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Make Way

For Nicole

9/21/2007 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you're Nicole Richie and you do, um, whatever it is she does, you don't have to wait in line at the airport with mere mortals. Waiting is, according to the latest studies, not hot.

Nicole and her baby daddy, Joel Madden, made their way through security at LAX yesterday. Joel led his woman by the hand, through the ropes and up to the metal detector, where Nicole had to remove her shoes before proceeding.

Some rules still apply.


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Steve Randall    

This is the best thing that could have happened to her and her family

2541 days ago


WHY oh, why does TMZ and all these other website insist on shoving
this untalented, mean, crude, and rude publicity hound down the
public throats. She is only "somebody" because TMZ and the tabloid
media says she is. She is a shameless, self-promoter and a
opportunist, with no gifts or talent. I know she tips off the
papparzi herself, because she is not Madonna, Angelina, talent ed nor does she have
something interesting, revelant or important to say. No one cares about this loser chick. On her show, The Simple Life, she was always putting people down, the ultimate MEAN girl. Now, she managed to get her self pregnant So now she can be his permanent groupie. No girl, gets "knocked up" in this day and age. Give me a break. She is proof that $$$ does not buy you class. She is so played out, not to mention really common. Please give us a break from her and her other talentless twin Paris the parasite Hilton. I rather hear about Britney, at least Britney has a bit of charisma. Nicole and Paris YUCK!!!!!

2537 days ago

Lucas Moretti    


2597 days ago


I hope her baby has ADD.

2597 days ago


How far along is she? She doesn't even look pregnant!

2597 days ago


I would think that Nicole being so "Rich" she would have a private jet

2597 days ago


So what? Ugly Nicole has never done a thing but party and do drugs and get pregnant WHILE she was drinking and doing drugs. And she doesn't have the brain functions of a slug. Why subject us to this skank. And for this? Geesh.

2597 days ago


I doubt she would have anything in her shoes she is going to be a mother! yeah yeah it's for safety issues but airport security can be so cruel and uptight

2597 days ago


I hate seeing pregnant celebrities. I just hate it. I want them to always be slim and beautiful and glamorous. Salma has ruined my image of her forever. Even Angelina. How can i think of her as the sexy tomb raider anymore? I want to have a willing suspension of disbelief when i go to the movies. MAKE ME BELIEVE. Are you listening Tom Cruise?? You were go great in Collateral. Now, people think you are strange. Why did you bring your private life into my world? Why can't you people stay in the house?? You have everything you need - bowling alleys, basketball courts, swimmng pools, game rooms, cooks, nannies, maids...WHY DO YOU COME OUT ACTING ALL CRAZY?? LOOKING BAD?? SHOWING YOUR ZITS?? Please give us some kind of fantasy or I will not believe you in the role you are playing and that messes up the movie for me. I bet other people feel this way too.

2597 days ago


Nichole rocks!!!!! She is not gonna screw up- watch!!!!!

2597 days ago


Amy Sedaris wants to know why you people hate so much?!

2597 days ago

Heidi Who?    

My goodness, some of you certainly are vicious! "Sick Of This Bimbo" - I get the distinct feeling that when you were pregnant you gained a little too much weight and are now wishing fatness on any celebrity who dares to be pregnant. Get over it.

Nicole is a lovely young woman who deserves much happiness after turning her life around completely! Nicole - we love you!!

2597 days ago


nicole is so cool!! it would probably be really nice to hang out with her..she seems very laid back!! go nicole happy birthday!!

2597 days ago


all pregnant women get to go to the front of the lines at the airport...even nicole richie

2597 days ago


LOL, Nicole is a perfect example of the term bimbo. She never learned how to be a moral individual and she doesn't have a clue how to teach a kid how to be a moral individual. What has she done with all her money to make a positive difference in this world? Nothing, just partied and did drugs and went from one guy to the next, more multiple sex partners than can be counted, and did not even bother with such an unimportant issue like practicing safe sex. She didn't bother getting an education because she has too much money and doesn't need to bother with such mudane "discomforts." She has had a worthless life of self-indulgence, and she will be bringing another person into this world that will be just like her. The baby will be interesting to her for about 20 minutes, and she will haul it out whenever she is feeling neglected by the paps. If you can't see the reality of this, try taking off those rose-colored glasses. Or just stop posting, Nicole.

2597 days ago
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