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Goldman's Lawyer on the Offshore Hunt

9/20/2007 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonFred Goldman's lawyer is salivating, after TMZ ran an audio clip in which one of O.J. Simpson's alleged victims revealed that he helped Simpson set up an offshore bank account.

Shortly after Simpson and crew left the room, sports memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong was heard screaming, "I stood up for him in the press. I stood up for him on the stand. I helped him set up his f****n' offshore accounts."

Simpson owes Goldman tens of millions of dollars from a civil judgment. Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, said the audio is a game-changer, saying, "It has us fixated. If it's there, it's gonna be ours."

Cook says he'll haul Fromong into court when Fromong is out of the hospital, where he's recuperating from a massive heart attack.


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Gail and The Truth....................

Admit your are
Gay l + Fred Goldman
Truth+ Kim Goldman

2552 days ago

Lone Ranger    

84. GAIL: Are you for real???? Mr. Gold-dogger WILL badger an innocent man( said by the Sate of California ) until the day the GOld-digger dies. He did not love his son, but now loves the prospect of being a billion-aire. The Goldman Family are the Beverly Hillbilly's wannabes!
How many acts of kindness did you perform on the civil court judge, I wonder Mr. Goldman.....perhaps the fact that your son was gay was inherited by your passions. And also, how much was the civil court judge promised by you Gold-doggers?
The Brown have let this rest. They are so sick of your face in the news at any cost.
Oh by the way, Fred and Kim, there is a Fire burning at Big Bear..............if you visit you might get a newscaster to let you blow him and say a few things on air.
Posted at 6:01PM on Sep 20th 2007 by Serena

You Go Girl!!! He most likely is and thats why his wife left him and his daughter stays with him because she is hoping he will pay for her face-lift. You KNOW she is "Daddy's Little Girl". Makes one wonder..hmmmmmm

As for the Browns, you are right. They cannot stand him. When Oprah found out he was going to be on her show and then Denise Brown refused to be on it with him, Oprah wanted to cancel the segment, but it was too late. Oprah didnot want to do the interview with Goldman and his raggy daughter NOR did she want to hype up/endorse his book on her show. I read all about it.

2552 days ago


#89. Rae~
I admire the way you blog!!!
You are correct in all that you have said. Keep up the good work!

2552 days ago

Lone Ranger    

86. GAIL YOU NAILED IT! I was wondering where the heck all these Goldman-haters *suddenly* appeared from. They were not here when OJ was in jail. Hah!

The Goldman family is mostly motivated by keeping OJ from living in an openly lavish lifestyle (when he really should be in jail for the double homicide). Their lawyers have to be paid as well for working these 13 years trying to collect on the judgment awarded to them and the Brown family (which is really just the two kids, now almost adults).

The best thing was seeing Simpson crammed in COACH yesterday, his cheap animal-abusing girlfriend, a poor white-trash version of Nicole, bending over, biting into some sandwich. Oh, OJ, you had your days when you had a model-gorgeous wife, the high-end lifestyle, riding in first class. If you're not sorry for what you did to two people, aren't you at least sorry for how much you screwed up what you had? You were the Juice. Now you're just a sad old man.

Posted at 6:01PM on Sep 20th 2007 by truth

#1..This Blog was not here when OJ was in jail,
#2..In a Civil Judgement, I thought legally you had to reopen the case every 7 years in court in order for it to be valid. If not, maybe I should go and collect on my Civil cases.
#3..How come the only time Golddigger comes out of the closet (hehehehehe) is when OJ is in the news? OJ was smart going Coach, otherwise Golddigger would be wondering how he paid for a first class ticket. Hey, if its good enough for his attorney, its good enough for OJ.

2552 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Madeline, go back to the Anna Nicole Smith board you freak.

2552 days ago

Lone Ranger    

90. #89. Rae~
I admire the way you blog!!!
You are correct in all that you have said. Keep up the good work!
Posted at 6:14PM on Sep 20th 2007 by Serena

Why Thank-you...I do my homework.

2552 days ago

Lone Ranger    

76. I think OJ will hopefully get what he deserves. Johnny Cochran isnt around to bail his sorry ass out this time. One last and final thing here, to all those who still say the glove didnt fit, get a grip. Leather that becomes wet shrinks after it dries... Even if the liquid was blood... hellooooo.....
Posted at 5:42PM on Sep 20th 2007 by Someone sick of that murderer

HELLOOOOO..yes, leather does shrink, but not THAT much. So, in otherwords, your leather shoes get wet and they will shrink 2-3x smaller than what they were orignally? I don't think so. The item will shrink, yes, back to the size of the orignal cut/design. That is why when leather is worked with, makers cut it just slightly larger than the size they want, process the item, then sell it. (My Great Grandfather was a Leather-Worker)

2552 days ago


You idiots saying OJ is broke, obviously you are ignorant as to asset protection planning which OJ is the poster child for. He receives a generous NFL pension and has other pension vehicles, in addition to off-shore accounts which are untouchable by the Goldmans.

2552 days ago


90. Madeline, go back to the Anna Nicole Smith board you freak.

Posted at 6:17PM on Sep 20th 2007 by I make the rules here

Hello, This is the second time you have called me a freak. I will ask you very nicely and kindly to please stop thank you. IMO

2552 days ago


You gotta love it when one poster keeps changing their monicker and giving kudos to themselves! Did you think you were fooling anyone Goldman hater? How nice of you to slander the dead. And just for the record you idiot, Ron was estranged from his MOTHER not his father.

Go get him Fred, take the murdering thug for everything he's got left. Then when you're done we'll send his bloated, aging, theiving, killing murdering ass to prison.

2552 days ago

common sence    

HaHaHaha,,,,OJ is toast,,,LOL,,,,its about time!!!!! HEY ,,,OJ,,,did your mama ever tell you
Be sure your sins will find you out . no fail,,,no brainer,,,cha,,,ching,,,chump

2552 days ago


fianlly the Goldman's have a lead to the off shore account which probably exists

anything they find is shared with Nicole's estate (her kids) cause that's what the judgement in the civil case was all about

wonder if and when they find the hidden $$ if the IRS will then have to step in and tax his undeclared & hidden earnings?

they should
more jail
federal time for that

remember it was the IRS alone that was the downfall of Al Capone all those years ago-they are formidable!!

Simpson took a big risk in getting his clown buddies to help him with the banking cause now they'll have to speak to save their own hides!!

and I don't know where some people get the idea that Fred Goldman wasn't speaking to his son-they were a very close loving family-that was all shown during the civil trial

Ron Goldman was a typical waiter/struggling actor in California
he had done some print modelling etc. and was just beginning his life

Nicole was a loving mom, daughter and sister

hope this time justice can do what it couldn't do before

2552 days ago

The low-yer    

This was all staged for the book.... Goldman and OJ made a deal to sell the book....
It was an OJ look alike...

Look for the next book on e-bay : " If I stole it "...

Hey Flip-Flap Goldman, get a life... Get a real job....

Lots of young kids die in Iraq, We don't see their parents on the TV shows like we see you...

2552 days ago

Lone Ranger    

TO: Lone Ranger is a dumb-a$$
Hey Fred, Nice of you to join me over here. Missed you yesterday when you signed off so quickly on the other blog. So it was Mommy not daddy Ronnie Boy was estranged from. Then why does post #21 by Tmz, #28 by Flying Nun, #49 by Easy Words To Say and # 66 by Knee Knocker all agree with me and say it was old Fred who admitted on LIVE TV when his son was found dead...he had not talked to him in 10 years. We must all be wrong. Thank goodness you are here to straighten us out. Now can you tell us which bank has the money since you know everything?

2552 days ago

towering inferno    

It is amazing how the Brown family has shown such reserved class and integrity in dealing with their grief. It puzzles me what has gone on in O.J.'s mind and yes he does have one! He went to USC, was a decent actor, an articulate sports announcer and from all accounts a fine gentleman with a good sence of humor(back then). I met him in 1976 as a youth out in Quogue Long Island where he was playing golf as a guest of one of our members. I got his autograph(have since lost it) and he actually patted me on my head. He seemed so happy and carefree! I truely believe in this case that his use of cocaine and now we are finding out , crack contributed to his madness. He has become a monster of such vicious, angry motives that I do not think Saten will even take him- he probably is at a stage that death would benefit not only society, but he himself, there is NO REDEMPTION left in his body-NO SOUL-EMPTYNESS!

2552 days ago
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