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Michael Vick Case Goes to the Dogs

9/20/2007 1:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained court documents filed by representatives for eleven animal rights groups who want Vick's dogs to have a say in the sentencing of Michael Vick. Woof!

Attorneys for the group filed a brief they say is on behalf of the dogs "which were brutally slaughtered by Vick and his cohorts." The brief, which outlines the horrifying abuse the dogs endured while involved in dog fighting, requests that the proceeds of any fines paid by Vick go to provide care and rehabilitation for the canine victims. It also asks that any fines paid by Vick go toward establishing a no-kill shelter or sanctuary to care for abused dogs, and to fund a public awareness program designed to educate the public on the "abhorrent nature of dog fighting."

The dogs also ask that Vick be sentenced to nearly six years in jail.

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Dear TMZ readers,

The fact that Vick doesn't feel that he was doing anything wrong is the real problem. As a pet owner you are responsible for your pets well being, and clearly he didn't take on those responsibilities. He broke the law in several different ways and then denied knowing anything about it. The crimes were particularly cruel because they invovled the tormenting and killing of animals who cannot comprehend what is going on. Read the Indictment and see if your stomach doesn't turn.

2474 days ago

Phony Tony    

Neuter Michael Vick.

2557 days ago

me again    

PETA, you would step over a homeless person to save a mutt.

What good is having Mike Vick on a PSA against dog fighting when it is so clearly not what he believes.

2557 days ago


People just have to much time on there hands get a life !

2557 days ago


#1 Get a life! This is pathetic. We are not talking out human beings here. Child molesters dont even do one week in jail let alone six years. PLEASE people are out there doing far worse. This is just another example of discrimination.

2557 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

These nasty dogs r vicious and r of no use. LEAVE MICHAEL VICK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2557 days ago


Let the poor dogs that survive do the same thing to Vick he did to them. That's justice!

2557 days ago


Hope anyone who is not against Vicks, comes back as a dog that only has a destiny to live in fear for not knowing why the owner they would die for wants to torture and eventually kill them for enjoyment of a game. And can't do or say anything about it.

2557 days ago


Vick - jail time, fines, and community service (many, MANY hours) at an animal shelter. I can accept that.

2557 days ago


This is not pathetic nor is it discrimination. Get a clue. Animals are living beings and what Vick did to them was horrible. Anyone saying its "pathetic" and to "get a life" should be ashamed of themselves.

2557 days ago


oh so a person can abuse animals and You all think its no big deal cause it was not a human? what a friggin moran you are, i know there are serious world issues, but this is just another thing added to a very long list of things that SHOULD NOT be allowed in the world!

dogs may not be humans but they feel pain and have personalities, if a person abuses animals they will abuse humans!!

we should not close OUR EYES to things YOU think is small, because of other serious issues, this is serious, look at those poor dogs that were abused and killed, and YOU SAY ITS NO BIG DEAL!

what type of person are you to close your eyes to ANY ABUSE?

lets not forget how many serial killers started off abusing animals.....

i think it would be a good payback for him to provide a shelter and help other abused animals!

2557 days ago


He so deserves going to jail BG TIME..

2557 days ago

Animal Lover    

me again #2...it's people like you and Vick who abuse animals and don't even think about it. Animals have feelings just like humans, they aren't mutts moron! I shouldn't even acknowledge a jerk like you but sometimes it just pisses me off how ignorant you are!

2557 days ago

Haha suckers...    

Michael Vick makes me sick...throw him to the dogs, literally!

2557 days ago

Human for canines    

Comment #4- 'Mikey". I can tell you didn't receive your degree in spelling and grammar. Perhaps you had too much time on your hands and not enough time spent in school learning the 3 R's. Comment #3 'by me again'-Ditto to you as well. At least the homeless person you would step over had a chance at a decent life. Animals, unfortunately, don't have the same opportunity with the likes of you and Vick the Pr--K.

2557 days ago
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