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Oy, George!

9/21/2007 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All decked out in a Star of David necklace and tired Liza Minnelli '80s drag makeup, Boy George was ready to observe Yom Kippur. Synagogue of the Poison Mind!

Clad in his working girl commuter-friendly disco Reeboks, the 46-year-old musical clown was spotted at a charity event in London, looking more like Marilyn Manson's long lost aunt after a hectic day of work in the garment district. The 5:56 PM train to Great Neck will get you home before sundown!

Time for George to start atoning -- for this look! Fast!


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IT was fun in the 80's to watch Boy George cause he was young and we all dressed like freaks.. However Nothing is worse than seeing a middle age man still dressing like he did 20 years ago. Loser! Can you imagen if Madonna was still dressing like she did in 86! UGH!

2402 days ago


You know what's scary.... he really put some thought into this outfit, the shoes, the hat (God help us) and the makeup. This took time, he had to look at himself in the mirror to do this and he probably thought "dayum I look good."

Old rock stars never die, they just travel on into a parallel universe.

2402 days ago

my two cents    


2402 days ago


This is news??????????????????????

2402 days ago


Hmmm... 46 years old?? And he looks like all the various things that previous posters suggested...


Does his mother know he left the house like that?

Does his father approve?

When he's old and sitting in a nursing home for the insanely weird, will the media still be chasing his sorry ass?

And I guess the last question, would be:

Why does anybody care how he dresses and where he is seen in public?

I don't even know why I'm posting here...

2402 days ago


He better be careful, people will think he is gay!!

2402 days ago


This guy is just a sad freak. He's obviously got mental problems, but of course he will defend his right to masquerade as a clown with some sort of silly psychobabble. AH, delusion at its best. This is what happens when your talent goes down the toilet and you absolutely crave attention.

2402 days ago


Some older performers are still trying to keep the style they initiated when they were young and don't realize they look scary/ridiculous now, 20+ years later. Evidently Boy George doesn't have any close friends to give him a realitry check on his appearance. "You're older now George! You can't dress like you're 20 and punk it just end up looking pathetic, scary and OLD!"

2402 days ago

hatward ublome    

anyone notice the vomit stain on his pants?

2402 days ago


Got his name when a friend walked into the room and said "BOY GEORGE, YOU SURE ARE A FREAK."

2402 days ago


This is one "star" that kids do not imitate-thank God!

2402 days ago


Pathetic, washed up, aging drag queen seaking attention. SAD!

2402 days ago

Charles Almon    

That's his shtick. Criticizing it is like making fun of Liberace's sequins.

2402 days ago


I hate to break it to you buddy but this looking like a total idiot just to get attention or to perpetuate a WAY out dated fad related fool image is OVER and SO DEAD that it deserves a R.I.P. sign hanging around IT'S neck instead of a star of David bling of disrespect. (and I'm Catholic) Try getting real and see what happens dolt-burger! Take your money if you have any left and run as far away as you can or give being an actual artist a try. Some of your old songs weren't really all that bad but you're giving your own legacy a SERIOUS bad name! Crawl back under your rock or try giving your career another true shot. I feel sorry for you and you need some help, whatever you are!

2402 days ago


BOY!, George!! Tears of a clown, or what??! Oh well, my mom always liked him : )
The others- "whatever"- if they're comfey and feel safe from being mobbed by people and photogs- thats fine. Maybe the's why they dress like homeless people- not many people ask a homeless person for their autograph or money, or jump in thier face to get a pic to sell. Just my thought. Oh, another thing- when you're old, you're old. There's a time and place for everything- and when you're 40-something you shouldnt dress like you did when you were in your 20's! What's with wearing all the skimpy stuff when your anorexic looking anyway?? I guess some people cant get noticed except if they are looking grosse or showing 'private' parts. Nasty! Grosse!

2402 days ago
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