Hogan on Lack of Insurance: "Uh Oh"

9/20/2007 1:59 PM PDT
Nick Hogan is quite the legend on the racing message boards. In a post dated August 4, three weeks before his horrendous car wreck that left his friend in critical condition, he talked about how one of his cars wasn't insured. Hey, what could happen?

Under his usual handle of supraman111, he wrote on TampaRacing.com, "my z has race car insurance and not street insurance so if i bring one of them out on the street and get caught.....uh oh." Uh-oh is right.

The "z" in question is not the car Hogan crashed on August 26 (that was a Toyota Supra). The accident left his marine friend, John Graziano, fighting for his life. Hogan posted on a different message board over the weekend that Graziano is doing better and "is expected to make a full recovery."