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Elvis Lives -- In New Photos!

9/20/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Necrostar Elvis Presley is back -- and TMZ's got him!

Think back to before the fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches to 1958, during the early Elvis craze, when he was shipped off for military duty. E spent the majority of his two-year stint in what was then West Germany, where he met a lil' young thang named Priscilla.

TMZ has uncovered these never-before-seen photos that document Elvis' return from Germany and his last days in uniform.


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I was stationed at the same places as Elvis was when he was there ,Fort Dix,Fort Hood, and Ray Barracks in Germany. I was at Fort Dix when Elvis got discharged. I got to speak to him twice.

2592 days ago


This is for test 890...and for those who disagree with you. Elvis was in his 20's when he met Pricilla Beaulieu, who was 14 years old. Have any of you read her book? She even admits to this. I never understood her parents allowing her to continue to go to his home. She tells about the sexual sessions with him when she was 14 and until he finally married her. No they never had sex until they married but they got each other off. This wonderful man you all talk religious, so generous....who had the gall to con her parents into letting her continue to see him, come to California after he left the service, come to Graceland and live...he makes me sick. Read her book..she describes it all. Yes he acted the pedophile with her you morons. And for those of you who say he wasn't a drug addict...he only used prescriptions....duh, there are plenty of people addicted to them too. Elvis had the potential to be so much more than he ever was. I believe he could have recorded better material, made decent movies. Did any of you know he was up for one of the leads in "Westside Story"? The colonel turned it down..he never toured overseas...all he did was make those awful movies with one awful starlet after another and sing insipid songs. He chose his Memphis Mafia to play with over his wife and child. Yes I agree with you test890...he was a man who could have been so much more in every sense of the word. As for Pricilla's parents, no respect for them either...they literally gave him an unexperienced 14 kid for his pleasure. Sick , just sick.

2592 days ago

Jera Potts    

ELVIS was and still is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love you Elvis you are my sanity!!!! ELVIS 4 EVER!! I always was and always will be an ELVIS fan. Elvis is one of my passions in life and seeing these photos brought tears to my eyes!!!! thank you for shareing them with us dedicated fans. Jera Potts......

2591 days ago


I wanted people to see these pictures and remember that times were different and people were different in that era . But in every era you have people who are fowl and disrespectful and only care that they are right and everybody is wrong except for them . There will never ever be another Elvis or another entertainer that will bring women to their knees and make them cry really cry for a man who had such a voice to do so . He is a legend and deserves to be one . Why do you think there are all those Elvis impersonators they just want to feel what it was like to be him . And he deserves his place in heaven , and recognition on Earth for he lived too short of time. He has millions of fans that still love and always will . Thank you Thank you very much

2591 days ago


Here's a disgusting post...

20. elvis was a pedophile! hit a woman in the chest with a pool stick paralyzing one of her breast. and was a down right bully. he'd fit in with todays celebrity just fine. at least justin timberlake writes his own song
pretty aside...he was down right disgusting.

Posted at 8:38AM on Sep 20th 2007 by shan

Here's a definition of what this disgusting person calls Elvis and this person wasn't there to know anything, but had this person read about many other womens's encounters with Elvis, this person might find the real truth and be a little more informed instead of hating due to unproven rumors. But the fact this person believes what was in the book by the West's tell it's own little story of who this person listens to.

Pedophilia or pædophilia (see spelling differences) is a preferentialorexclusive sexual attraction by adults to prepubescent youths. Priscilla did NOT fit this definition.

2577 days ago


1961-arizona memorial fund concert at block arena. without this show to raise money memorial would not have been built. elvis via satellite over one billion watched was to raise money for cancer. how about the time elvis bought twelve pickup trucks and drove each one to a poor farmer in memphis and gave them the keys and titles. could you imagine one of todays so call stars doing things like this? this is why elvis is a big deal.....

2570 days ago

Lenn K.    

My Mother worked at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas in the 60's and 70's and, one night Elvis walked in..She said he was the most handsome, beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. He had so much class...He would be so proud of Lisa Marie and those Grandbabies would be the light of his life....I will always Love the King and never grow tired of him....Ann Liggins

2566 days ago


god i wish he was still alive :(

2560 days ago


No matter how often I hear people proclaim how great the music has been since the Beatles came on the scene in about 1964 - they are wrong. The best USA music came from the Louisiana Hayride scene -- Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Faron Young, Jim Reeves, Johnny Horton, Webb Pierce, Eddie Arnold, Sonny James, Marty Robbins, George Jones, Patsy Cline, Kitty Wells, Connie Smith, and so many, many more. My heart aches for all that "old" music. I wish we could turn back the hands of time 50 years.

Back in those days Hollywood had real stars and gorgeous starlets. Elvis Presley was Magic! Just thinking about those days makes my heart beat fast. By the way, today is Annette Funicello's birthday.

2560 days ago

hot snot    

The greatest most influential musician to ever walk the planet.

thanks for sharing these TMZ!!!!

2559 days ago
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