green. you know who you are! im moving to mexico! there really isnt anyone left there so ill have the whole place to my self!

2589 days ago


I don't think it's so much that the Goldman's want to profit from this, but to keep OJ on the offensive.

Why should OJ have a comfortable life and pretend that none of this has happened, when the Goldman family wakes up every day with the knowledge that this monster took their son away from them?

2589 days ago

Lone Ranger    

94. It's obvious his children don't care much about him, the two youngest anyway. They are both in college and looks like they are trying to make something of themselves without OJ's help. If they were concerned about him looks like they would have been in Vegas! They know he killed their Mom!
Posted at 1:39PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Goldman Fan
HELLOOOOO you better get your story straight. No the children DONOT think he killed her. Not too long ago the daughter was interviewed and she stated that fact.

2589 days ago

not a dumbass    

I think cherry1 is either having sex with al or is just in love with him. but, i'm a completely different person. a person that has a brain. seriously, read his post. he explains quite clearly the difference (as have many news outlets during this annoying time ...) between being found guilty in a criminal trial and a civil trial. do you realize that being responsible for someone's death can mean so many vague things? for instance, when people sue cigarette companies for wrongful death and win, that's a civil court finding these companies "responsible" for these people's deaths. that's how subjective this is. OJ being found responsible for the deaths could even be attributed to the fact that: he hit her therefore they got divorced therefore she moved to that condo and that's where she got killed.

i'm not saying he didn't murder Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. I'm saying that he was found not guilty of their murders. he was found to be responsible for the deaths in a civil trial and that was just a gift being thrown at the hoards that are just soooo certain of his guilt that they can't even open their puny minds long enough to look at the alternatives.

2589 days ago

just me    

You Go Fred Goldman! Get all that is OWED to you, if you need help would be glad to help any way I can! If OJ can't pay one way make him pay another, allow him to look over his shoulder daily and wonder if you are there, or wondering what you are up to next, maybe this will be a daily reminder of what he did to your son!!

2589 days ago


CHERYL 1.. Not all people who loose a child to a Murder goes looking for MONEY to make them feel better. thats BLOOD MONEY .
and you might say well OJ killed them. I would say then the courts had to prove it and sadly the courts figured it was more important to become celebrities instead of doing their JOBS.
Does Fred Golddigger look any happier to you. Blood money doesnt make you happy.!! If anyone should get that money should be NICOLES KIDS. not The father who for years wasnt even speaking to his son. NOW HE LOVES HIM because NOW he isnt here. How nice for him.

2589 days ago


71- Fred Goldman would need a job, but he's getting 17cent a copy off of OJ's new book, so He should get a few hundred thousand off of that. It's all about money with Fred Goldman.

2589 days ago


Actual money to put up for the bail was only 12,500.00 dollars. Bonds man did posting. His lawyer has been Simpson's lawyer for a while. Perhaps he is working for nothing. I doubt that. Isn't funny how after 12 years even the people closest to Mr. Simpson are now turning on him. The people he has been doing business with, the people who have covered for him in the past. Mr. Gilbert for one. Mr. Formong for two. Riccio. I hope Mr. Formong survives this heart attack and my sympathy goes to him and his family. I read in one article that he had a cardiac arrest. Hope no brain damage occurred. Larry, Moe Howie, Ron, Gibson this will happen to you in the end. A Corrupt life leads to a corrupt end of your life, and it is usually the people that become corrupt that turn you in . Off Shore Accounts and taxes will be his end.

2589 days ago
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