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Hayden and Hilary:

Whole Lotta Hotness

9/21/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two helpings of hot young stuff! Hilary Duff and Hayden Panettiere were servin' it up outside the fab Vibiana in downtown L.A. last night for a Teen Vogue party -- when that Evil Nicole doppelganger started scolding a TMZ photog! What on earth could she be mad about?

While the Richie clone was building up steam, "Lizzie McGuire" and the invincible cheerleader posed for an adorable pic, with Hilary rocking her French art student look, and Hayden looking, well, 18. C'est magnifique!


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Hayden isn't hot, just average and looks like her make-up is put on with a paint roller in several layers. And what's with that bun-head? The real hotties on that show are never mentioned by TMZ, wonder why. Kristen Bell is SO much hotter and so much more mature than skank-in-progress Hayden, where is some attention from TMZ for Kristen Bell? And Kristen got on the best-dressed list for the Emmys, Hayden got on the worst-dressed, yet Kristen was just ignored while TMZ plugged frumpy looking Hayden. TMZ is not working for Hayden because she just doesn't deserve to be singled out from prettier actresses that are BETTER actresses. And Ali Larter, WOW, Hayden really can't even be compared to that beauty. Give it a rest TMZ, and start giving attention to those who deserve it on Heros.

2587 days ago


These girls seem like a few of the "good Girls" left.. I hope that the Hollywood Scene doesn't ruin that..

2587 days ago


Who the hell does that chic think she is? No more publicity for her, please, she's a dumb bitch.

2587 days ago


The Nicole "clone" looks more like a Brittney Murphy clone. Just Sayin....

2587 days ago


Well, I suppose in this day and age teens can be considered "good" even if they are smoking and having sex by 17 and going to clubs at 17 trying to pass for over 21, and acting like they own the world by 17, and dressing like hookers by 17, so yeah, Hayden is VERY "good" girl by today's "standards."

2587 days ago


So they are in line to get into a club and , correct me if I'm wrong, nither one f the s even close t being 21. Not onl that,EVERYONE knows that they are not yet 2.

Why are they being alllowed to go in and why don't the clubs get fined or something? Can we expect them to celebrate their 21st birthdays the way Lindsay Lohan did - in rehab?


2587 days ago


Yeah, well you know Hilary Duff has no talent so she better protect her good girl's all she's got. But, protecting it is what she is doing, not living it.

2587 days ago


We love Crazy Nicloe....Thats funny...Keep getting more footage of her, because she is more entertaining then some celebs. Its fun to bash her, because she is after all Crazy Nicole, who will do crazy things.

2587 days ago

how disgusting are all the little harlots? self entitled little brats.

2587 days ago


Who the hell is that ghost that was there with them? Someone tell her to take a hike! Why do these stars need to have these publicty people with them everywhere they go. Ever notice they're friends of the person just getting paid to do nothing. Get a real job bitch!

2587 days ago

Get a Clue    

Good Lord, look at the crazy Nicole's actions and the way she talks and moves. I swear she acts like she just snorted a kilo of cocaine.

2587 days ago


you guys are mean -here are finanlly 2 class acts and everyone is putting them down --guarntee they wont GROW UP to the likes of lindsay -britney ,,,they have families that show class and support unlike our famous hillbilly brit and coke lindsay --grow up bitches from cali girl

2587 days ago


I love me some crazy Nicole! She is so funny. I hope she starts popping up everywhere and they give her her own reality show.

2587 days ago


Hilary Duff is as hot as a corpse

2587 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Why must you pervs insist on shoving it down our throats Hayden Pathetic is 18. You pedos went from loving pre-pubescent Brit-Brit to lusting after Lilo to this ugly no-talent cheerleader. What next a countdown until baby Suri is old enough for you - sure we will be seeing that soon as Hayden Pathetic hits 19. I'm putting a call into Dateline: To Catch a Predator, because you freaks come off as pedophiles writing blogs out of your mom's bedroom basement.

2587 days ago
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