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K-Fed Pulls a Fast One

9/20/2007 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The oft-proclaimed attention-whore/star f***er, daddy-come-lately, ex-Mr.Britney was caught by TMZ cameras late last night as he departed Club Ritual in Hollywood -- at 2:30 AM, to be exact. Time to change the diapers!

Shockingly, the trainwreckalicious former pop princess/gum-chewin' mama who tongued Madonna was nowhere in sight. It seems that after a judge ordered Fed-Ex and BritBrit to take parenting classes, they've chosen to take turns partying it up while the other sits home -- and lets nanny watch the boo-boos!

Now that's some fine parentatin'!


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Do these poor children stand a chance?

2592 days ago


Unbelieveable...someone put those kids in foster care. They deserve better.

2592 days ago


He is such a gross LOSER.

Can we stop giving him attention please!

2592 days ago


Ya know what?? If K-Fed and BritBrit don't want to act like parents, then let me have those sweet little babies. You cannot raise a child in the environment they are living in and have them come out well-adjusted "normal" people. The judge should be commended for taking the actions he has, and I hope the punishment is fitting.

2592 days ago


These two are unbelievable. What kind of life are these kids ever gonna have? LOSER!

2592 days ago


I'm no K-Fed fan, but is it possible that it was Brit's night wth the kids? Could be why she was nowhere to be found and he was out partying.

2592 days ago



2592 days ago


those poor kids. why are these idiots famous? off with their heads!

2592 days ago


QUIT giving this guy anymore minutes of your wasted space. He has not a clue how to be a parent, hes a moooooooooooooooocher loser very stupid man. He is such a pathetic loser and user its hard to even fathom what this buttface is trying to accomplish. THE ONLY reason he is getting ANY news or publicity is because of Britney, who he basically used and screwed her up mentally. YOU re a LOSER Federline.

2592 days ago


Why do people put Brittney down for going out but Kevin doesn't get as much? We certainly have a double standard as far as mothers and fathers. I don't think either of them should have these sweet babies.

2592 days ago


Angelina Jolie wants to save the world....well why not Brit???!!! Seriously that is what Brit needs......she needs an older, more mature female who is a mom who has learned to live this life to be her friend and her role model. She needs to stay away from Paris, Nicole and others like them and get befriend by moms and celebs with some class like Jolie, Katie Holmes, Jennie Garth. I would bet if a few of them would find it in their heart to befriend Brit, that Brit would turn herself around (or at least have a far better chance). Everyone just trashes her and really doesn't think of those two innocent kids......what is in their best interest would be for their mom to get it together and be the mom that they need to have. I don't think Brit has ever grown up and she never learned to live with the live she was put in. I think some female friends like Jolie, Holmes and Garth could be a really good thing for Brit!!

2592 days ago


do these people do nothing else but go to clubs ? I wonder if they are dealing drugs, some people have too much free time on their hands

2592 days ago


WHY did those two have those kids in the first place???
It is obvious NEITHER one wants them.
When you become a parent - the PARTY is over - until they are grown.
Obviously no one told them the rules of the PARENT GAME.
Give those kids to someone that does not NEED to go OUT EVERY NIGHT !!!!!!

2592 days ago


Both need to stay home and read a few parenting books!! Why are either one of them going out after what the judge said?!? Maybe custody should be given to the manny!

2592 days ago


Ok the question is...who had custody when this pic was taken? Now he deserves crap if he had his turn at custody....but if he didn't, what is the big deal?

2592 days ago
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