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Rampage Rants on Kid and Tommy

9/19/2007 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson knows a thing or two about crackin' cranium, so who better to ask about Kid Rock and Tommy Lee's scrawny rocker tussle?

The prize-winning pugilist was taken aback when told that the fracas was over a woman, giving Jackson thoughts on pin-up Pam Anderson. Jackson's prediction: "I ain't never seen neither one of 'em get down ... I'm a real fighter ... so I gotta to see the skills, but Kid Rock may be a little tougher. And Tommy Lee kinda old."

Them's fightin' words!


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He'd probably seriously hurt either Tommy or Kid Rock.

2594 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

A bit of diplomacy from Rampage! I still think Tommy and Kid will stand to make a buncha money on some sort of 'celebrity boxing match'! I'd watch it, unless it competed against a UFC match. Put them in a ring, televise it, and don't let them wear those pillow-sized boxing gloves- let 'em wear full contact gloves!

2594 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

#1, no offense, but 'probably' hurt one of them? Even most pro fighters are hesitant to step into the ring with Quinton. There's a BIG difference between loud mouth brawling rockstars and trained fighters!

2594 days ago


Rampage is the man....It was exciting to see him k.o. chuck lidell. Rampage, the henderson fight was boring, not because of how you fought, but because no one cared about the match up...The UFC needs to stop hyping fighters with no kind of "it" factor. Yeah we want to see knockouts but your starting to lose cred, because the organization keeps hyping up average fighters, not stars. Get it together Dana White..No one wants to see regular tough guys fight, we want star athletes, like Randy, Rampage, Chuck, Vitor etc...People that make it exciting, not these no- personality fighters.

2594 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Yeah, the Jackson Henderson fight kinda fizzled, but I think it was because they are good friends. Imagine how this fight would have gone if there was animosity between them. There was no 'I'm gonna f*%k Chuck up!' in this one! But still, if TMZ wanted to really have a Ratings Bonanza, they should seriously consider getting the rights to a match between Kid and Tommy. TMZ, are you listening? I'd LOVE to see these two chuckleheads mix it up! It'd probably last 30 seconds before one of them runs out of the ring, but who cares! Let Pam Anderson do the ring card girl duties! Now THAT would fire them up!

2594 days ago


Rampage is the best, I have to admit he's right. Why would you fight over that Hep C ridden stuff......Unless you have it.....Oh man, Rampage is too funny, go to youtube and find his videos in Japan, you'll piss yourself laughing so hard. Why the UFC isn't pushing him the way they do Liddell and Couture is beyond me.

2594 days ago


Listen up Dana White....Your always promoting the ufc fights out here in L.A. so get on it and add some stars to the fighting roster..I agree with post #4. We want to see fighters that have something you want to watch. We dont want to see these blah fighters you keep pushing on the T.V. show. They are boring. Bring some dang stars. Quit trying to create these no personality fighters. Tito, Randy, Rampage, Shamrock, Iceman, all have something that makes you want to see them fight, in addition to their talent.

What ever you have to do sign Brock Lesner, and Kurt Angle..Give them what they want. These guys have a huge presence and talent, they have shown interest in the UFC so get the in the ring. We dont want to see a PPV full of tough guy knocking eachother out. We want Star-Athletes competing.

2594 days ago


Listen Up Dana White...

Get Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar in the Dang UFC.....Yes Rampage, Randy,Chuck and Tito are the stars, but alot of these guys you back are not stars and are rather boring. We dont want to see a ppv full of no personality fighters bashing eachother. We want STAR ATHLETES competing. The Fighters off of the reality show can fight but who cares no one wants to see them. They dont have the X factor.

Kurt Angle And Brock Lesnar have shown interest so get them signed already. Kurt doesnt need to prove himself, he's an Olympic gold medalist. We want personalities and Great Athletes, not Fighters who can take a beating.

2594 days ago

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