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O.J. on Bail While Francis Chills in Cooler

9/20/2007 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While O.J. Simpson is probably headed to the golf course today after three days in jail and hopping the first flight out of Nevada last night, Joe Francis -- waiting to face trial on tax evasion charges -- is still cooling his heels in a jail near Reno, with no end to his incarceration in sight. Yes, he's still there.

To help bring his plight to light, Francis has launched -- from inside the clink -- and it's launching today. He tells the long and sordid story of his legal woes -- ten long pages of it -- and even claims that he signed a settlement in his cell (above) with seven women who had filed suit against him for filming them while they were minors. He signed "under duress" from a judge he believed would set him free for doing so. Not true.

Elsewhere, the "Girls Gone Wild" founder tries to set the record straight on the charge that he flashed a Benjamin to bribe a prison guard to get him a bottle of water. Francis says that he was just giving the guard money to go down to the commissary so he could take his cholesterol and sleep meds, but that it got blown out of proportion too.

There is a legal reason that Francis is stuck in jail -- if he steps foot outside the Washoe County Detention Center, he'll be picked up by marshals and shipped back to Florida for more jail time, because, unlike OJ, his bail has not been granted.

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amazingly, nothing was ever his fault. He's such a saint!

2598 days ago


when did being the biggest douchebag become a crime?

Oh, that's right. Never. But tax evasion and filming underage girls are both crimes. Have fun in there. Maybe an "inmates gone wild" is coming soon.

2598 days ago


Joe Francis = No convictions

2598 days ago


love the girls gone wild videos, keep on fighting joe

2598 days ago


Is he really that different from hugh herfner and people like him and gave him his own reality show

2598 days ago


Let Joe Go! please

2598 days ago


people keep posting reasons why joe was arrested, but the fact still remains he has yet to be convicted of a crime, is anyone disputing that fact?

2598 days ago


Since Francis was stripped by the court of any power to negotiate a fair settlement, the amount of the settlement paid to the women and their attorneys was staggering. The women who lied about their age to get on camera with Girls Gone Wild and the attorneys that represented them will never have to work again as long as they live. And more alarming, their families for generations to come will not have to work either. Immediately upon receiving the money, the women went out and bought themselves brand new convertible Mercedes. They mocked Francis by taking pictures of themselves with their brand new Mercedes, BMW and Lexus' , with comments such as " Thanks Joe for Spring Break" and others, and posted them for their friends on their MySpace pages while Francis remained in Jail.Two of the “victims” also got breast implants they boasted of shortly thereafter.

2598 days ago


The govt don't mess when they wants they cash! So it's not surprising that OJ gets bail and Joe's still locked-up. Hell, most county jails are EZ time. Don't feel sorry for this douche.

2598 days ago


He's chosen to stay in jail so he won't find his behind in a Florida jail the next day facing similar charges. Plus, it's tax evasion. Capone says don't mess with the IRS!

2598 days ago

Tara M.Sauvage    

My husband went to USC with Joe and they were in the same fraternity. He knows him personally but not in recent years. We are both glad he is behind bars. People who take advantage of others for their own gain don't deserve to be free in society, esp to exploit women. There are other more decent ways to make a living Joe Francis that are honorable and help others-or at least are not illegal. YOu are now at least 34 yrs old so you should think about being a good example to the younger generation instead of exploiting them.

2598 days ago

Brian the Food Dude    

Every man on the planet is Envious of Joe.
His picture schould be on the dollar bill... and the "Twenty Dollar bill"

2598 days ago


He's a loser. Why are you people sticking up for him? He has been arrested on drug trafficking, child pornography and racketeering charges in Florida.. and he was charged again somewhere else of not checkng ID's of the chicks he plied with alcohol so they would do his nasty porns. That's just state cases.

The feds busted him for 2 counts of tax evasion and fraud, I believe. Then he got busted for disrupting a civil court proceeding and was held in contempt of court.

He's a total loser! Just because you think OJ and Spector should both be in jail (which I agree) --doesn't mean this loser doesn't deserve to bet there, too.

Look his legal issues up on wiki ! He's a skeezeball.

2598 days ago


Here Kitty Kitty Kitty,

You are so right!! Any guy that is able to exploit women and make money from the engagement deserves his face on the 1, 5, 20 and 50 dollar bills :-)

Someone is taking advantage of someone every least he got paid. Listening to these dumb girls say, "Yeah, I wanted to be in the GGW video and then...oops I was drunk and didn't know what I was doing" cracks me up.

I'm sure so many women wanted to be apart of this...the truck pulls up and then...BLAM...the girls were there...looking to show some skin or shake their booty. I wish I had to balls to take advantage of others and leave them holding the laundry!

2598 days ago


You people are as retarded as Joe Francis (yes, anyone who would try and hide millions of dollars from the government and think they can get away it--is a retard..and anyone who douses underage minors with booze and gets them to participate in child porn in the US is a total retard, too)

Do you read about someones criminal background and arrests before you comment? He isn't in jail because over-the-age-of-consent girls consented to doing his porn. So, get over it. He was busted on a bunch of different things ranging from child porn to contempt of court to TAX EVASION.

He was hiding MILLIONS of dollars from the government! And he's a total sicko for dousing underage girls with booze and getting them to get nude. The entire premise of the "age of consent" is that anyone under a certain age (depends on the state) doesn't have the mental capacity to make a sound judgement call -- this is especially important in this case --as the child will have to live with the consequences of this FOREVER. They are taped, ya know? With thousands of copies floating around. It's not like when they get older and have a more stable mindframe , they can ERASE the tapes.

He's a slimeball and blaming a kid-- when HE is the adult and HE should have been checking ID's--is freaking ridiculous!

He's going to go away to prison for a long time--- at least on the tax fraud charges--and I am glad!!! Maybe this will cause whoever takes his place in the company-- to do a more thorough job of checking these kids ID's! And it makes me laugh that he specifically finds drunk girls or gets them drunk to do these things... then makes them sign a waiver (contract).. Everyone with the IQ of a monkey knows that a contract is not legal , if signed by someone who is drunk or on drugs!!!! He's such a vile, nasty piece of trash.

Good Riddance, Joe Francis!

2598 days ago
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